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Effective B2B content marketing services


We create a deeply customised, data-driven content marketing strategy to power your sales.


Your articles are prepared by an expert writer, proofread and passed through a plagiarism checker.


We integrate your keywords into your blog posts to ensure they are optimised for the search engines.

Effective B2B Content Marketing Services From Expert B2B Content Writers

Looking for reliable B2B content marketing services?

B2B content marketing is about developing high-end copy to expand your brand's target audience, strengthen and boost brand affinity, and ultimately make sales by appealing to other businesses. It's a super-smart content creation and advertising method, as unlike other forms of digital marketing, B2B content marketing is used by businesses for businesses. In other words, it's not your average run-of-the-mill consumer content. 

B2B content must be valuable and useful to readers because if they cannot apply the actionable elements to their own business, what's the point? Fortunately, our writers have years of B2B content marketing experience and know-how to produce B2B or B2C content that excites and converts. On top of that, we only work with the best B2B content writers and content marketers, meaning that we always deliver copy that speaks directly to your target audience. 

To put it differently, we go above and beyond to satisfy our clients' expectations and help them succeed in their business aspirations. 

Today, we've helped over 250 renowned companies, startups, and enterprises to scale their content creation, boost their traffic, and sell their products to other businesses. 

So, before we begin to work on your B2B content marketing content, we'll arrange for a discovery call with you to understand what you want from your content, such as angle, writing style, voice, etc. At the same time, we'll also create an outline to ensure that you can establish your business as a true authority in your industry. Additionally, we can create brochures on your behalf so that you can sell your products or services to other businesses easier. 

As a last note, remember that we have solid experience in short-and-long-form writing across diverse topics and content types, including SaaS, B2C, fintech, eCommerce, etc.

"I've been working with Becky for a couple of months now. I have to say that she and her team are doing fantastic work for us. Her ability to supply high-quality content at fair prices is outstanding. Her team is probably the best team I've ever had to work with so far in my career as a content manager. Thank you, and I'm very glad I found you guys :)."

Jonathan Shrago, SEOKRU

Why Choose Strategically for Your Content Marketing Services?

We're ready to help you sell your services or products to other businesses and set you as an authority within your industry with powerful content marketing writing. 

Sell Your Services

B2B companies sell to other businesses, right? So, what you should want from an expert writing team is people with the writing expertise and dedication to produce converting marketing material and documentation. 

This we can do. With over years of experience in writing for B2B and B2C companies, we're confident we can help you produce content that sells your services and products. While on it, we also commit to establishing you as a true authority within your field, plus showcase that you go above and beyond your customers' needs.

Strategically offers accredited content writing services, so if someone knows how to develop high-end content marketing copy, it's us!

Increase Brand Awareness

As a B2B brand, you'd want to develop content that raises brand awareness. The reason? The better the quality of your content, the greater your chances of increasing your reach and making more sales.

What's more, at Strategically, we can help you develop your blog section on your site, from where you can offer valuable advice to prospective customers and discuss the benefits of your services. Our team of dedicated freelance professionals can implement proven strategies that boost your brand's reputation and show prospects how high-quality your services are without being salesy or pushy. 

Just get in touch and reach out for a quote. Our content marketing agency is a few clicks away.

Stop Losing Your Time

Producing B2B marketing content is challenging and, perhaps, exhausting. And if you're not an experienced writer yourself, the whole content creation process can be even tougher than originally thought. Sure, you can do it, but do you want to undergo such hardship?

Now, listen. Unlike competitive content marketing agencies, we understand you might have too much on your plate, so taking time to write content or some other marketing material, like brochures, may not be for you. You might want to invest your time improving your services or forming new relationships with other businesses. 

Taking advantage of our expert B2B content marketing services can help you save precious time while building your brand's authority at the same time. We are also committed to developing high-end content marketing material that speaks to your target audience and consumer base to increase sales and conversions. 

We Support Your Marketing Efforts

If your marketing content and overall content strategy offer valuable information, your audience will trust you as an authoritative source. And if they find your brand trustworthy, they will expect you to offer valuable services, too, whether for free or priced. 

Whether you're looking to sell your services or offer a free trial, we can help you prepare forms that convince your audience to subscribe to your email list or newsletters. In addition, we can write your newsletters on your behalf or help you with inbound marketing and lead generation. And if prospects subscribe, then they might want to purchase your services or use your free trial (if you have any).

As simple as this may seem, this is how to gain qualified leads and make more sales. 

B2B Content Marketing Services: What's Included?

We're a dedicated content creation agency and produce premium content marketing content for any business. 

SEO: To boost your site's traffic, you don't only need valuable content but also optimised content. We use Surfer SEO, one of the most powerful SEO tools available. 

Expert writers: We only hire the best writers available for peace of mind. By doing so, we ensure you only get the best possible content. 

100% original content: We run content against a plagiarism checker to ensure it's 100% original and authentic.

Jargon-free content: We don't like to confuse your audience. Hence, we simplify complex ideas and concepts, turning such content into digestible copy everyone can understand. 

Unlimited revisions: Perfection cannot be achieved in one go. For this reason, we enjoy your feedback and use your comments to shape your content according to your requirements. 


What is B2B content marketing?

B2B content marketing is a form of marketing that uses content to boost a business' target audience and reach and increase brand affinity. The ultimate goal of B2B content marketing is to drive qualified leads and make sales by approaching other businesses.  

What sets apart this content marketing approach from other forms of content marketing is that it's used exclusively for businesses for other businesses.

How do I find a capable writer?

A simple Google search would be a good starting point. The search should give you plenty of options, from freelance platforms, like Upwork, to blogs of individual writers. 

Whether you choose a freelancer from Upwork or choose to work with us, Strategically, it's up to you. However, keep in mind that most freelancers cannot guarantee high-quality content as we do. 

So, instead of losing your time searching through a pool of millions of freelancers, just give us the go-ahead, and we will develop awesome B2B content for you. It will also probably cost you less, considering the amount of time and energy you will save from searching for writers on your own. 

Lastly, if you really want to try to source your own talent, remember to ask for multiple samples and only consider freelancers with at least ten positive reviews. Before you let them know a lot about your project, work with them on a test article to get a sense of their writing.

How does B2B content marketing differ from B2C content marketing?

B2B content must be useful. If readers (i.e., prospects) cannot use the actionable parts of your copy in their own business or line of work, then your B2B copy has missed its mark. 

Keep in mind that you can publish some odd topic here and then, so not all of your content has to be focused and optimised, yet your goal as a B2B player should be to be seen as a primary source for the professionals of your industry. This doesn't mean your B2B copy can be boring, bland, generic, or forgettable. 

B2B content should be engaging, useful, valuable, and of compelling quality, more than B2C copy.

How much does B2B content cost?

This depends on the freelance writer or content writing agency you partner with. Some writers charge an hourly fee or a per-project fee. Additionally, some may charge extra for revisions, SEO, editing, or proofreading. 

Unlike other digital marketing agencies, that doesn't happen with Strategically. We don't charge extra for editing or proofreading, and we offer unlimited revisions. There are no hidden fees or extra charges. With us, you know how much you're going to pay for your content from the start.

So, don't waste time; reach out to us for a quote so that we work on your content marketing strategy the soonest!

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