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Searching for synonyms for learned? Here’s some similar words from our thesaurus you can use instead.
learned as in having or showing profound knowledge
  • "a learned jurist"
  • "an erudite professor"


  • erudite having or showing profound knowledge
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learned as in highly educated
  • "having extensive information or understanding"
  • "knowing instructors"
  • "a knowledgeable critic"
  • "a knowledgeable audience"


  • knowing a clear and certain mental apprehension ; evidencing the possession of inside information ; characterized by conscious design or purpose; alert and fully informed; highly educated
  • knowledgeable highly educated; alert and fully informed; thoroughly acquainted through study or experience
  • lettered highly educated
  • well-educated highly educated
  • well-read well informed or deeply versed through reading; highly educated
learned as in established by conditioning or learning
  • "a conditioned response"


  • conditioned established by conditioning or learning; physically fit

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