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Expert health and fitness writers for the fitness industry

Looking for an expert health and fitness writer?

It's essential that your health and fitness content keeps readers on their toes with the right balance of information and entertainment. The best health and fitness content should be both interesting and energetic, helping identify and solve pain points with valuable information that positions your brand as an authoritative leader amongst fitness professionals.

At Strategically, we deliver quality article writing services for fitness and health businesses all over the world. We hire the top 1% of writers in the fitness industry, ensuring that your content is managed by a professional with years of experience in writing for brands like yours.

So far, we've helped over 250 businesses — including fitness companies Original Kettleball and The Conqueror — get more leads and make more sales with their content.

Our team of freelance writers understands the competitive, ever-evolving nature of the health and fitness industry, and we can work with you to devise a content marketing strategy that helps you scale your business and attract new customers.

We have a wealth of experience in writing for a variety of fitness and health companies, so whether you're a qualified personal trainer, a product innovator, a dietician, a gym owner, or a fitness instructor, we're here to help you develop new ideas and reach new audiences with your content.

Why choose Strategically's health and fitness writing services?

Give your reader what they're looking for

When people want to learn about a health or fitness-related subject, they turn to the internet. Providing online content that speaks directly to your visitors and gives them what they're looking for is what will set you apart from your competitors.

At Strategically, we'll pair you with a fitness writer who can create content perfectly suited to your target audience. We don't confuse your visitors with scientific jargon or bombard them with loud marketing messages. Instead, we'll provide value with simple language and actionable content. Health and fitness can be difficult topics to navigate online, and if your audience feels that they can trust and understand what you have to say, they're more likely to return to your website or even become a customer.

Boost your online presence

The more quality content you can share, the stronger your online presence — and the stronger your online presence, the more opportunities you'll have to attract new leads and make more sales.

Our expert health and fitness writers can cover a broad range of health, fitness and wellness topics on your blog or website, helping you to reach a wider audience. We'll provide valuable content that turns readers into customers. If your product or service impresses them, these customers will be inclined leave you a positive review, which will boost your online presence further.

Establish yourself as an authority

Establishing yourself as an authority in your industry is essential. Poorly-written or misleading content can have terrible consequences for a brand's reputation. If a reader follows the wrong advice, they may end up compromising their health by putting themselves in danger — especially when it comes to topics like weight loss, medical health, and exercise.

At Strategically, we use expert fitness and health writers who have decades of combined experience working in the industry. If any aspects of your business need clarifying, we'll check with you to make sure the information we provide is accurate. You'll also have the opportunity to review your content and ask for revisions before publication.

You can rely on us to produce content that isn't only factually accurate, but is also written from a professional standpoint. Our high-quality writing will ensure that readers come away with a good impression about your brand or business. You'll never find confusing language, grammar errors or spelling mistakes in our content.

Stand out from the crowd

The health and fitness industry is thriving. The health and fitness club industry alone is worth an estimated 96 billion U.S. dollars worldwide. This is great news for fitness and health businesses — the industry certainly isn't short of potential customers. However, the more the competition, the more difficult it is to get seen.

Whether you're a personal trainer or a gym owner, or you sell products or services within the health, fitness or emotional wellness niche, trying to make your voice heard amidst the competition can be a big challenge. Our health and fitness writing team can provide engaging content that differentiates your brand from the rest.

As part of a long-term content marketing strategy, we'll ensure that you provide not only the most valuable, but also the largest amount of informational content in your niche. With more content to discover — all of it offering value — you will increase the potential for your brand to be discovered organically.

Build a following

It's great if you can attract customers who make an immediate purchase, but it's even better to have loyal followers who return again and again to buy from you because they respect your brand and everything you stand for.

We'll help you share the right content that will enable you to build a following of loyal, interested readers. Drawing your audience in with something that piques their attention is the first step. If you continue to encourage your audience to return to your website, they're likely to become interested in more than just your content.

Our writers know how to produce engaging content for both big and small businesses in the fitness and health industry. We'll work with you on a content marketing strategy that provides consistent entertainment, value and inspiration to your audience, helping you to build a following and grow your business.

