Competitive Intelligence & Positioning

Great business decisions are made when keen insight meets reliable data.

Strategically combines top tier tools and fervent data nerds to gather and organise information about your customers and competitors.

So if digging through a mountain of data isn’t your idea of a good time, have no fear, we actually get a little excited about this.

Competitive Landscape Analysis

What do you really know about your competitors and what they're doing on the web?

It's nearly impossible to position yourself to move ahead of them if you don't know what's making them successful and where their weaknesses are.

Competitive intel from Strategically dives deep into website features, content, popularity measures (social media activity and site user behaviors), and brand sentiment (what people like or don't like).

This determines which competitors have the upper hand, and why and how you can take actions to not only compete, but stride ahead. Learn more.

Audience Targeting

Do you know your target audiences? Do you know what they need, what they want? Do you know what they’re into, where they're interacting online, and who they really are?

If you don't know your audiences and their specific needs right now, your likely not attracting and converting them as well as you should be.

And, you may be missing the mark in your marketing messaging, while the competition snatches them up and takes them away.

Strategically can help you define your audiences, determine what they need/want the most and craft content strategies to attract and convert those audiences. Learn more.

SEO keyword research

The 7 steps to a killer SEO strategy

An SEO strategy is a data-backed blueprint to generate pre-qualified leads to your website using organic traffic.
Competitive analysis for SEO

Analysing the competitive landscape

Learn where your business stands in a competitive landscape, giving you the power to market your strength.

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