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Our SEO content strategy process

Our SEO strategy process is tried and true. We guarantee our recommendations will work and won't waste your time recommending content that won't rank. We don't rely on trial and error, but instead build a strategy first, leading to sustainable results for you.

Stage 1

Understand your business goals

An SEO strategy must align with business objectives. Know what makes you unique and profitable. Understand business goals at the beginning to avoid changes later.

Stage 2

Competitive landscape analysis

We conduct thorough research to create a keyword research document that forms the basis of the strategy. We identify direct search competitors and study what's working for them, including how they generate quality links, which content is worth building, and how they structure their architecture. By analyzing the performance of direct search competitors, we can help you avoid wasting time creating content that will not rank and focus your efforts on activities that will yield results.

Stage 3

Actionable insights

We research first, then design a strategy. Our recommendations cover wireframes, URL structure, website architecture, and a link-building strategy. We provide a detailed content strategy with keyword clusters and content requirements for your team to create content that aligns with your business goals.

Why you need an SEO strategy

Creating content and building links is a waste of time without a solid SEO strategy. A good SEO strategy is essential for long-term business success. We provide a comprehensive strategy for successful SEO implementation, tailored to uncover what your target audience wants and create a plan that delivers it.

“We’ve had our best cohort ever in terms of student enrollments from organic blog traffic due to Strategically.”

Quincy Smith

Head of SEO,

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Frequently asked questions

We offer one-time content strategy services and longer-term retainers. Contact our sales team to discuss your business needs, and we will create a custom plan to meet your goals.

Without an SEO strategy in place, it's really easy to waste time and resources building content and pages that do not add value to your business. All SEO strategies should be tightly aligned with your business goals and customer needs.

No! We offer one-off plans and annual contracts. It really depends on your needs, so let's have a no-obligation chat and see how we can help.

Absolutely. Contact us at, and we can share a couple of example strategies so you can understand the scope of the deliverable.

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