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How we increased daily clicks by 610% in 5 months

See how we increased organic traffic for a supplement eCommerce website and eliminated their reliance on paid ads.

The challenge

After speaking with thousands of eCommerce store owners over a two-year period, Strategically co-founder Sam repeatedly heard the same challenge—paid ads were killing their margins. 

From Google campaigns with exponential costs to Facebook ads with increasingly volatile results, paid advertising was no longer a safe bet for many eCommerce businesses. 

We heard the same story from this supplement store. With a great product, tons of reviews, and a clearly defined target audience, the store was great, but paid ads were killing the bottom line. 

After an initial strategy consultation, the solution was clear: a data-driven SEO content strategy to uncover lucrative keywords to target, coupled with SEO-optimized content designed to resonate with the customer's needs. 

The result

The first step was to prepare the strategy. This started by understanding the business goals and customer needs to determine which search terms would be valuable for the company. 

After the in-depth research phase, it was clear that there were tons of low-difficulty, high-search volume keywords that could be targeted with SEO content. These search terms were not only neatly aligned with the customer needs but also tightly connected with the business goals. In other words, they would be commercially valuable to the business. 

Armed with a content and internal linking strategy, the supplement store used our AI writer to generate 20 articles per month. By analyzing the top articles ranking for the target keywords, the tool prepares well-optimized content straight out of the gate. 

In just five months, the results have been impressive: a 610% increase in clicks and hundreds of keywords in the top ten positions. But the best bit: Instead of spending $5 per click on paid ad campaigns, they can enjoy organic traffic to their site, reduce their overall cost per acquisition, and please their bottom line. 

By incorporating organic traffic into its marketing mix, the business no longer needs to rely on paid advertising campaigns that reduce its margins and take months to break even.

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