How to create your first article

Strategically AI creates SEO-optimized articles in just a couple of clicks. It works by analyzing the top search results for your target keyword and location; then, it engineers an article or a content outline based on the highest-ranking articles. 

To create an article, log in to Strategically AI and either select Home from the left-hand menu or Get Started from the Welcome screen. 

You will be directed to the Article Generator page, where you enter the details of the article you would like to generate. 

First, choose whether you want our AI to write the article “Write with AI” or only create the SEO content brief “Write yourself”. 

  • By selecting “Write with AI”, the tool will analyze the top ten articles for your target keyword and reverse-engineer an article to match the search intent. 
  • By selecting “Write yourself”, the tool will analyze the top ten articles for your target keyword and create an SEO-optimized content outline, ready for you to write the content. 

Second, enter your target keyword for the article. 

Third, select your target location from the dropdown. Choose from the UK, USA, or Australia (more locations coming soon). The tool will analyze the search results in the selected location, ensuring they are based on local results, and write the article using correct spelling and grammar. 

Finally, you can choose whether to “Analyze specific URLs”.

  • Leave this turned off if you want the AI to analyze the top ten articles for your target keyword. 
  • If you want to provide specific articles for the AI to use as context, enter four or more URLs here. 

Once you’ve selected the items above, hit Generate Article and wait for the analysis to complete. It can take around 10 minutes to create a full article. Feel free to close this window while export generation is in progress.

While the article is generated, you will be directed to the My Articles view. You do not need to stay on this screen. Simply wait until it has completed “Generating,” and once the article is ready, click Edit Article to view the completed article.

When you open the article, you will see the SEO score on the right-hand side and the recommendations for any further SEO optimization. 

Most generated articles will score highly for SEO automatically. However, below the Content Score, you can see NLP recommendations for terms and headings to include to increase the optimization if needed. 

You can edit the article using the text editor on the left of the page. The changes will save automatically and update the Content Score if applicable. 

Need help? 

If you need any assistance, email us at, and one of our Customer Success Managers will be happy to help. 

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