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Increased eCommerce traffic by 200% in 2 months

See how we helped a seasonal eCommerce store grow (yes, pun intended!) their lawn care business with SEO-optimized AI content.

The challenge

A UK lawn care eCommerce store came to Strategically with a common problem for eCommerce stores: their cost per acquisition (CAC) was too high. With a 6-9 month CAC payback period, the eCom needed to open other marketing channels to protect cash flow and maintain profitability.

Given their industry, lawn care products, there was a clear route to organic traffic with content marketing aimed at informing and educating their customers. With a need to reduce CAC, this made our strategy simple: data-backed content strategy coupled with content aligned with their customers’ needs.

The result

Since beginning an engagement with Strategically, this store has seen a 384% increase in clicks, 95% growth in impressions, and 158% improvement in average CTR. 

Given the opportunity to create educational content, the first step was to create a data-driven content strategy. During SEO consultations, we assisted the client with keyword research to uncover opportunities for organic content. 

Taking a look at the search data, we could see huge potential for low-difficulty, high-volume content, such as:

Strategically focused on topics that aligned with their buyer persona so the lawn care business could tackle lower keyword difficulty topics with high traffic values. Once we had a clear plan for the content, the lawn care business used our AI content writing tool to generate and optimize the content. 

By entering the primary keyword, the tool analyzes the ranking of the top ten articles for the keyword and then reverse engineers an article designed to meet the search intent, creating a well-optimized SEO article. 

So far, during our short engagement, the store has generated and published 20 SEO articles per month. By solidifying the educational articles for the top of the funnel, including more in-depth articles, we moved the needle from day one. These pieces position them as credible authorities in the lawn care industry, helping uphold a trusting relationship between the eCommerce store and its target audience.

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