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Used by Netflix, Uber, Linkedin and Medium, Node JS is a cross-platform, open-source JavaScript run-time environment. Executing code outside of a browser, its event-based programming style means it is blazing fast.

Why we love Node JS

We love Node.js because it is a light, scalable, and cross-platform method to execute code. Exceptionally efficient due to its event-driven I/O model, it's the best way for businesses to increase coding efficiency and improve website performance.

Node JS is FAST

Node JS is written in C language, making it far faster than Ruby, Python and Perl. Node Js can handle thousands of concurrent connections with limited overhead on any individual process delivering incredible performance.

It’s all JavaScript

As JavaScript is used on the web server and the browser, this reduces the mismatch between two programming environments. Also, duplicate form validation code can be shared between client and server.

Large community

JavaScript is, arguably, the most popular coding language. This means there's a large community to access help and support.

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