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Food writing services for a busy food blogger

Are you looking for a food writer or food editor?

Food bloggers have limited time to spend on writing. They have to put everything into recipe development or taking cool-looking Instagram food photos. 

A writing agency has a team of dedicated freelance writers ready to update a food blogger's old content and create new recipe posts. At the same time, seasoned writers can help with the SEO of existing content to help a food blog rise in Google's rankings, generating significant traffic. 

As a food blogger, you might have concerns when it comes to outsourcing your content writing. In fact, finding a freelancer to work on your food blogs can be super daunting, especially if you're not experienced in the freelance field. How can you be certain that the writer you hire will understand how to produce your creative blogs and make them engaging and actionable?  

When working with a writing agency, like Strategically, things are different. This is because we specialise in content creation and employ incredibly talented content writers, enabling us to deliver high-quality writing services that scale the content of any online business, food blogs included. 

Our dedicated account manager will work with you to understand your requirements and expectations throughout the content creation process to provide you with engaging written content that hits the target every single time. Reach out for high-quality food blogs, recipe posts, and other informational content that will engage and captivate your audience. 

Why choose Strategically's food writing services?

Beat Google's algorithm

Boosting your SEO and traffic is the key to climbing the Google ladder and reaching a greater audience. That’s where SEO writing services come in

Let our food writer team generate premium food content to boost your food blog's traffic. To do this, they will conduct manual keyword research with the help of Surfer SEO, a powerful SEO tool, to produce content that 100% satisfies you and your audience. 

We are experts in using high authority backlinks and writing top-value and helpful content that inspires and magnetises.

Become a food expert authority

Establishing expertise is paramount in today's competitive online market. If you don't come across as a passionate expert and an authority in your field, readers will not trust you, and your bounce rate will be high. Whether you are writing for a marketing audience or food and wine enthusiasts, creating evergreen content that soothes your readers' pain points is essential to your blog's success. 

Strategically focuses on producing diverse copy that offers your audience incentives to keep visiting your food blog. At the same time, our content showcases your creative and culinary experience.

Expect to receive pieces about anything from cooking methods to the history of food ingredients, from surveys of the world's top cuisines to lists of the best French and Californian wineries, from food and wine pairing guides to kitchen accessory reviews — but don't worry, you will be in control of what we deliver! We will never send you content not relevant to your needs.

Let us become your reliable partner

Businesses and websites that succeed and attain a loyal and dedicated audience are those with a reliable team. The challenge comes when expanding your current team, trusting new team members, or finding true experts of the food writing niche.  

Instead of wasting time looking for new team members, let Strategically become a reliable extension of your team. We can take on as much or as little responsibility as you want. We can also pair you with a dedicated food writer if you don't feel you need us to manage your existing food writing team. 

Whatever content strategy you have in mind, we are here to realise it. Trust us to provide exceptional content that matches your existing copy or give us the green light to improve what you have already.

Food writing: what's included

Seasoned writers - Apart from awesome writing, our food writers are trained in food styling. They have a deep knowledge of different food types, ingredients, and wines. In this way, they know how to produce irresistible content that increases your audience's appetite.

Creativity and accuracy - Above everything, writing accurate and inventive content is crucial when dealing with something so creative as culinary science. Our writers know how to write spot-on content with a creative twist that catches a reader's interest. 

Plagiarism-free - We run all of our content through a powerful plagiarism checker to make sure your blogs and copy are always 100% original. 

Edited and proofread - Before delivering your content, we proofread it and improve its fluency.

Search engine optimised - Search engine optimisation should be everyone's top priority, as it helps content rank higher in Google's search results. This translates into more potential customers. At Strategically, we use Surfer SEO to conduct extensive keyword research and SEO.

Creating food writing blogs and articles: our process

Our food writing process is divided into six steps. This helps us work efficiently to produce delicious content.

Step 1: Submit your order

The beginning of the process is straightforward. You submit your order through our easy-to-use order management system. The important thing here is to provide us with a detailed brief. If you don't have one, it's OK. Place your order and add a comment that you want us to help you with the preparation of your brief. We can help you create an accurate, in-depth, and easy-to-understand brief that represents your brand's values and meets your content needs.

