eCommerce AI SEO platform

Boost organic growth with SEO that aligns with market demand.

Leverage AI to identify customer intent, optimize and restructure your eCommerce web pages, and generate new content to meet search demand on any scale.

How it works

From product feed to optimized content quickly and effortlessly

Import your product feed

To ensure our strategy is laser-focused on generating revenue for your store, we connect your product feed to the dashboard to import your product data.

Auto assign products to collections

Using advanced Python algorithms, Strategically AI automatically assigns your products to the correct collections based on search demand.

Create product & collection content

Use custom workflows to create SEO-optimized product and collection page content that aligns with your business goals and customer needs at scale.

Designed for eCommerce brands

Strategically is an AI-driven SEO and content platform that automates content strategy and creation for eCommerce brands.

Categorize products

Auto-assign products to SEO collection pages

Import your product feed and let our algorithms categorize your products into SEO-based collection pages automatically.

Align with search demand

Create new pages and content to match search demand

Strategically AI analyzes your keywords and competitors to create a data-backed SEO strategy for informational and sales pages.

Product pages

Create product pages aligned with your brand

Use custom workflows to design and build product pages optimized to your brand goals and customer needs.

Collection pages

Build SEO-optimized collection pages at scale

Design collection page architecture based on the search data and create ready-to-rank collection content at scale.

Designed for eCommerce brands

Grow organic traffic and reduce reliance on paid ads with content that aligns with your brand. Learn more →

B2B ecommerce SEO

Save time using our custom workflows to create product descriptions that align with your customer needs—at scale.

Enterprise ecommerce SEO

Use an end-to-end solution to organize and optimize your products, collections, and informational content strategy.

Large catalogue SEO

Strategically AI automatically organizes your products into a collection architecture that aligns with the search demand.

Small product collections

Use our advanced Python clustering algorithms to convert lists of search terms into SERP-based keyword clusters, topics, pillars, and posts that are valuable to your business.

  • "Since starting to work with Strategically back in November 2023, we have grown our traffic from 137 clicks & 5,611 impressions to a whopping 945 clicks & 38,380 impressions per day."

Leila Martyn

MyOva, Health & Wellness eCommerce

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SEO strategy & content for eCommerce

Create articles that rank higher on search without hours of research and writing. Learn more →

Build topics, pillars, and posts

Use our advanced Python clustering algorithms to convert lists of search terms in to SERP-based keyword clusters, topics, pillars, and posts valuable to your business.

Stay on track with SEO scores

Optimize your content in real-time with Strategically's Content Score. Get a grade on how well you're optimizing for your target keyword.

500+ ranking factors analyzed

Our analysis considers 500+ ranking factors incl. keyword optimization, entity extraction, link equity, content relevance, and topical authority.

Create reader-friendly content

Strategically AI analyzes Google search results and identifies the ranking factors that matter, then crafts human-quality content.

Need proof?

Read our eCommerce case studies

Here’s a few detailed breakdowns of our unique revenue-first Shopify SEO methodology.

eCommerce / Garden

Increased eCommerce traffic by 200% in 2 months

See how we helped a seasonal eCommerce store grow (yes, pun intended!) their lawn care business with SEO-optimized AI content.

eCommerce / Health & Wellness

From 0 in revenue to over £1 million — in less than 12 months

See how we used content marketing to grow a sports eCommerce store from a standing start to over £1 million in a year.

eCommerce / Health & Wellness

How we increased daily clicks by 610% in 5 months

Steal our strategy for achieving a 610% increase in daily clicks over a 5-month period for a supplement eCom.

Grow sessions and drive revenue for your eCommerce brand

Get a demo and discover how eCommerce brands use Strategically AI to drive sessions, grow revenue, and reduce reliance on paid ads.