What is another word for


extremely as in to a high degree or extent
  • "favorably or with much respect"
  • "highly successful"
  • "He spoke highly of her"
  • "does not think highly of his writing"
  • "extremely interesting"


  • highlyto a high degree or extent; at a high rate or wage; in a high position or level or rank
extremely as in to an extreme degree
  • "extremely cold"
  • "extremely unpleasant"
  • "she is super smart"
  • "the night was deathly cold"
  • "as a child, I was deathly afraid of snakes"


  • exceedinglyto an extreme degree
  • superto an extreme degree; a caretaker for an apartment house; of the highest quality; including more than a specified category; extremely large
  • deathlyto a degree resembling death; to an extreme degree; having the physical appearance of death; causing or capable of causing death