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“Recommendations are precise and to the point, always linking to the end business results. Strategically go above and beyond explaining complex concepts and strategies, that are transformative to any business and at the right price point as well.”


“Great experience - professional, high quality work! Great writer, autonomous, with good ideas and excellent execution.”


“It’s been great working with Strategically. They quickly got an understanding of our industry: our solution, users, and goals. And produced great content, always on time.”

We turn complex accounting topics into reader-friendly content

We write financial content for VC-funded fintech companies, authority financial blogs, and accountants.

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Experienced accounting writers for your business

Are you looking for an accounting or finance writer?

If you're looking for a knowledgeable writer for your accounting business, you're in the right place. 

We've produced tens of thousands of articles for more than 250 companies, including VC-backed fintech companies in stealth mode and large authority accounting blogs.

We deliver top-quality content to accounting businesses worldwide using a team of expert financial writers. We are experienced in producing accounting white papers, eBooks, blogs, website copy, and more. 

To achieve the best results, our expert writers take the time to understand your needs, short- and long-term goals, and target audience. 

We are proud to work with established fintech clients like Mazuma Money:

"This company has been like a breath of fresh air for me! Responsive, inventive, and always has great ideas. I enjoy working with them and loving that they deliver on time and what they promise."

Lucy Cohen, Mazuma.

Why choose Strategically for your accounting content?

At Strategically, we're proud to help accounting, financial, and fintech companies scale their content creation. Here are some of the benefits of working with us:

Transform complex financial terms into digestible content

We know that accounting content covers complex subject matter like taxes, payroll, and legalities. We also know that many accounting companies find it challenging to explain financial content in a reader-friendly, concise, yet engaging way. Our expert financial content writers are trained to explain complex subject matter in an easy-to-read, highly accessible manner.

Beat the competition 

There are so many accounting firms out there, locally and online, it can be difficult to stand out. Killer content can help you stand out from the competition by explaining what you do and showing the reader the value of using your services, rather than those of any of your competitors.

We have helped financial brands like Mazuma separate their offering from the rest by crafting 10X content that resonates with their target audience and meets their business goals.

Gain the trust of your customers

To succeed as an accounting firm and increase your consumer base, customers have to trust you. Whether your customer is a small business, FTSE 100 firm, or an individual, the initial choice a customer makes of committing to one accounting business rather than another is critical. The client needs to have complete confidence in your ability to deliver and they must trust you with their finances.

If you can't convince your website visitors you can be trusted, they won't submit a contact form or pick up the phone to make an appointment. Your website copy and blog content are your primary opportunities to gain a potential client's trust.

Compelling, well-written and error-free copy demonstrates to your customers that your brand is trustworthy. Our dedicated writers will create valuable financial content that establishes you as a trusted authority within your industry. 

Boost website traffic

To succeed, you need to increase the volume and quality of the traffic landing on your accounting website. The more eyeballs on your site, the more leads, sales, and — importantly — revenue for your company.

Increasing traffic is not easy. You need an SEO content strategy to ensure your content targets the right search terms, correctly optimises your pages and blogs, and aligns your content with your business goals and target audience. We're here to help.

Speak to your ideal customers

Great content shouldn't only concern itself with selling your service. It should aim to help, educate, and inform your readers. It should show the reader you understand their pain points and position your service as the solution. The aim is to help the client understand why what you offer is the best solution to their unique set of problems. 

Many of your website visitors won't be familiar with complex financial terms and complicated tax thresholds and allowances, so it's important the content you create talks to them in relatable and understandable terms. Skip the industry jargon, dump the acronyms, empathise with the reader, and speak their language.  

Easy to get started

Ordering your accounting content from Strategically takes seconds and can all be handled entirely via our online management system. Submit your content titles, select the desired content length, and we'll assign you a dedicated writer who'll start working on your content straight away. 

What's included

  • SEO-optimisation - If you request it, we can optimise your content with Surfer SEO to boost your website's rankings.
  • Editing and proofreading - Before submitting content, it will be professionally edited and proofread.
  • Unlimited revisions - We want you to love your content, so we offer unlimited revisions.
  • Compliance friendly - We know that accounting content needs to be compliant. If some terms or topics can't be included, let us know, and we'll make sure the content is fully compliant. 
  • Expert writers - We employ talented writers to provide the best content writing. 
  • Custom brand tone - We tailor your content to match your brand's style and voice, so your content is guaranteed to "speak" to your audience. 

Accountant Writing FAQs

What is an accounting writer?

Accounting or financial writers have strong writing skills and the ability to understand complex accounting topics — taxes, payroll, legalities, etc. They come from diverse backgrounds within the finance and writing sectors and can compose finance blog posts, reports, accounting papers, and memos.

Accounting writers need to have excellent communication skills and be highly knowledgeable when producing technical documents, and should be trained in writing other financially-related educational content.

What kind of content can an accounting writer produce?

Excellent content should be a core part of your digital marketing strategy as an accounting firm or small business. Before we even start to write, we make an effort to learn about your business goals and target audience. Then we partner with knowledgeable writers who can write effectively and explain complex economic content in a straightforward manner. 

Why choose Strategically for your accounting writing services?

An accounting writer produces financial blog posts and articles, reports, white papers, and other accounting documents. Our accounting writers can edit your existing copy, too. Our writers are trained to produce only high-quality and informative content that aims to answer every possible question a visitor to your website might have.

Our content writing services include an SEO content solution, in-depth research, and financial analyses. Our goal is to boost traffic and find new leads for your accounting company

Should I hire a freelance writer instead?

There are many options for hiring a writer, including freelance writers from sites like Upwork and Fiverr but, if you're serious about content creation, you need to build a relationship with a content writer company like Strategically. We assist our clients by providing a consistent and reliable service that works at scale, which is hard for individual writers to offer.

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