How to create a content strategy

Strategically AI can create your content strategy in minutes. Either enter your competitor's URLs or a list of seed keywords and Strategically AI will transform the raw data into topics, pillars, and posts relevant to your business goals and customers' needs. This guide will walk you through the entire process. 

A step-by-step guide to creating an SEO content strategy

With Strategically AI, you can create topics from competitive analysis or a list of seed keywords. To do either option, head over to the Keyword Explorer tab on the left-hand menu. 

Once inside the Keyword Explorer, choose the analysis type. For this help doc, we’ll cover the process for using a CSV of seed keywords, but the process is exactly the same, except for the first step, if you choose to go with a competitor analysis instead. 

You can upload a CSV of any keywords you would like. The keywords don’t need to be related to each other; Strategically, AI will sort this out during the analysis phase. 

If you use your own CSV, make sure one of the heading labels is “keywords” and the file type is a CSV, Unicode (UTF-8). 

Hit Explore Keywords and wait for the keywords to be uploaded to the system. 

Once the upload has been completed, head over to the Keyword Cluster tab on the left-hand side. Enter a project name (something memorable) and select the list of keywords from the drop-down. 

Hit cluster keywords and wait. Strategically AI is analyzing your keywords to find relevant clusters for topics, pillars, and posts. This can take 10 - 20 minutes, but you can navigate away from the app. 

Once the analysis is complete, you can find your keyword clusters in your Command Center. You can view the clusters, the number of keywords per cluster, and the total search volume. 

For clusters with multiple keywords, you can select View Keywords to see the primary and secondary keywords to target on the page. 

The final step is to select Generate Article, which will start the process of creating an AI article based on the cluster of keywords. 

Need help? 

If you need any assistance, email us at, and one of our Customer Success Managers will be happy to help. 

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