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Winning and SEO-optimised cannabis content from expert cannabis and hemp writers

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The cannabis industry has exploded in the last few years — especially in the United States, but also in Europe. American cannabis industry analysis predicts the cannabis market value will reach $36.7 billion by 2025 (compared with $13.21 billion in 2018). The days of homemade pot brownies are over. 

The industry has redefined itself through diversification and market expansion into cannabis-related products, including cosmetics. New cannabis businesses are starting up all the time, looking to get a foothold in this competitive but growing industry. Marijuana dispensaries are flourishing in states and districts where recreational and medicinal use of cannabis has been legalised. 

A pivotal factor when building a successful cannabis business comes down to creating in-depth and accurate cannabis content writing services, such as blogs, articles, and white papers. But writing compelling and detail-oriented cannabis-related content, and also making it SEO-optimised, is challenging. 

Content produced by writers not familiar with cannabis will not get you very far. You need content writers with substantial knowledge of cannabis and its paraphernalia. Finding a reputable writing agency that employs a team of writing professionals with a vast network and reach might be the safest choice for producing cannabis content. Strategically delivers accurate, well-researched, plagiarism-free and search engine optimised cannabis content for any businesses active in the cannabis market.

These include online cannabis stores, education centres, dispensaries, medical cannabis clinics, pharmaceutical companies, cannabis investment firms, cannabis and hemp publications, and cannabis entrepreneurs. Our agency can provide a full range of content creation, including cannabis education blogs, cannabis research, and mission statements, all search engine optimised. 

We are dedicated and committed to our client's success, and nothing can stop us from achieving it. As one of the UK's top writing agencies, our success if founded on writing evidence-based and advanced content.

Why choose Strategically's cannabis writing services?

Actionable and engaging content

Our expert cannabis content writers produce actionable and highly engaging content that entices and converts prospective buyers.

Our dedication has allowed us to help almost 300 businesses with their content needs. Companies that have trusted us to work with them have gone on to achieve their desired marketing goals and market expansion. Don't miss out — let us craft informative, actionable and polished cannabis articles and blogs to help you increase your brand's awareness, showcase your passion for this misunderstood plant, and expand your business's customer reach.

At the same time, our blog and newsletter writing services commit to promoting your cannabis products to new audiences, generating more leads than ever before.

In-depth and well-researched cannabis content

Cannabis blogs and articles are not simple to produce. They consist of technical content and require lots of research to ensure the information is accurate and detailed. On top of this, readers of cannabis content are typically knowledgeable about the plant and its paraphernalia, so they will not appreciate poorly researched content. 

Explaining complex cannabis content in a reader-friendly manner is crucial to boost cannabis brand awareness and conversions. The key is finding the right balance between establishing your brand as a trustworthy authority within the cannabis field and showcasing the benefits consumers will reap by purchasing your products or services. 

At Strategically, we deliver actionable and engaging content that encourages your target audience to convert. We turn complicated ideas and concepts into easily understandable content.

Search engine optimised content

Bringing in new leads with the right keywords requires expert marketers. Using the right combination of high- and low-volume keywords in your copy helps you boost traffic like never before and expand your reach. 

Our writing team can produce an effective keyword strategy that targets customers unaware of your products or services. Our cannabis writers know how to address and solve the pain points of your target audience. We can also analyse leading competitors' keywords, using SEO software to determine what's needed to reach the highest search engine rankings. 

Keep long-term clients around

Generating leads isn't the only job for a successful cannabis business or Amazon store. Keeping your consumer base loyal and active is what makes the difference between failure and success. 

As part of Strategically's cannabis content marketing strategy, we create compelling content that encourages buyers to stick around and keep purchasing your services. The writer assigned to you will produce cannabis copy that drives home the benefits of your services, establishing a communication funnel between your brand and consumers. 

With all our experience of writing for clients in the cannabis niche, we know just what to say and how to promote cannabis culture (and cannabis legalisation) to keep your buyers loyal and engaged. With our online marketing writing methods, you will establish yourself as a true authority within the cannabis community .

Our process

This is what happens when you order cannabis content writing content:

1. Request your content

You send us your content brief, titles, along with any requested keywords, and we start working on your content. 

