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Factual construction writing from an expert construction content marketing writer

Are you looking for a seasoned construction writer?

Technical yet engaging construction content is paramount to the success of any business or construction website that focuses on maintenance, structural repairs, groundworks or electrical installation, to name a few. Strong support content, feature pieces, and a solid content marketing strategy are equally crucial. 

Fortunately, at Strategically our professional construction writers have you covered, no matter what type of construction content you’re after. Our writers have years of experience in writing construction content, and are fully versed in government regulations. The days of placing ads in the Yellow Pages and handing out business cards are over — the only way to gain exposure and new leads today is through captivating, SE-optimised, and actionable website copy. 

To ensure high-quality content, we only employ the top 1% of writers in the construction industry. Your content creation process is managed by a dedicated professional with years of experience in writing for companies such as yours. We have a well-established presence as a high-end content writing agency within the construction industry. So far, we’ve assisted over 250 businesses to get more leads and make more sales — a case in point being Monograph, a company producing project management software for architects. 

Whether you’re a CAD technician in need of technical writing services, an architect looking to build a new website, or a carpenter who wants to create an appealing CV, we have the copywriters and the range of services to realise your online content goals. And if you simply want some old-school brochures and ad copy, we can help with that too. 

The only thing you need to do is Contact Us. We promise to get back to you as soon as possible so that we can begin crafting content for your website or company. 

Why choose Strategically’s construction writing services?

High-end content for construction companies

If you specialise in property refurbishment, electrical installation, groundworks, or any other form of property maintenance, you need high-quality construction content. You also need copy that speaks directly to consumers and is reader-friendly. Many of your prospective customers won't have specialist technical knowledge, hence the need to make your content clear and easy to understand for everyone. 

We are experts in avoiding technical language. The content you receive from us will be in-depth but jargon-free, meticulous but reader-friendly.

Experts in crafting product and service pages

Showing your expertise and personality through service pages that convey complex construction practices in an easy-to-understand way is crucial to the success of any construction business. Imagine a consumer weighing up estimates from different contractors. They may shortlist on the basis of price, but the final decision will come down to the trust they have in the persona your company or service conveys via its online and paper content.

Writing such content can be challenging if you’re not an experienced writer. Strategically has the expertise and we're waiting to put it to use to highlight your strengths and let prospective consumers know precisely why they should choose your company for their construction needs.

Stand out from the competition

Standing out from the crowd is challenging but essential.

As a successful content creation solution, we can provide your target audience with the correct information they need to get excited about your services. We can also create fascinating content about your past clients and projects. With both short and long-form content marketing, we will work to ensure that the copy you produce is valuable to consumers, and is optimised to increase the chances of your business being found organically. 

Position yourself as an authority

Appearing as an authority in the construction industry can make the difference between landing grand projects and working on small one-offs.

Our agency's writing team will produce exceptional construction content and double-check every piece of information to verify its accuracy. Plus, you will be invited to review our submitted content and request revisions if you feel any are needed.

Build a loyal following

Attracting consumers who make a purchase or at least get in touch immediately is great — but what’s even better is to create a following of customers who return again and again to work with you (i.e., repeaters). Convincing people to become regular consumers of your business or brand means not only doing a great job each time one is booked but also sharing helpful and inspiring content on a continuous basis. 

Attracting a loyal base of prospects with regularly updated content will keep returning consumers interested in your offerings. 

Our expert writing team can produce actionable information for small or big construction businesses or independent contractors. To succeed in building you a following, we’ll work with you on a content marketing strategy that will inspire your prospects to trust and believe in your business and construction capabilities.

Construction writing content service: what’s included

As a managed construction writing service, we research, write, edit, and proofread our content before returning it back to our clients. Here’s what we offer in detail:

Excellent Communication - From the first moment, we’ll pair you with a dedicated writer who will keep you informed about the content production. If you ever have any questions, feel free to address them to your account manager and they’ll help you out. 

100% plagiarism-free - The importance of authenticity is paramount to any business. So, before delivering your content, we run it through a plagiarism tool. 

Expert writers - Our writing team is exceptional, and we’re proud of it. They can produce actionable, informative, and high-quality content on behalf of contractors and construction businesses. 

Unlimited revisions - Even though most competitors charge for revisions, we offer them for FREE. That’s right. We don’t charge for revisions because we want to satisfy our clients 100% every time. 

SEO-optimised - Targeted and optimised construction content boosts your rankings on Google’s search results, meaning more prospective consumers will view your products. If you don’t optimise your copy, your business won’t have good exposure, leading you to lose sales. 

Our constriction writing process

Ordering content couldn’t be any easier. All it takes are five simple steps:

Step 1: Send us your brief

Let us know what kind of content you need by sending us your in-depth briefs, preferred titles, and keywords. 

Step 2: We produce an outline

Once we receive your information, we’ll draw up an outline for our writers to use during the content creation. 

Step 3: You approve the outline

If you approve of our outline, we will begin creating your copy. If not, send it back to us, and we’ll work on it with you. 

Step 4: We write, edit, and proofread the content

At this point, we create the content. It's as simple as that. After it's been edited and proofread, we return it to you.

Step 5: You gives us feedback

After delivering our content to you, feel free to make direct edits on the draft for the writer to see. Thanks to our unlimited revisions policy, touch-ups are entirely FREE.


What does a construction marketing writer do?

A construction writer is responsible for creating content for architectural and construction firms as well as sole traders and small businesses involved in housebuilding and home improvement.

In general, our agency can help you with any content you may need, such as:

  • CVs
  • Landing pages
  • White papers
  • Web copy
  • Blogs
  • Social media posts
  • Project proposals
  • Email campaigns
  • Digital marketing (SE optimisation) to boost organic traffic

You might only need engaging content written once, which is fine. But, if you require the ongoing support of a construction writer for other aspects of content marketing, we are more than ready to help. 

How much do freelancers charge?

Construction freelancers charge either per hour or per project. That means how much you’re going to end up spending on your content is challenging to determine. You cannot be sure what quality of content you’ll receive, and the freelancer you choose may charge for revisions. 

At Strategically, we make it easy for you to budget for content creation. Specifically, we offer an upfront per-word fee for your copy without hidden extras. And, as previously mentioned, we offer unlimited free revisions to make sure we meet your exact requirements.

How much does construction content cost?

This depends entirely on the writer you choose, the number of words, the quality of the delivered content, and the amount of work needed. When working with a freelancer, you can never be really sure that the delivered content will be of high quality, as sometimes freelancers claim to be experts in a niche when, in reality, they aren’t. 

If you’re not up to managing freelance writers on your own, or you’d prefer a complete writing solution, feel free to reach out to us.

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