How to Generate Leads for a Consulting Business

Whatever your business size or industry, lead generation is a critical function of growing a consulting business. All firms, even well-known brands in small niches, require a significant number of leads to achieve a single signed contract. That’s the nature of sales.

The volume of leads available for each consulting firm will vary greatly depending on your niche and the power of your brand in your industry. The quality of the leads will vary greatly depending on the lead source and the tactics used to generate marketing-qualified leads.

The highest quality leads are from customers outwardly searching for your services. They are much closer to making a decision and if your website solves their pain, the conversion is far easier. Generally, these leads are acquired by either organic or paid traffic.

However, the total volume of this type of lead available in highly specialised consulting niches can be very limited, so additional lead volume must be acquired to support the sale efforts.

We focus on creating and promoting high-quality leads at Strategically. In this article, we will discuss our best lead generation tactics for consulting firms to help you reach your marketing goals.

Find Customers Looking for Services With Pay Per Click

Paid Google adverts should be part of the lead generation strategy for a consulting firm. For consulting lead generation Google Ads campaigns, we (nearly) always opt for a campaign structure known as a SKAG (Single Keyword Advert Group) campaign to maximise the potential click-through rate and outperform standard PPC campaigns.

lead generation for consulting companies

Create Service Landing Pages to Capture Organic Search

Traffic quality matters. Most consulting firms work in small niches where the traffic volume is limited. The highest quality traffic is made up of users searching directly for specific consulting services. Create a single landing page tailored to each microservice you offer not only helps the website rank for long-tail keywords but also helps potential clients understand the company's areas of expertise.

lead generation for consulting companies

Create More Valuable Blog Content

The importance of creating regular high-quality content cannot be underestimated. Pay close attention to what people are searching for and create content that your customers will find valuable. Most firms should be creating between four and eight new items of high-quality content per month.

lead generation for consulting companies

Create Downloadable Content

Creating a knowledge hub is an excellent way to generate consulting leads. You should consider creating a broad selection of downloadable guides, as the diversity will increase the chances of your content aligning with the needs of your potential clients. The greater the alignment between the audience's needs and the resources, the greater the chance the users will download your content.

What’s more, creating downloadable resources helps to generate potential consulting clients early in the sales cycle. Prospects at this stage in the funnel are researching information around the subject months prior to searching for a vendor. The earlier your sales team can connect with prospects, the more time you have to build the relationship.

lead generation for consulting companies

Build an Audience Using Social Media Groups

Creating a LinkedIn or Facebook group helps you build an audience that your company can constantly market to. These groups allow consulting firms to guide the conversation and it also creates a valuable outlet for your content.

lead generation for consulting companies

Put Lead Generation on Autopilot with an Automated Webinar

Webinars and podcasts are booming right now. Creating a webinar or academy course can be an excellent way of driving a high volume of marketing-qualified leads. Creating a training course which shows your knowledge around the subject matter without selling your services can help your team to build a relationship with the customer and allow you to be the trusted expert on a specific subject. Webinars are also a great way to introduce yourself to the audience without the need to attend a one-to-one meeting.

lead generation for consulting companies

Create an Online Demo that Takes the Pressure Off Your Sales Team

If you sell software as part of your consulting service, an online demo locked behind a lead form can be a great way to connect with people who want to know more about your services but who are not quite ready to speak with the sales team. This group of potential customers can be sizeable, and with a good CRM follow-up process, the rewards can be significant.

lead generation for consulting companies

Try Tender Portals

Find out which portals are applicable for your niche and submit tenders on a regular basis. For smaller consulting firms this could include online freelance websites such as Upwork, while larger consulting companies could tender for national government contracts on specialised tender platforms.

lead generation for consulting companies

Outbound Sales

Regardless of whether your consulting company is large or small, outbound prospecting should have a place in your lead generation efforts. Outbound is controllable; the more energy put in, the more contracts will be won. This is a great tactic for small firms looking to scale with limited funds.

lead generation for consulting companies

Use Adroll, Facebook or LinkedIn Retargeting to Drive Returning Visitors

Promoting content and adverts at your custom audiences can be a very effective tactic to assist your conversions. It is rare that a user will convert on their first visit to your website, so help your customers remember your brand after the initial touch by using adverts and promoted content.

lead generation for consulting companies

Create More Case Studies

Creating quality case studies always helps. Always remember to tie your case studies back to revenue. This is a great example from showing net cash flow by the source after they started working with a firm. What better way to prove the value that your services add?

Create a Glossary of Terms Which Relate to Your Niche

Creating a glossary of terms might seem like a waste of energy; however, this simple tactic can generate lots of quality links which will help your content rank. The key to building a glossary that works is to create a single page per term using the following URL structure: This ensures that every glossary term page is highly specific for the search query.

lead generation for consulting companies

When You Are Selling Knowledge, Your People Matter

Consulting is about selling knowledge. Your people are your greatest asset and the website should showcase your people front and centre. Make sure you link back from your email footer to your LinkedIn and profile page to help potential clients reach out to you when you send emails.

lead generation for consulting companies

Make Sure You Set Up Analytics Correctly

Understanding Google Analytics data can make the difference between success and failure. Analytics should be part of your weekly or monthly lead generation process. Use cohort analysis to evaluate the performance of your company's lead generation performance week over week.

lead generation for consulting companies

Now It’s Over to You

That’s our simple guide to generating leads for consulting businesses.

Which of the techniques are you going to focus on first in your lead generation plan?

Do you need to revisit your Google Adwords campaigns?

Or maybe you need to focus on creating content?

Either way, let us know how you get on or reach out if you need any assistance.


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