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High-end health content writing services from expert health writers

Are you looking for a health freelance writer?

Writing health content that’s credible, informative, and convinces patients that your offerings or medicinal products are safe to use is far from easy. To phrase it differently, if you’re a healthcare provider, you need to feature such content on your private practice’s or health organisation’s website to boost your conversions and increase your reach. 

Becoming a health writer yourself as a clinician is not that hard, but it might distract you from your primary responsibilities. So, what you can do instead, is choose to turn your attention to a dedicated content writing solution like Strategically. 

Now, health writing (or mental health writing) is quite a broad term that includes copy from lifestyle pieces for consumption by the general public to research-heavy articles for use within the medical community and everything in between. On top of this, some authors also count medical fiction as health writing. Hence, health writing encompasses many forms of content.

What’s more, medical writing, wellness writing, and fitness writing are all types of health writing, as well, and might confuse things a bit. At the same time, though, it clearly demonstrates that expertise in such forms of writing is essential. Otherwise, the end content would be the least mediocre, something that doesn’t help with conversions. Therefore, to skyrocket your health content, you’d need to either write it yourself, as a healthcare professional, find a freelancer, or look for a reliable content writing agency for better peace of mind. 

Strategically has a team of expert health writers who can produce relevant content. This includes copy of diseases, treatments, product descriptions of medicinal products, research, web copy, landing pages, and so on. In addition, our content writers are not only experts in health writing but can also produce SEO-optimised content that sparks and captures the interest of patients or just readers.

As an agency, we’re passionate about excellence. This can be seen by the fact that over 250 businesses have trusted us to produce their content. In fact, we’ve written over 2M of words over the last few years in an effort to help our partners with their content marketing goals and aspirations. 

Let us create your informative and well-researched health documentation, so you can focus on your practice or expand your knowledge. Additionally, as we craft your copy, know that we’ll do everything within our ability to also boost your brand’s credibility. As such, don’t miss out on the opportunity to produce high-end, worth reading healthcare content that showcases the benefits of using your services and products! 

Why choose Strategically for your health content?

Explain complex concepts in a jargon-free manner

Health content is complicated by nature, so explaining it in a streamlined and reader-friendly way is paramount to the success of any health website or health organisation. In fact, most readers aren’t familiar with medical terminology, diseases, treatments, medicinal products, or disorders. So, you need to cooperate with copywriters that can develop complex medical content and be able to explain it for everyone. 

Our writers focus on showcasing your services and products’ benefits by offering readers science-based health copy on symptoms, research, treatments, or clinical trials. So, if you’re a company active in the healthcare field, a health insurance firm, or just a doctor with a dedicated website, you need expertly written health content that doesn’t overpower visitors. Besides, simplicity is the key to anything, and health content is no exception to this rule. 

Stand out from competitors

There are thousands of health websites or healthcare providers worldwide catering to the health needs of millions of people. Consequently, standing out from the competition is challenging and requires extra effort. 

The only way to stand out from the crowd is with high-end, informative, and accurate health content that explains everything simply. In addition, implementing the right content strategy is also a smart and effective choice. 

At Strategically, we have the copywriting expertise and health knowledge to create unique content that boosts organic traffic, brings in new leads, and helps consumers find the information they need. In this way, visitors feel safer visiting your website and choosing your services or products over competitors.

Use the right keywords to bring new visitors

Figuring out the right combination of keywords to use in a landing page or blog post is hard, as well. Yet, keywords are crucial to those enterprises that want to expand their reach and connect with more prospective clients. In fact, if you don’t implement the right keywords into your copy, visitors may never land on your website. 

Our agency can simplify your keyword strategy and make sure you’re using the proper keywords to attract prospects and climb the Google ladder. By boosting your keywords, you rank among the first pages of search results, so visitors can find your website easily. At Strategically, we also use SEO software, like Surfer SEO, to analyse competitors’ keyword strategy and find ways to improve it to help your website claim the first spots in Google rankings.

