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Searching for synonyms for friendly? Here’s some similar words from our thesaurus you can use instead.
friendly as in troops belonging to or allied with your own military forces
  • "friendlies came to their rescue"
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friendly as in characteristic of or befitting a friend
  • "friendly advice"
  • "a friendly neighborhood"
  • "the only friendly person here"
  • "a friendly host and hostess"
friendly as in inclined to help or support
  • "not antagonistic or hostile"
  • "a government friendly to our interests"
  • "well disposed to the good order and happiness of the United States"
  • "a relaxed environment well-disposed to the appreciation of good food and fine wine"


  • well-disposed inclined to help or support
  • well disposed inclined to help or support
friendly as in easy to understand or use
  • "user-friendly computers"
  • "a consumer-friendly policy"
  • "a reader-friendly novel"
friendly as in of or belonging to your own country's forces or those of an ally
  • "in friendly territory"
  • "he was accidentally killed by friendly fire"

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