Save time and effort

Your first priority as a business owner is providing the highest-quality service or product to your clients or customers. Trying to fit in time for writing content alongside managing the day-to-day duties of running a successful health and fitness business can be difficult.

Strategically's fitness and health content services can take the responsibility of content marketing off your hands. We offer a fully managed service, meaning we'll look after every aspect of the content production on your behalf. We can even help you with brainstorming titles and topics for your website and blog posts.

We'll act as an extension of your business, managing the researching, writing and editing process for you. All you'll need to do is review our finished content and request revisions if necessary. Outsourcing your content to a professional content agency will allow you to focus solely on the core elements of your business.

Fitness and health content service: what's included

We're a managed fitness and health content writing service, including research, writing, editing and proofreading in our process

  • Professional writers - Our fitness writer team is dedicated to writing high-quality, actionable content for health and fitness professionals. We've written for a range of big names in the industry.
  • 100% original - We know the importance of individuality in the competitive health and fitness niche. We'll check that no elements of your copy are plagiarised by running it through a plagiarism checker.
  • User-friendly content - Certain health and fitness topics can be complex. We'll use simplified language to ensure your audience understands your product or service, and how it can solve their pain points.
  • Search engine optimised - To help you generate leads and make sales through the content on your own blog or website, we'll optimise your copy using Surfer SEO.
  • Unlimited revisions - Writing articles and web copy can be subjective. We're happy for you to provide feedback that will help us to sharpen your content to suit your exact target audience and brand voice.
  • Edited and proofread - All your content will be passed through a number of editing and proofreading stages, ensuring it meets our high standards before it is delivered to you.

Our fitness and health content writing process

Ordering and receiving your fitness and health content is simple, and takes just six steps:

Step 1: Send us your titles and brief

Let us know what content you require, including titles, and any information that you'd like to be included in the copy.

Step 2: We'll produce a detailed outline

We'll use the information in your brief to draw up an outline for our writers to follow.

Step 3: You approve our outline

You'll get to see the outline and approve it before we begin writing.

Step 4: We write and edit content for your website

Once we've been given the go-ahead, we'll write, edit, and proofread your requested content.

Step 5: We return the completed draft

You'll receive your content within the agreed-upon timeframe.

Step 6: You suggest revisions if required

You can make direct edits on the completed draft for the writer to see. Once we've made the requested edits, we'll return the copy to you, ready to be published.


What does a health and fitness writer do?

A freelance fitness writer should be versed in writing content for websites and blogs. At Strategically, our writing team can assist you with a variety of content, including:

  • Blog content
  • SEO copy for websites
  • Copywriting for digital publications (including online fitness magazines)
  • eBooks, guides, and other long-form content
  • Health and fitness product descriptions
  • Social media copywriting
  • White papers

You may only need some of this content written occasionally, while other aspects of content marketing, like blogging and creating landing pages for sales funnels, may require the ongoing support of a fitness writer.

How much does a freelance writer charge?

Independent freelance fitness writers will charge per hour, or set a fee for each specific project. This can make it difficult to know how much of your budget you need to dedicate to your website and blog content. At Strategically, we make it easy by offering an upfront per-word fee for your articles, with no surprise costs thrown in when the work is complete.

How do I write a fitness blog?

It's worth creating a strategy for your blog content as early as possible. You want to broadly cover all the health and fitness topics that relate to your brand or business. Our project managers have plenty of experience in planning and delivering blog content for health and fitness businesses.

How much does health and fitness content cost?

This depends on the writer you choose, the quality of content delivered, and the amount of work you require. You can spend less than $200 per month for enough high-quality content to keep your blog updated. Generally, if you find a freelance health writer who knows their stuff, the more you invest into content, the more you'll get out of it.

What should I look for in a freelance fitness writer?

When looking for a health and fitness writer, choose somebody who is:

  • A subject matter expert, so that they can write as you, an industry authority.
  • Familiar with SEO content and well versed in keyword placement, article structure, Google's natural language processing, and more.
  • Versatile and able to confidently take on a variety of subjects and content styles.
  • Capable of producing content efficiently, without too much input from you.

Choosing an agency that specialises in fitness and health content, like Strategically, will ensure you receive top value from the content you've paid for.

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