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Over the last few years, we've produced hundreds of white papers to satisfy some of the world's best online businesses, like Bubblegum SEO and Plum Tree Group.

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“Recommendations are precise and to the point, always linking to the end business results. Strategically go above and beyond explaining complex concepts and strategies, that are transformative to any business and at the right price point as well.”


“Great experience - professional, high quality work! Great writer, autonomous, with good ideas and excellent execution.”


“It’s been great working with Strategically. They quickly got an understanding of our industry: our solution, users, and goals. And produced great content, always on time.”

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Our high-end white paper writing services increase your traffic and conversions

Are you looking for a white paper content writer?

Are you an authority in your field but just not great at promoting yourself or your business?

An authoritative, detailed and well-written white paper can educate your audience and show them that your services are the best solution. You'll prove that you're a true leader in your industry by offering real value to your prospective consumers. Your audience will trust you so much that they will buy from you without restrictions or second thoughts. Yes, this will all happen — if you come to us at Strategically.

Our writers have years of white paper writing experience behind them. On top of this, they're versed in producing high-end content for many industries and niches, including eBook writing. We hire only the best copywriters and white paper writing specialists.

As of now, we've helped over 250 established businesses — such as Bubblegum SEO and Plum Tree Group — to scale their content creation and boost their traffic with our white paper content.

Before beginning to work on your white paper project, we'll arrange for a discovery call with you to understand what you need from us. We'll create an outline together to ensure that you establish your business as the ultimate authority in your field. 

We have solid experience in short- and long-form writing across diverse topics and types of content, such as marketing, eCommerce, FinTech, SaaS, fitness, B2B and more. 

"I've been working with Becky for a couple of months now. I have to say that she and her team are doing fantastic work for us. Her ability to supply high-quality content at fair prices is outstanding. Her team is probably the best team I've ever had the chance to work with so far in my career as a content manager. Thank you, and I'm very glad I found you guys :)"

Jonathan Shrago, SEOKRU

Why choose Strategically for your white paper writing services?

We're ready to help you establish yourself as an authority in your space with our powerful inbound marketing writing techniques.

Become the true authority that you are and generate more leads

You know you're already an authority in your field but, more often than not, your audience doesn't know it. 

What you need to do is prove it to them.

This is easier said than done, especially if you're not a writing expert. However, offering valuable information about a specific concept or service and presenting it in an attractive and reader-friendly way illustrates your industry knowledge and establishes your firm as an authoritative source. 

Trying to engage your audience (e.g., prospective customers) on a topic they find interesting works in your favour, too. Consumers will associate you with your theme, and if they find it sufficiently valuable and interesting, they might also enjoy what you have to say about your services and offerings. 

Supporting your marketing endeavours

If your white papers offer valuable and hard-to-find information, then your audience will trust your business as a truly authoritative source. At the same time, they will expect you to offer equally valuable services, free or priced. 

Whether you're looking to sell your services from the get-go or offer some form of a free trial, you can always ask your audience to subscribe to your email list to keep receiving well-informed and valuable newsletters. 

If people are interested in subscribing to your newsletter, they might also want to purchase your services or, at the very least, use your free trial.

Increase brand awareness

Using white papers, including eBooks, to show your positive consumer experiences, case studies, and any other authoritative information, can be a game-changer. You be able to demonstrate how your offerings are the solution to your prospective clients' problems and "pains".

With eBooks, you can showcase your business's inspirations, values, and customer-oriented approach to supporting like-minded consumers who share the same beliefs. 

Our team of dedicated freelance writers can implement proven strategies that boost your brand's reputation every time and show your prospects how high-quality your service is. And all without being pushy or salesy. 

Beautifying your content

Using white paper writing services brings with it more than just high-end white papers, including eBooks. What you get is a bank of excellent content that you can repurpose or use to beautify the existing copy published on your website.

Repurposing/reusing content is great for your time and pocket, as you can keep increasing your traffic and leads without having to pay extra. The average marketer reuses existing content two to five times.

Besides, repurposing our content doesn't take much time since the hardest part, which is the drafting, writing and editing, will have already been done by us at Strategically! 

Stop wasting time and effort

Writing effective white papers is tough and exhausting. If you're not an experienced writer, the whole process is even more challenging. 