Step 2: We prepare a detailed outline

Using the notes from our discussion, we create an outline of content for our writers to supplement your brief. In this way, we ensure our writing team has all the necessary details to create excellent content.

Step 3: You approve the outline

Feel free to review our outline and make new suggestions or tweaks. If you're happy with the result, approve it, and we will begin writing!

Step 4: We write and edit your food content

You will be assigned a dedicated writer who will write your content. Once done, your blog will be passed over to an editor for review and proofreading. How long the writing and editing process takes depends on the length of your content and requirements (e.g., SEO). We typically deliver content within a few days to a week.

Step 5: You view the completed draft

After we've delivered the content within the agreed timeframe, you review it and suggest any changes.

Step 6: We implement your feedback

We have an unlimited review policy and will keep reviewing your content until you are 100% satisfied with it. Requesting revisions is easy. All you have to do is make direct edits on the completed draft (usually a Google Docs document) for the writer to see. We will return the revised draft after addressing the issues, ready for publication on your website.


What is a food writer?

Typically, a food writer writes reviews of food, wine, and fine dining establishments for food websites, blogs, or print publications. Writers may also write recipes or help create cookbooks and food stories.

Food writers also review or analyse different brands of food ingredients and new kitchen accessories. They also function as reporters, often visiting festivals, street food markets or other special food events. 

What is food writing?

Food writing is the form of writing that includes recipes, food and restaurant critiques, food blogs, and wine reviews. It is closely associated with food styling and food writers often collaborate with food stylists when creating food blogs or writing for food magazines.

Food writing also involves creating food recipe books (i.e., cookbooks). Apart from writing the recipes, the writer must produce other content, like an introduction, conclusion, or additional informational chapters. Suppose the cookbook is about Mediterranean cuisine. In that case, the writer could write a short history about the cooking methods used in different countries in the region. 

Food blogs have created a new public platform for writers and food enthusiasts to connect to their audience. Food blog writers (or reviewers) must be knowledgeable about food science.

If you are a food expert and looking for delicious and fine food content, reaching out to an experienced content writing agency like Strategically might be the wisest choice you will make. 

How do I hire a food writer?

Hiring a food writer can be straightforward. The tough part is hiring a great content writer. Look for agencies that specialise in food writing instead of signing up on freelance websites to find a jack-of-all-traders writer.

Contacting a dedicated writing agency ensures that the pool of available food writers is vast and only made up of the best talent. Think of it this way — ff the agency's writers weren't great, would the agency have hired them in the first place?

Unlike freelance platforms, agency writers can't just sign up to the agency with their email account. They have to pass through an interview process to be considered for the position.

How much does it cost to hire and work with a food writer?

Hiring a food writer depends on many factors, including the quality of the writer's work, the amount of research required to produce it, the level of SEO, and the length of the whole project. At our agency, our food writing service has a specific starting price and there are no hidden costs. You always know what you are going to pay upfront before we get started on your desired content.

What do food writers do?

Food writers' primary responsibilities are to write reviews and critical blogs on dishes and food establishments, such as fine dining restaurants, wine bars, or food-related accessories. If they are offered the option, food writers visit bars, restaurants, and other areas to try new food or cocktail recipes. 

Food writers talk about cooking techniques, how flavours combine, presentation on the plate, and other aspects that encourage or discourage readers from trying a dish. They give food and wine pairing advice and can create educational pieces about the history of an ingredient, a grape variety, or a restaurant. 

How long does it take Strategically to deliver content?

This depends on the length of the ordered content. Generally, we process your content requests within a few hours or days, never weeks. That said, we understand that you want high-quality, effective content that boosts traffic and increases conversions. For that reason, we don't promise to deliver overnight but rather after a few days of concentrated work aimed at providing you with the best possible content. 

Bear in mind that a freelance writer might put your content into their backlog, behind a queue of other content. A successful agency, such as Strategically, assigns your content needs to a writer who will prioritise them, read carefully through your brief, and begin working on your desired content right away, without the slightest delay. 

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