2. Writing time

After researching technical and medicinal information about your cannabis project, our writers begin producing your blogs and articles. Once done, we proofread your copy and pass it through a dedicated plagiarism checker. 

3. We deliver

After writing and editing, we deliver the documentation within your required timeframe. 

4. Implementing feedback

Finally, we adjust our content according to your feedback to ensure it meets your exact requirements and needs. 

Cannabis content writing service: what's included

Expert writers - We know that clarity is of paramount importance, so we make sure that the content we deliver to you is easy-to-ready and error-free.

Edited and proofread - Before returning your content, it is professionally edited and proofread. It even goes through an advanced plagiarism checker, ensuring it is unique and 100% original. 

Unlimited revisions - We have an unlimited revision policy because we enjoy feedback and always look forward to providing you with the content you desire. If you don't find that our blogs or articles meet your exact requirements, please return them to us and we'll re-work them until you are 100% satisfied.

Dedicated account manager - From the first moment, you will get assigned a dedicated account manager, who will guide you throughout the content creation process and answer any of your questions. Your account manager will help you reach out to your writer and offer them feedback on their work or additional information about your project. 

Search engine optimised - To make Google-friendly content, we use Surfer SEO, a powerful SEO tool. With its help and our expertise, we produce content that cracks Google's algorithm, helping your content rank in the first pages of search results. 

Customised brand tone - We tailor your content to match your brand's tone and accurately represent your company's values.


What is cannabis content writing?

Cannabis content writing involves developing written content about cannabis in the form of blogs, product descriptions, web copy, white papers, long-form content, emails, or newsletters. 

Blog posts cover an extensive range of topics and are used to boost the content of a cannabis website and increase its SEO ranking. Cannabis content can be written to educate or sell cannabis products and services. 

For promotional content you'll be after cannabis web copy, cannabis product descriptions, and general cannabis copywriting. This writing is often what customers read first when they visit you online, so should be used to describe your brand's core values and explain your offered solutions to a particular problem.  It should aim to establish yourself or your brand as an authority within your market.

What does a cannabis content writer do?

A high-quality content writer must take readers through all stages of the content marketing funnel — awareness, evaluation, and, finally, conversion — before optimising the content to increase search results ranking. Often, a single writer will not be enough to produce high-quality cannabis content to satisfy all the demands of a business. A whole team of expert writers should be employed to ensure the best possible articles. 

Each of our clients gets access to Strategically's dedicated writing team. As a cannabis business owner, we know that you do not have the time to write your own content or even manage an outsourced cannabis writer. That's why we encourage you to contact us. We will handle your research, writing, editing, proofreading, and SEO needs. Let our cannabis content writers do the writing while you manage your business — it's that simple.  

What can search engine optimised cannabis content achieve?

When you optimise content, you increase your online presence and your ranking on Google's search results. This ensures that more prospective buyers will visit your website, which increases your chance of higher conversions. 

Let's say you offer cannabis-related products on your Amazon or eBay store but you have limited views and impressions, and you're wondering why. The answer is straightforward: if you don't optimise your product descriptions with relevant keywords that help them rank higher in search results, you won't see many of your products being sold. 

Don't underestimate the power of an effective SEO package — it can make the difference between failure and success. We offer many such packages that you can easily order with just a few clicks. Work with Strategically and see your cannabis sales skyrocket.

Why are accurate cannabis blogs important?

Accurate cannabis content is important to a cannabis business or educator because it boosts credibility and increases brand awareness. The moment a consumer trusts a company, the more likely they will buy from them or use their services. Publishing accurate, well-researched, and credible content as part of a content marketing strategy establishes an authoritative and trustworthy presence for your brand.

If prospective consumers don't find value or credibility in your cannabis content, they will not convert. Cannabis articles require lots of research and frequently fall within the field of medicine. Backing up every claim with relevant data will come automatically to an experienced cannabis content creator.

How much does cannabis content cost?

A freelancer will charge either an hourly rate or a rate per project. Either way it can be challenging to know what your final bill will be.

We want to make it easy to budget your cannabis content ahead of time. Strategically prices packages based on word count, with SEO add-ons if you feel your website needs that extra boost. The great thing about us is that we won't throw in surprise costs after delivering your content. You pay upfront, and that's it. 

You will be paired with your own dedicated cannabis content writer and account manager to support you throughout the content creation process. 

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