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Expert beauty writers for your cosmetics eCommerce store

Are you looking for an expert beauty writer?

Writing high-quality beauty articles, blogs, and beauty product descriptions is tougher than you might imagine. Consumers who read about and look to purchase beauty products are very knowledgeable about the subject, which makes it even more of a challenge.

To generate leads and boost online sales, you need to attract prospects with great copy, beauty guides, product descriptions, and reviews. Our friendly content writing agency can promote your cosmetic products in a positive light and create highly engaging and actionable content that magnetises your audience.  

If you're looking for a successful writing agency to create impossibly beautiful content for you, you're in the right place. Over the last few years, Strategically has helped over 250 businesses attract buyers and written 8M+ words of high-quality content. We only hire the top 1% of writers in the beauty industry to deliver content that informs readers and helps you stand out from competitors.

Our writers have the experience to produce a range of beauty copy to serve your purpose (i.e., boost your traffic and increase your conversions). Snappy marketing copy is our thing, and we're proud of it. Whatever form of beauty content you need, we'll be able to produce it.

Why choose Strategically's beauty writing services?

Stylish and attractive content that boosts sales and conversions.

SEO that turns heads

If your SEO game is weak, you're not going to find new leads, which means you won't be able to expand and reach out to new audiences. Using banners or Google ads (i.e., traditional digital marketing methods) can be very expensive, and you won't get much back for your buck. The cost per acquisition will be prohibitively high. 

Our writers will be able to help you lower those acquisition costs by reaching out to organic leads, thanks to highly optimised SEO content that helps your website rank in the first pages of search results. 

Experienced Writers

Our highly experienced beauty writers produce content that is clean, error-free, and fluent — just what your readers want. We understand the importance of clarity and how powerful well-written content is to a cosmetics store selling skincare and other related products. 

By hosting high-quality content on your website, you secure long-term clients and high-value consumers. Your dedicated freelance beauty writer will produce copy for you that hones in on the benefits of your cosmetic products and services. We have extensive experience of consistently crafting high-end beauty blogs and product reviews for our clients in the beauty niche, so we know what to say and how to keep consumers loyal. 

Brand conscious

When it comes to brands of cosmetics and other beauty products (including perfumes, moisturisation creams, etc.), we know everything. With us, you don't have to worry about cooperating with writers who are not versed in the beauty niche. Quite the contrary — not only are our beauty writers passionate about beauty but they're also quite aware of the latest developments of beauty brands and beauty services, such as HydraFacial treatment.

We know how to convince hesitant customers to buy your products. Our writers can implement effective digital marketing techniques to draw customers to your offerings. We can provide the correct details in the right format, helping your audience make an informed decision as they imagine themselves discovering true attractiveness with your cosmetic products and services.

A range of content at your disposal

Fine sales copy, product descriptions, and reviews are great places to start. However, if you're not ready to widen your content marketing strategies, you might miss opportunities to increase your store's sales. 

Highly targeted copy, custom blog posts, or the creation of consumer personas, all play a huge role in getting your brand's name out there in the competitive cosmetics market. 

Additionally, long-form content is important in the beauty niche, as it helps consumers better understand the great quality of your beauty products. Producing an eBook describing how your products can improve skin or hair, or the advantages of your makeup catalogue, can go a long way. Similarly, long posts about hair dryers, shaving and grooming machines, and massage chairs, etc., can make customers want to invest in them, boosting your revenue. 

Our services

A freelance beauty writer can assist you in producing the following forms of content: 

  • Product descriptions
  • Product reviews
  • Website copy
  • Blog posts
  • SEO-optimised content
  • Long-form copy
  • Style guides
  • Copywriting
  • Editing, reviewing, or re-writing existing content

This isn't an exhaustive list, so If you are looking for something else, we'll probably be able to cover it too. Don't hesitate to reach out to us to see how we can help you skyrocket your cosmetics eCommerce store.

Our process

This is what happens when you order beauty content:

1. Place your order

You can order your beauty content with just a few clicks. Simply send us the titles and briefs, so we can begin working. 

2. We write your content

After receiving your order, we start researching information related to your projects, from competitive beauty products to competitive eCommerce stores. Then we write your content, edit it, and pass it through a plagiarism checker to ensure 100% originality and clarity. 

3. We deliver your content on time and schedule

When your content is completed, we'll send you the final ready-to-publish copy within the predetermined time frame. And, remember, we're always more than happy to review the content according to your feedback and carry out revisions.


What does a beauty writer do?

Beauty writers or editors are responsible for managing the appearance-related content of a publication and producing content relevant to haircare, skincare, and cosmetics. For the most part, a beauty writer is employed by a fashion magazine or website to cover products or current trends. Beauty editors can write or edit articles, work alongside other writing staff or freelance writers, edit photos, and pitch in editorial planning. 

The best beauty writing experts can provide multiple writing formats and forms of content to create stylish pieces. They can meet a brief with little-to-no supervision, requiring minimal input from editors or managers. 

What is beauty content?

As you’d expect, beauty content involves marketing copy, product descriptions, product reviews, blog posts, guides, and other similar content. Having diverse content types at your disposal helps you to reach a wider audience of visitors and increases your chance of successful conversions. 

How do you write beauty content?

Writing beauty and skincare content is not as easy as it might seem. You have to know your cosmetic products and trends inside-out. At the same time, you have to keep everything simple and approachable, without technical jargon, especially when it comes to product specifications. You have to ensure that your content is easy to follow and provides great value to your target audience. 

Defining what makes your cosmetic product special, including lots of details in product descriptions, and SEO-optimising your copy to boost traffic and sales are all surefire ways to generate more leads than ever before. Incorporating customer testimonials is also a smart way to convince consumers that your products are better than ones available elsewhere.

To produce such high-quality content, you need a writer who fully understands the beauty industry and the audience's pain points - your visitors will then see your products and services as the best solutions to their needs.

How much do beauty writing services cost?

Freelance writers charge either an hourly rate or a set price per project. It's uncertain how much you'll end up having to pay your content creators in either scenario. Will your freelancer charge you for revisions? And can you be certain they're the beauty experts they say they are?

Opting to cooperate with an experienced agency is a smart move. With Strategically you will always know what you are going to pay ahead of time. There are no hidden costs or additional charges. Plus, we also offer a generous 100% free revision policy.

Why should I outsource my content to you?

You CAN write the content yourself or with your own team, but sometimes opting for an expert can help you focus on sourcing new and more exciting cosmetic products. You have enough to think about — why not leave content creation to an experienced and qualified writer. Reach out to us today and elevate your beauty brand like never before.

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