Secure long-term clients

Health services or health products are, perhaps, the most important goods of our world. As such, convincing people to use your health services isn’t going to be a walk in the park. Most are reluctant to use someone’s services unless they feel 100% confident and safe. And, to be honest, this makes perfect sense. 

For starters, to convince patients or consumers (if you’re selling medicinal products or nutrient supplements) is to establish yourself as an authority within your field. Doing so requires high-quality and super informative content with many references to health journals. Otherwise, people will not feel safe to reach out for a quote or even discuss their health problems.

What you can do is to focus on working with experienced health writers only, like those we employ at Strategically, to produce great health blogs or guides that showcase how an expert you are. In other words, with high-quality content, you ensure you secure long-term cooperation with people. This way, prospects won’t just book appointments or buy your products but keep coming back for more or, at least, refer you to their friends and family.

Health writing service: what’s included

Our agency is responsible for every aspect of the health writing process, offering you the precious time to focus on taking care of your patients or closing new deals with pharmaceutical companies if you’re a vendor. 

SEO optimisation - Before delivering your content, we can SEO optimise it if you’d want us. To do this, we use Surfer SEO, a dedicated SEO optimisation tool. This way, we can help you generate more leads than ever before, plus climb the Google ladder. 

Expert health writers - Our health writers are experienced in writing about healthcare. As a result, they’re more than capable of handling any type of health content you throw at them. Hence, don’t worry and feel free to discuss anything you’ve in mind with us. 

Edited content - We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality content, but we edit our writers’ drafts first to do so. Once we ensure the content is up to your standards, we deliver it. Otherwise, we send it back to our writers to look over it again. 

100% original - As expected, we’re against any form of plagiarism. For this reason, we employ plagiarism checkers to ensure the originality and authenticity of your content. So, rest assured the content you’ll receive from us will always be unique. 

Dedicated account manager - When cooperating with an agency, you might be having questions during the content creation process. This is totally understandable. In order to help you remain informed, we assign you a dedicated account manager. This person, as well as your writer, is responsible for transferring your comments to the writer and answering any of your queries. 

Unlimited revisions - To satisfy you 100%, we have a free unlimited revision policy in place. If you’ve feedback to share, we’ll make sure to implement it into your content and update the final document. In fact, we really appreciate feedback as it helps us improve, too. So, please don’t hesitate to let us know if you need something else done differently.

What health content do you offer?

As an established writing agency, we offer a plethora of health content, including but not limited to:

  • Health content, such as blogs and articles
  • Health news reporting
  • Technical writing
  • Patient educational documentation
  • Product descriptions
  • SEO copywriting
  • Web copy
  • Landing pages
  • White pages
  • Academic content
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Branding
  • Content Strategy

Pretty much, if your project is about health topics, know that it’s within our scope, and we can work on it. Also, if you’ve content you want to re-write, edit, proofread, or re-purpose, we can help. All you need to do is just reach out! 

What don’t you do?

Sometimes people assume we work as medical professionals. That’s not true. We’re only writers, editors, proofreaders, and SEO experts. That means that we don’t do:

  • Coding
  • Writing up prescriptions or prescription templates
  • Speaking directly with patients 
  • Offering medical advice from experience 

So, before reaching out, keep this in mind, please. We don’t have a single medical professional. Yet, we’ve plenty of experienced professional writers with high-end writing skills.


What’s health content writing?

Health writing, also known as medical content writing or content writing for healthcare, entails more than just expanding on a health topic. For example, it requires in-depth research, a solid understanding of technical information, and the ability to explain said information in a reader-friendly manner. 

Generally, health content writing consists of developing blog posts, health news, web copy, white papers, emails, newsletters, product descriptions, or guidelines. On top of this, writing medical content requires research and keeping up to date with industry trends. Specifically, health content writing consists of:

  • Medications
  • Health topics
  • Procedures and guidelines
  • Treatments

Expect for these; health content writing includes everything about diseases and conditions to parenting, sexual health, general wellbeing, fitness, and mental health. Medical scientific copy or patient education documentation are also typical forms of content for health writers.

What does a health writer do?

