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Premium medical writing services

Are you looking for a dedicated medical writer?

People can have a hard-time understanding medical content — but, to be truly successful as a medical product or services provider, you must ensure that your scientific content is easy-to-understand and does not leave consumers feeling confused or with unanswered questions.  

Producing well-researched, in-depth medical content and explaining it simply is essential for generating leads and capturing your audience's attention. At our expert content writing agency, Strategically, we can turn your complex information into engaging content that speaks to readers. This service is particularly useful for healthcare professionals who don't have the time or writing expertise to be continually producing their own medical content.

If you're looking for a highly-trained and seasoned medical healthcare writer who can craft medical content covering topics from product descriptions and manuals to informative healthcare pieces that are SEO-optimised, Strategically is here to help. We only hire the best writers to deliver content that informs readers and enables you to stand out amongst the competition. 

We've already helped 250 businesses expand their reach with high-quality and accurate content. We've also written over 8M words in our effort to become the UK's best medical writing agency. 

Our experienced medical writers have the writing experience needed to excel in the production of medical content. This means we can generate interest with our long-form articles to increase your company's audience and establish it as an authority within the medical field. Whatever form of medical content you might need, we can help you deliver significant value to your readers. 

Why choose Strategically's medical healthcare writing services?

Making complex medical content digestible

If consumers are not sure about a product or service or cannot understand it, they will not convert. Healthcare services are complex, and explaining such information to the average reader is tough. Experienced medical content writers are needed.

When producing medical content, finding the right balance between ensuring the target audience knows the benefits of your products and services and establishing yourself as an authority within the medical field is paramount. At Strategically, our medical healthcare writing team produces actionable, informative and easy-to-understand copy that your audience will want to read and engage with. 

Generate more leads with the best keywords

Using the correct combination of high-and-low-volume keywords can boost your content, making it appeal to a wider audience. The challenging part has to do with finding this perfect balance. The more complex the content is, the harder it is to optimise.  

Fortunately, the medical writing team at Strategically can implement a winning keyword strategy that targets customers you may not previously have reached. At the same time, our writers know how to solve consumers' pain points and present you (our client) as the true expert. 

To optimise your content, we will begin by analysing your competitors' keywords with the help of Surfer SEO, a powerful SEO-optimisation tool. Then, we select and use only those that will help you reach the highest spots of Google's search results. 

Promote your medical products or services with winning sales strategies

Customers can be hesitant before buying medical products and related services. This reluctance arises because the products are often intangible, so consumers find it challenging to understand their benefits and how they can help them in their daily life.  

Our writing team can use effective digital marketing methods to boost your website's traffic and drive new leads while attracting prospects to your services through tried-and-tested sales techniques. We know how to showcase the right details in the correct format, making your target audience envisage using your services and how they can help them solve their unique problems. 

Our professional writing services

Our medical writing team can help you with the following: 

  • Website copy
  • White papers, such as eBooks, etc. 
  • Informational pieces
  • Medical research analyses
  • Pharmaceutical product descriptions
  • SEO-optimisation
  • Cataloguing
  • Regulatory documents
  • Editing or rewriting existing medical content

If you need anything else, feel free to reach out to us, and we will do our best to help. 

Our process

When you order your medical healthcare content, this is what happens:

1. Submit your request

Send us your brief and the title, so we can start producing your content.

2. We create the outline and work on your project

After receiving your order, we research your topic and produce an outline which we send back to you for confirmation. Once you approve it, we begin writing your medical content then edit it and pass it through a plagiarism checker.

3. Content delivery

After the articles are completed, we will deliver them to you within the agreed deadline. We strive to provide the best possible content for businesses active in the healthcare industry.

What's included

SEO-optimisation - We aim to make your content as Google-friendly as humanly possible to help it rank high in the search results. 

Expert writers - The importance of clarity is paramount, and we know it. So, we only employ expert medical writers to produce fluent and error-free content. 

Proofread and edited content - Your content is edited and proofread before we return it to you. 

Unlimited revision policy - Our work is not done until you are 100% satisfied with our content. For this reason, we are entirely open to any feedback or tweak suggestions. 


What is medical healthcare content?

Healthcare content writing or medical healthcare content entails defining and explaining medical concepts without jargon and confusing the audience. On top of this, medical healthcare content is associated with healthcare content marketing, which is a digital marketing strategy. Content marketing enables healthcare providers — such as hospitals, clinics and nursing homes — to reach and educate people through content distributed online. 

Healthcare content is any content written for the medical healthcare industry. It can range from pages on a hospital's website, guidance on the use of various medicines, blog posts about the treatment of dementia, reports about drug trials, or news updates about disease outbreaks. Clients from both the national and the private health sectors, as well as commercial providers of health treatments and services, require a constant flow of medical healthcare content.

How much does medical healthcare writing cost?

In general, this depends on the medical writer or agency you choose. As with everything, the cost is defined by the market. Freelancers, for instance, charge a fixed or an hourly rate. In neither scenario is it easy to know how much money you're going to end up spending. 

Our writing agency, Strategically, though, makes it straightforward to budget for your medical content. Our pricing packages are based on word count — you will never have to worry again about hidden costs. Once we deliver your content, it's yours to keep with no extra fees. From the moment you're paired with your dedicated medical writer, you will know exactly what you will be paying.

Why is outsourcing content to someone else a smart move?

If it's the case that you're not entirely confident your current content appeals to and speaks with your target audience, you might have to consider employing a professional medical writer or copywriter. However much of an expert in the medical industry you are personally, you will never match the combined skills of a professional writing and marketing agency. Free yourself up to the all-important task of managing your medical healthcare business or service, and let Strategically create your content.

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