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Find an expert fashion writer for your fashion company

Are you looking for a knowledgeable and stylish fashion writer?

Having a fashion website with significant traffic, or a fashion house that produces quality garments, won't guarantee success in today's highly competitive market. 

Your clothes may follow the latest trends, be made from the best quality merino wool, or imported from master crafters in Denmark, but if you don't promote them correctly with accurate SEO-optimised descriptions, the chances of making online sales are minimal. 

Working with a seasoned, expert fashion writer can make all the difference when it comes to your brand's success or failure. Whether you need engaging fashion blogs or product descriptions that convert, fashion writers know how to write with style and make proper use of images and SEO to turbocharge your business. Fashion writers are experts in merchandising and fashion journalism, so they can produce high-quality advertorials too. 

At Strategically, we have assembled an expert fashion writing team, ready to produce awesome SEO-customised content to boost your company's traffic. As an agency, we have the highest possible standards, so we only employ the best and most accredited freelance fashion writers to meet the demands of our clients. 

We have worked with more than 250 businesses, helping them increase their reach and conversions. In doing so, we've produced hundreds of landing pages, white pages, and eBooks, such as fashion designer guides. We can write custom blog posts and website content, company policies (if you're a fashion house) and offer unlimited revisions to shape our content to the exact tastes of our partners. 

Why choose Strategically's fashion writing services?

Stop wasting precious time

Wasting time is a serious issue when you're dealing with multiple clients or have to attend to the needs of thousands of readers on a day-to-day basis. If you focus all of your energy on writing your own content, you'll be too tired to think of anything inspiring to add to your business model or be in a position to close new deals with suppliers. 

Strategically is a done-for-you content writing service that handles everything. We research the topics, create blogs or landing pages, and do the proofreading. Your content is provided ready to publish. We aim to boost the quality of your copy and offer value to your target audience.

Beat the competition

The most potent way to engage readers or prospects is by offering varied and valuable content — fashion style guides, FAQs about fashion houses, or features covering the latest fashion trends, posts about what garment goes with what, the Best Bags Under $100 etc. The aim should be to offer valuable advice to visitors so they want to keep coming back to your fashion website to read more. 

By regularly posting content like this, you'll demonstrate that you really know the fashion business. Consumers and readers will begin to view you as a true authority within the fashion industry, increasing your reach and trustworthiness. With our help, beat competitors by establishing yourself as a trusted advisor and fashion expert.

Knowledgeable writers

If the writers you cooperate with aren't knowledgeable or true fashion industry experts, their content won't cut it. If they don't know their niche inside-out, they won't be able to produce great content that'll convert prospects and increase your reach. 

Fashion is a niche, and people who write about it must be passionate about the latest fashion trends and have a solid understanding of fashion journalism and news reporting. Additionally, they should know how to source high quality photos and create actionable stories from those photos (known as photojournalism). If they also have relationships with designers and stylists, all the better. Writers with such connections usually charge high amounts, and that could be a problem if you're a small website. 

Our agency has a dedicated fashion writing team that knows the business and has the connections and experience to help any fashion website, magazine, or house publish content that speaks directly to the consumer. Plus, our prices are competitive, based on the number of words you require. 

Whether you want content on women's or men's fashion or a focused blog on your fashion house's backstory, working with Strategically could be exactly what you need. Feel free to reach out to us for a quote or more information about our services and projects.

Build your brand's image

Good, accurate and high-value content is the foundation of a brand's image. Dishonest or messy copy can damage the reputation of your website or fashion house, so be 100% sure that what you publish —from product descriptions to fashion blogs — is correct and authentic.

Before publishing any content, ensure it is accurate and offers value to consumers. Make sure it's professionally written and edited and can make readers feel comfortable and safe when they purchase your products or click your affiliate links. Our freelance writers can produce content across multiple channels to demonstrate to your readers how great a fashion enthusiast you are. 

Fashion writing service: what's included

We organise and manage the entire writing process for our consumers, from research to final proofreading. 

Unlimited revisions - We offer a generous unlimited revision policy for any extra touch-ups. In the event our content does not quite meet your requirements, you can send it back to us with a request for revision.

