In-House SEO, Team Training and Hiring

SEO Organisational Structure & Hiring

The systems and processes that are involved in creating content for the web are crucial for successful long term SEO.

The larger the company, the more potential there is for fall-off, bottlenecks and lack of proper education that prevent successful results.

Oftentimes just one area of internal lag in structure or process is all that is needed to thwart success.

An organisational audit typically looks at:

  • Organisational structure and processes for teams/people involved in content strategy, development, publishing, optimisation and analysis.
  • Gaps in performance and accountability.
  • Types of reporting available and key metrics monitored.
  • Systems used for publishing content (content management systems).
  • Education and resources available to all team players.
  • Strategy and processes for long-term search acquisition success for the company.

Teams can include:

  • Product Managers (content strategy process & accountability)
  • Marketers (integrated campaign messaging – process for optimising campaign in search)
  • SEO teams (what they’re accountable for, how they interact with other teams, what resources are available to them, etc.)
  • Development/engineering teams (level of knowledge for optimisation (especially ensuring outdated/bad SEO isn’t being implemented, processes & accountability)
  • Quality Assurance (process for SEO QA checks)
  • Business Development (process & accountability for partner deals and content sharing that can affect search performance)
  • Accessibility (working in sync with SEO)

SEO Training & Best Practices

Strategically's founder, Sam Franklin, has extensive experience training individuals at small businesses and teams at large corporations, so you can count on getting trustworthy knowledge, best practices, tools and tactics for long-term success.

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