As previously mentioned, health content is about various types of copy. Yet, an expert freelance mental health writer should know how to connect words into sentences and sentences into fine-tuned paragraphs while explaining complex health content in a streamlined way. Hence, remember that simplicity is essential to must-read healthcare content writing. Otherwise, readers will simply not understand what you’re trying to explain, turning their attention elsewhere. 

Except for simplicity, which, again, is paramount to the success of any health blog, as there’s no better way to turn off a reader than use jargon and highly technical medical language; there’s also relevance, accuracy, and cohesiveness. 

Needless to say, the health topics you choose to write about should be relevant to your brand and what you want your target audience to learn. For instance, if you’re around the winter holidays, a dental practice might produce posts about what to do with extra candy in order to avoid cavities or how to clean your teeth properly. Likewise, a physician’s office can publish copy about how to keep a healthy eating routine or what supplements to take to boost your energy to be more productive at work.  

Now, accuracy is equally crucial to writing health content. The reason for this is that, well, we discuss... health. If health content is not accurate or misinforms readers, they will never trust your brand, practice, or health organisation. Moreover, cohesiveness is a sign of an expert writer, too, as health content writing poses questions and then answers them before summarising everything. As such, high-end health writing shouldn’t leave readers scratching their heads wondering what they’ve just read.

How do I find a health writer?

Finding a health writer can be tricky in today’s competitive writing market. There are so many freelance writers available that you might not know where to start. If something’s certain, though, you should look out for writers with a great portfolio of published medical content. In addition, you need to also check out that the freelancers have at least 5-10 positive reviews on their profiles before initiating a working relationship.

There are many freelance platforms from where you can hire a freelancer. But, if you don’t have the time to check out hundreds of different profiles, or you want to trust a more competent writing solution, you’re welcome to discuss with us, Strategically. Our agency is considered one of the UK’s best, and we only employ high-end health content writers ready to work on any type of health copy. 

Feel free to reach out to us for a quote! 

How much does health content writing cost?

This depends on the type of content you order, the number of words, the time needed for research, and the time frame. On top of that, you should also take into account that a freelancer charges an hourly rate or a per-project fee. But, be aware that it’s challenging to know exactly how much you’ll need to invest in your health content. 


Because some freelancers may charge for revisions or avoid disclosing how much time they’ll need to complete your project. So, you might end up paying way more than what you’ve thought. 

However, at Strategically, we make it easy to budget your health content ahead of time. To do so, we have pricing packages based on the word count and the SEO add-ons you require. You pay upfront, so that’s it. Plus, contrary to freelancers, we have an unlimited revision policy in place to 100% satisfy your needs and requirements. In this way, there are no surprise costs after delivering your content. 

How can I assess the quality of a writer’s health content writing?

That’s easy. If you’re unsure that the health content you’ve received is high-end, be smart and start reviewing similar copy published on websites and in medical journals. What you want to do, therefore, is compare the articles you’ve received and look for the differences and similarities. 

To put it differently, to assess the content your freelancers delivered, you need to check out award-winning health copy. You can find plenty of such content online with a simple Google search. As a last resort, feel free to reach out to a professional content writing solution, such as Strategically, to assess your content. Thanks to our experience in health writing, we can identify the need for edits or proofreading. 

Why should I outsource my health copy to Strategically?

The main difference between Strategically and a generic content agency is that our writers are specialised in producing top-notch and relevant health content. In fact, even if the generic agency can pair you with a dedicated health writer, it doesn’t mean that they have the expertise to produce informative, actionable, and above all, jargon-free healthcare content. 

As a result, there’s a difference in the quality of the content produced by general writers without health writing experience and a writer that’s solely focused on delivering high-end health copy. Finally, at Strategically, we’ve helped many health websites and health organisations re-write copy produced by generic agencies, so we know first-hand that we beat the competition.

Before we close, also remember that we post mental health writing jobs to attract the best possible talent. So, we’ve always in place health writing opportunities for expert health writers, as we’re constantly on the lookout for new medical writers.

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