Content Delivery Policy

The Strategically team is ready to skyrocket your project! To get started, we ask you to share as much information as possible about your article when you submit your order. With this information, we can create rockstar content that meets your vision and your business goals. 

Every project includes: 

- Topic research and analysis 

- Expert writer

- Grammarly checks

- Plagiarism checks

- Formatting ready for publishing 

- Royalty-free images or screenshots

And, if you're serious about SEO, you can upgrade to our Surfer SEO package. We'll optimise your content using top-notch AI to ensure it competes with the highest-ranking content for your target keywords.

Content types

At Strategically, we have a passionate team of expert writers from diverse niches, meaning we cover a wide range of topics and content types. We write blog posts, case studies, eCommerce content, how-to guides, lead magnets, listicles, product reviews and comparisons, white papers, eBooks and more!

We write for a wide range of industries including crypto-blockchain, fashion, finance and accounting, legal, marketing, medical, SaaS, technical and much more. We have writers who are specialists in a wide range of topics, so when you partner with Strategically, we will pair you with a writer perfect for your niche and brand.

In the rare case your required content falls in a different category, we'd still love to hear from you. We're confident we can find the ideal writer to realise your content needs. 

Why a clear brief is highly important for written content 

Content writing and content marketing are challenging since they require in-depth research to develop and produce approachable, engaging, and actionable pieces. You already know this.

Often, writing agencies like Strategically only receive from a customer a list of topics or keywords to distribute to writers. As a result, we are left with inadequate and inaccurate instruction, not knowing what to do or how to approach the subject matter. 

In our experience, if the brief isn't clear, it makes it much harder for us to create accurate and high-quality work, or, you may receive content that's not relevant to what you initially wanted. We want to take steps to eliminate this risk and ensure that the content we create is tailored perfectly to meet your requirements.

Therefore, we encourage you to develop a detailed content brief. Then, we can be held accountable if the delivered content doesn't meet your expectations as outlined in the brief. 

If you need help to create your content brief, please let us know when placing your order. We completely understand that not everyone is accustomed to or experienced in creating briefs - or even familiar with deciding on a topic. For this reason, we're always ready to assist you as much as possible to develop a brief that meets your content expectations. 

Once we start writing, it’s much more difficult to make changes. We can’t be responsible for content that is inaccurate based on an inaccurate or limited brief. It’s highly important to let us know before it's too late and our writers have already started working on your content.

Content length and packages

We offer monthly or annual content packages. The minimum order is 2000 words.

Quality assurance

If we pride ourselves in anything, it is the quality of our delivered content. The Strategically team guarantees:

- Content will be accurate and factually correct.

- Content will adhere to the client deadlines and the relevant brief.

- Content will be proofread on Grammarly to a score of at least 95%.

- Content will pass plagiarism checks to a score of 5% or under.

Please note, although we have a team of expert writers, they are not industry experts. You should not expect insight from someone with hands-on experience or subject matter expertise. Our expert writers use online research to inform their articles. 

Turnaround time

Our standard turnaround time is within 7 - 10 days of receiving the brief from the client (typically sooner). 

For larger or more complex orders, we'll work with you to outline how to proceed and timelines agreeable to both sides. We will always strive to identify and achieve the best delivery time for your needs without compromising quality. When you place the order, we will confirm the timeline with you via the client portal.

Money-back guarantee

Contrary to our competitors, we are so confident you'll love our content, we offer a 2000 word money-back guarantee. Cancel before you've received more than 2000 words to receive a full refund. There are no cancellation fees, either. No quibbles, no questions. 

However, we'll do everything to ensure you'll never want to go anywhere in the first place! Even if you're not initially happy with the quality of our content, rest assured that we'll work with you until you are 100% satisfied.  

If you request a refund, you are not entitled to use the content. The money-back guarantee is only applicable to new customers and is only available one time per customer/business.

Unlimited free revisions

We want you to love our content. Our clients rarely use them, but we offer unlimited free revisions that don't count against your word count for the month. From the moment we receive your revision request, we'll revise your document within seven days. 

The purpose of revisions is to correct factual inaccuracies or synthesise phrases to better meet the expectations and guidelines laid out in the client brief. 

Revisions aren't intended for requesting extra services, such as:

- Additional research

- Extra editing

- SEO optimisation (if you haven't ordered our Surfer SEO package)

- More words (this will be charged at your standard per word rate)

- Adding additional sections not asked for or mentioned in the content brief  

- Rewrites

To request a revision, you can do so on the order via your dashboard with the following steps: 

1. Leave revision notes as comments within the originally delivered Google document. 

2. Reply on the order to tell us the revisions are ready to address. 

Requests for revisions must go through the client portal and the relevant Google doc. Regrettably, we are unable to receive (or approve) revision requests made elsewhere. For example, if you ask for a revision via another medium, like our email address, it will not be processed. 

Please note, with all new clients, it can take a few iterations to learn your style and preferences. We use all your comments and observations to improve the original content so that it better matches your needs and we will use this feedback for any subsequent articles to ensure that our future content will be as you envision it the first time around. We will work hard to take any feedback on board and change the writer as needed to ensure we exceed your expectations.

If revisions increase the word count over the amount you have purchased, we will charge at your standard per word rate for the overage.

Limitations to the unlimited revisions policy

We want to reiterate that providing thorough content brief information is mandatory and essential for ensuring high-quality content. 

In the event that your content brief lacks accurate information or is not clear enough, production might be delayed or our unlimited revision guarantee could become void. Hence, revising content or applying changes based on errors in the brief guidelines is entirely up to the discretion of the Strategically team.

Similarly, if you make your own revisions or changes to the previously delivered content, it also nullifies our unlimited revision policy

Rockstar writers

We're proud to have assembled a team of elite writers who can produce diverse and high-quality content. 

At this time, we don't provide clients with the choice of deciding which one of our writers will work on their projects. Customers can contact our writers directly to request content revisions, brief updates, etc., while payment inquiries are handled by dedicated account representatives, together with the relevant content editor and content manager. 

This communication method is a win-win situation for every party involved. On the one hand, it enables us to take into account customer feedback effectively and accurately, while, on the other, it lets our expert writers focus on producing exceptional content.

Sample content

You can check out our sample content here. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate and reach out to us directly at 

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