SEO-optimisation - To expand the reach of your fashion business and attract the interest of visitors, you need to have your content appearing high up in search results. To achieve this, we use Surfer SEO and other SEO tools to help you claim the best spot on Google's listings. 

Great writers and editors - We only employ expert writers to ensure clarity, fluency, and high quality. In this way, the delivered content should always in line with your briefs and expectations. 

User-friendly content - Improving your SEO ranking is not always enough to generate leads or boost traffic. You also need your fashion blogs or news reports to be easy to read and understand. At Strategically, we do just that. We craft streamlined content in a reader-friendly manner.  

100% plagiarism-free - We despise any form of plagiarism, as we truly believe in authenticity and originality. Our content passes through multiple plagiarism checks to ensure it's always unique and tailored to your brand's voice.

Our fashion writing process:

Ut takes just sex steps for us to produce your content. Here they are:

Step 1: Send over your brief and chosen titles

Ensure your brief is detailed, easy-to-read, and includes any relevant keywords and preferred titles. 

Step 2: We work on an outline

Once we receive your brief, we will work with our team to outline your ordered content. Then, we return it to you for approval. 

Step 3: You approve the outline

After you receive our outline, you look through it to see if it matches your content expectations. 

Step 4: We produce your content

Rest assured that we'll produce the best possible content that speaks directly to your target audience. After writing your copy, we'll send it for editing and proofreading and SEO-optimise (if you choose that add-on). 

Step 5: You check out our draft

Once everything's done at our end, we'll send you the final draft for inspection and review. 

Step 6: We address your comments 

We love and appreciate feedback. So, we've implemented an unlimited revisions policy, meaning you can ask us to revise our content free of charge. If our copy doesn't match your tastes, feel free to offer follow-up comments. Once we address them, we'll send the revised document back to you. 


What does a fashion writer do?

A fashion writer creates copy relating to every aspect of fashion and style. Fashion writers produce great features for a variety of media, such as advertising and trade publications, fashion magazines, papers and online blogs. Top professional fashion editors, freelance bloggers and writers attend international fashion weeks to cover the new trends each season. 

As with any other form of writing for commerce, fashion writers need to have a deep understanding of SEO principles to optimise their copy. Considering how niche and competitive the fashion market is, proper SEO optimisation is even more important for fashion news websites or fashion firms.

How much does fashion writing cost?

There's no industry standard when it comes to the cost of fashion content. It entirely depends on the writer or the agency you employ. You can either hire an independent freelance fashion writer or an agency solution, such as a Strategically

Freelancers will charge either an hourly rate or a per-project fee. In both cases, though, you can never be 100% confident how much you will finally pay for your content. 


You might not like the content your freelance writer produces but, when you ask for revisions, the freelancer may require an additional payment. So, it's tough to predict in advance how much you'll have to spend on your fashion content. 

Not so with Strategically. You'll know from the start how much you'll be paying, as we charge upfront for your copy (per word). Plus, you have peace of mind with our unlimited revisions policy, as we won't surprise you with unexpected fees and will work on your content until you're 100% satisfied with it. 

Who benefits from fashion content?

Pretty much anyone interested in investing in fashion copy, such as printed and online fashion magazines, newspapers, fashion houses and fashion websites can benefit from fashion content. The fashion content we produce is best suited to those who desire to publish accurate and engaging fashion news, create actionable fashion-related landing pages, and eCommerce fashion stores. 

Clients using our services can:

  • Increase their readership
  • Generate leads
  • Optimise their product descriptions with relevant keywords

Of course, as a writing agency, we can also produce other forms of content, including white papers, guides, eBooks, FAQs, how-to's and so on. Feel free to reach out to us for a quote. 

Why trust Strategically for my content?

With over 8M+ of words written and over 250 renowned businesses satisfied, we firmly believe we're capable of helping any client succeed. We're confident we can dramatically improve the performance of any business, expanding its reach and converting its prospects into actively paying customers. We know we can produce high-end fashion copy for both large and small fashion houses or publications. 

You're safe to trust us to use our own initiative to craft your content since we can tailor it to your brand's voice and image. We can create exciting and stylish fashion blogs or articles for you. Don't miss out on this opportunity to help your fashion company stand out from the competition. Let us start writing your content today!

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