You have enough on your plate — we understand that. So taking on the task of writing thousand-word assignments is our pleasure. 

Taking advantage of our expert white paper writing services helps you save precious time and effort while building your brand's authority.

We are committed to creating white papers that speak directly to your target audience and consumer base, boost your website traffic, establish you as an authority, and increase sales. 

Visualise your data and expand your consumer base

The best way to demonstrate how great your solutions are to your target audience is through highly-visual white papers. Our expert white paper writing team can produce top-quality charts or tables to help you generate more leads and turbo boost your content marketing strategy

By choosing us as your professional content writing agency, your white papers will be backed by research and statistics that our writers have aggregated from reliable and authoritative sources. 

If you're looking for a reliable and well-respected content writing agency to take over your deep dive style publications, look no further. Strategically will communicate your organisation's philosophy and values and make an irresistible case for the superiority of your services.

White paper writing services: what's included

We're a dedicated content writing agency and develop premium white papers for any firm. 

Unlimited revision policy - Perfection is rarely achieved in one go. We enjoy receiving feedback and using your comments to shape your content according to your exact requirements. 

SEO-optimisation - If you want , we can optimise not only the white papers we produce for you but all the long-form content alreadyon your website. We use Surfer SEO, a powerful SEO-optimisation tool. 

Expert writers - Because we want to be able to produce the best possible content for you, we hire only the best writers available.

Jargon-free content - We're not fans of jargon as it can be confusing to your audience. For this reason, we simplify complex ideas, turning such content into digestible copy everyone can read and understand. 

100% original - We run our copy through a plagiarism checker to make sure your white papers are 100% original. 

Our white paper writing process

Here's our writing process divided into six easy-to-follow steps:

Step 1: We begin with a discovery call

Before anything, we arrange a call to discuss your expectations from our white paper writing service.

Step 2: Preparing a detailed outline

Once we're 100% sure what you're looking for, we have an internal meeting where we produce an in-depth outline of your white paper content.

Step 3: You approve the outline

If you agree with our outline, you give us the green light. At this point, it's important that you make any suggestions or tweaks to fine-tune the outline before we begin working on it.

Step 4: We write and edit your white paper content

This is where we shine. Depending on the length and amount of research needed to write and edit your white paper, the whole process may take from a few days to more than a week. We will discuss and agree a due date with you.

Step 5: We send the draft to you for inspection

After completing the first draft, we send it to you within the pre-defined timeframe.

Step 6: Implementing your feedback as needed

If you need any revisions, you can make direct edits on the draft or leave comments for the writer to see. Once we implement your feedback down to the smallest detail, we'll send you the revised, read-to-publish copy.


Is hiring a white paper writing specialist easy?

Finding someone to write your white paper can be super easy. The challenge comes when trying to find a really capable and experienced writer. If you don't want the hassle of going through many writers trying to find the "one," using a white paper writing service makes much more sense. 

How do I find a capable writer?

By far, the best way to find professional white paper writers is by searching online. Look for seasoned writers with 5-star reviews from at least 10-15 different clients. 

Finding a white paper writer for businesses in your niche, however, can be tougher than expected. Going to a dedicated writing agency could be your best option, since agencies like Strategically usually pair you with a writer who totally understands your requirements, goals and company values.

What agency offers the best white paper writing services?

There are many agencies that offer great white paper content writing services. Yet few put the passion and dedication that we put into satisfying our clients 100%. Let us connect you with an industry expert who will deliver well-researched, actionable and highly-optimised content that reflects the best aspects of your brand.

How much does a white paper cost?

The cost of a white paper depends on the length of the content and the amount of research needed to produce it. Strategically has some of the most competitive and affordable prices. Reach out to us for a personalised quote or press any of the "View Pricing" buttons on this page. 

How do I have a white paper written that communicates our brand's values?

One of the greatest challenges in writing a high-quality white paper is providing value to the reader. As previously mentioned, the more valuable your information is, the more likely prospective consumers will trust your company and products. 

Your white paper should also be expertly written and edited. Every word must give the reader incentive to keep reading and promote your firm's core values. 

Being an expert in your industry doesn't mean you're also an expert in writing. Make a wise choice — choose Strategically and transfer your great ideas over to a professional white paper writer who knows just how to craft high-end content.

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