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Join a global, remote-working writing agency and write killer copy for the world's most prestigious clients.

Strategically is for you if you: 

  • Want to become an expert B2B writer, constantly challenging yourself to find the best angle and deliver a persuasive and appealing copy.
  • Need a fantastic work-life balance where you spend more time with loved ones and less commuting to-and-from work.
  • Aspire to help prestigious clients sell their innovative products and services to industry-leading corporations, changing the world.
  • Desire to reach autonomy and independence as you develop professionally and personally, becoming the best you can be.
Join Strategically to Skyrocket Your Career

Headquartered in London in the United Kingdom, Strategically is a customer-focused writing agency helping people get more leads and turn them into conversions. We specialise in digital marketing, including SaaS, eCommerce, lead generation, SEO, web hosting and web development. 

Strategically was founded in 2012, and since then, we've helped industry leaders produce informative, engaging and actionable content. Our past and present clients include AB Tasty, authority website hosting review blog, Gmelius, London-based boutique SEO agency, Bubblegum Search and AdScale. We've also ghostwritten for large business websites like and

As we continuously develop new client relationships, our agency grows fast. If you think you've got what it takes to become a member of our writing and marketing team and consider yourself a master wordsmith, we'd love to hear from you. 

At the bottom of this page, you can find a list of the other jobs we're hiring for. Before anything else, though, here are three great reasons why joining Strategically is something you should seriously consider.

Three Awesome Reasons to Join Our Global Team

1. Enjoy more time with loved ones. Considering you'll be working remotely, you'll have the time to do anything that you please, without wasting time (and money) commuting. Think of it like this: isn't it better to work from home instead of travelling to the office every day of the week? In this way, you retain your energy, plus you have lots of free time to spend with your loved ones. 

2. Learn next to expert writers. At Strategically, we've assembled a team of expert writers, including leading B2B copywriters. Once you step in, you'll immediately meet our sophisticated writing team. On top of this, we'll provide you with learning materials and writing guidelines to learn how to create actionable, engaging and moving copy. 

3. Collaborate culture. You won't find bosses in our agency. On the contrary, every one of our team members is a mentor. We're extremely supportive and open-minded (zero discrimination against gender identity, national origin, sexual orientation, disability status, veteran status, etc.), so be sure that, if needed, your colleagues will be there for you to help you out. At the same time, they'll advise you on how to improve and hone your writing skills. 

B2B Writer

A B2B writer (business to business) is responsible for creating articles, blogs, emails, white papers, landing pages and press releases for companies selling solely to other companies. The job of B2B writers is quite complex since one part is brand journalism, and another is sales and marketing.

Additionally, in B2B content writing, writers don’t just need to persuade and entertain one individual, but many. Not only that, but they need to satisfy individuals with conflicting interests, too. For instance, a CEO might want to spend money on a suggested product, but the other sales and business stakeholders don't. Therefore, B2B is responsible for content marketing, which guides a whole company to purchase a product/service.

Contrary to B2C writing (business to consumer), B2B writers need to promote the products in a way that they show clear benefits for the whole business, from the manufacturing plant to the average employee.  So, they need to consider the motives of a company's key people, inform them about the product's benefits and explain how the promoted product will help their company throughout a 12-month (or more) sales cycle.

Skills & Qualifications
  • Develop marketing ready copy that makes renowned clients stand out from the crowd.
  • Craft persuasive content that magnetises, develops and draws business leaders' attention.
  • Identify and create concepts that can be extended into campaigns.
  • Produce a content roadmap, content strategy and measure content performance (or editorial calendar).
  • Excellent writing skills and great grammar (i.e., spelling, cohesion, word flow, etc.). Detailed-oriented.
  • Responsible for ensuring consistency (i.e., fonts, style, spacing, images, and voice).
  • Punctuality, professionalism, excellent time management skills (you'll work on multiple projects).
  • Generate results in a fast-paced environment characterised by a high degree of autonomy.
  • A collaborative (i.e., cross functional collaboration skills) and positive attitude, problem-solving skills and eagerness to win as a team.
  • Expert in workplace technology and solutions like office suites, CRM software and project management tools.
  • Bachelor's degree or college degree in English, Journalism, Marketing Communications or a related field.

    How to Apply 
    To join our B2B writing team, you have to share your best articles. Considering how technical and complex this position can be, provide only your highest quality work. We'd prefer a seasoned writer for this specific role, but even if you're not, still feel free to apply. We might see that you have the potential to grow into a fine B2B writer or copywriter. While at it, please share your résumé, too.  
I'm Not a Seasoned B2B Writer. Can I Still Apply and Hope to Land the Job?

Sure! We'd be happy if you decided to reach out to us to express your interest in becoming one of our B2B writers. As one of the best writing agencies in the UK, we know how to spot talent and help it shine. For this reason, we don't expect you to be a seasoned B2B copywriter. On the contrary, we just need to see that you have the right skills and attitude to develop within that role. 

No matter your experience, if you love creating appealing copy that moves customers and you know how to produce diverse content, from white papers to articles to emails, please reach out. In every case, we've got your back. Simply put, you don’t have to know everything to be considered. 

If you're still not convinced why you should apply, let's reiterate: stop having second thoughts. Just submit your written application and your best copy. Even if you're not exactly a great match, we might be able to find you another writing position more closely to your experience, writing style and aspirations. 

An Approachable and Fun Hiring Process

Believe us; we know how exhausting a hiring process can be for candidates. So, rest assured we'll not bombard you with meaningless questions or drag you along without offering any kind of feedback on your application. We've meticulously shaped our application process, so every step is a prime opportunity to get to know each other. Besides, we're in this together. Remember that. 

  1. Submit your application. As you apply, mention why you think you'd be a good match for the B2B writer position, as well as your previous work experience, passions, achievements and a valid email address. Inform us how you can be productive in such a complex position and help our clients sell their products/services to third-party companies. 
  2. Prepare for your online interview. If things go well, we might invite you for a video call, where we'll get to communicate with each other directly. Apart from answering typical questions, we might also ask you to describe how you'd use your copy to convince corporations to invest in a client's product. On top of this, we'll want to test your communication skills as there might be occasions when you’d have to communicate with clients yourself. 
  3. You work on a paid task. At this stage, you are given a small assignment to test your writing skills, ability to follow instructions and meet deadlines. It won't be something very hard; we just want to see how you work. At the same time, you also can see how we work. It's a win-win situation. 
  4. Introductions! If you successfully complete your trial article, we'll invite you to officially join our communication solution to get to know the rest of our team. Additionally, you should also expect to receive an invitation to create an account on our project management tool, from where you'll view your assignments. 
  5. Boring admin. You need to sign the relevant agreements, reference checks, etc. Yes, it's a tedious step, but necessary, nonetheless. 
  6. Onboarding. You're ready to set off on your writing journey! As a remote-working agency, we're very experienced in welcoming new, remote-based team members. So, don't worry; we'll make your transition as smooth as butter. 
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