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We create a deeply customised, data-driven SEO strategy to power your sales.

Our SEO strategy process

Our SEO strategy process is tried and true. We have tested virtually every angle possible that’s why we guarantee our strategy recommendations will work. We won’t waste your time recommending you build content that won’t rank, allowing you to start generating leads or sales as soon as possible. One of the primary elements that make our SEO strategy services unique is we don’t do trial and error. We believe in strategy first, then build. This strategy leads to the best sustainable results for you.

Stage 1: Gain Information from You

It’s useless to build an SEO strategy if the design doesn’t perfectly align with the business objectives. We need to understand what makes you different and what makes you money.

We must understand your business goals from the start. After all, the last thing we want is to go back and make changes because we weren’t clear about a few critical fundamental principles at the beginning.

In-depth keyword research
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Stage 2: Research

There’s still no advice at this stage: it’s just research. We spend as much time as needed building a keyword research document that forms the foundations of the strategy.

Next, we check what’s ranking for your target keywords and define your direct search competitors, taking tons of notes and screenshots. This involves using numerous paid tools to reveal critical details about the analytics of the web pages.

We learn what’s working for them, how are they generating quality links? Which content is actually worth building? How are they structuring their architecture?

By researching how direct search competitors are performing, we can save you a vast amount of wasted time building content that will never rank and focus your efforts on activities that will deliver results.

Stage 3: Build the strategy

Only after we’ve finished researching do we start designing your strategy. Our objective is to convert the data into a set of clear, concise recommendations that can be implemented by developers, content writers, and link builders.

The recommendations will cover wireframes with defined titles, headers, and content overview for core pages. URL structure, a website architecture document, and a link-building strategy.

A detailed content strategy includes keyword clusters and content requirements ready for the content creation team to produce the content.


SEO Content Strategy

Why you need an SEO strategy

Creating content and building links can be a monumental waste of time unless you have a solid SEO strategy. Without a strategy, success is simply luck, and in SEO, luck does not exist.

If you’re serious about building a long-term business, then a good SEO strategy is the cornerstone of your business success. Too many companies jump straight in and signup for a monthly SEO retainer and expect it just to work. These companies promise the earth, and in reality, very few deliver.

We provide you with a strategy that paves the way for a successful SEO implementation – it’s a blueprint to building a successful website that delivers sales or leads and converts users into customers. Our research uncovers what your target audience wants, and the strategy uses that to create a plan for your website and content that delivers what they want.

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We only take on projects when we know we can make an exponential difference. We never work on a strategy if you don't have the budget to see the project and build the content and links needed.

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“Working with Strategically has been an amazing experience. They are professional, hard-working, and extremely dedicated. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.”

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