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Do you have a way with words and can craft actionable copy? If that's the case, joining a global, remote-working team to help prestigious clients shape the future could be the smartest decision you'll ever make.

Strategically is for you if you: 

  • Seek to grow into a master copywriter and learn the secrets of sharp, snappy writing from true experts.
  • Aspire to inspire people around the world with your killer copy while, at the same time, challenging yourself to reach your writing limits.
  • Want autonomy, independence and freedom, without having to restrain yourself in the tedious, boring office life ever again.
  • Need to evolve both professionally and personally and work for innovative companies and forward-thinking organisations. 
You Must Join Strategically

Headquartered in London in the United Kingdom, Strategically is a customer-focused writing agency helping people get more leads and turn them into conversions. We specialise in digital marketing, including SaaS, eCommerce, lead generation, SEO, web hosting and web development. 

Strategically was founded in 2012, and since then, we've helped industry leaders produce informative, engaging and actionable content. Our past and present clients include AB Tasty, authority website hosting review blog, Gmelius, London-based boutique SEO agency, Bubblegum Search and AdScale. We've also ghostwritten for large business websites like and

As we continuously develop new client relationships, our agency grows fast. If you think you've got what it takes to become a member of our writing and marketing team and consider yourself a master wordsmith, we'd love to hear from you. 

At the end of this page, you can view other job positions we're hiring for. Before anything else, though, here are three reasons why joining Strategically could be the best choice for you. 

Three Reasons to Join Our Global Team

1. Fantastic work-life balance. By working for our company, you say a big NO to the endless commute and the uninspiring structure of the office environment. As a remote-working writing agency, we’ve assembled a team of talented international people. They work whenever they like and spend as much time with their loved ones as they want to. In this way, they end up being way more productive than when they were forced to clock in as part of their daily 9-5 job. 

2. Sharpen your writing skills. We're not by mere chance considered one of the fastest-growing UK writing agencies. The reason why we satisfy our clients 100% every time has to do with how invested we are in our writers. We don't just hire people. Instead, we train them step-by-step until they're the best in their respective field. Therefore, from the first moment you join Strategically, you'll be supplied with learning materials and easy-to-understand guidelines to unlock your writing potential. 

3. A highly collaborative culture. We're open-minded, respectful and super collaborative as we treat our team members as a family. For this reason, there are no bosses in our company, only mentors and friendly colleagues always willing to pitch in and help out. On top of this, if you join us, know that we're also open to suggestions and advice. Remember, at Strategically, you're equal to the top management. 


Copywriters, also commonly known as marketing writers, are responsible for crafting engaging and actionable content for advertising channels, like websites, print ads, catalogues, brochures and social media. Copywriters have to be natural wordsmiths and great in researching and implementing keywords, producing high-quality content that hooks the audience and proofreading their work to adhere to the client's guidelines.

The Copywriter will be part of our marketing team and write and edit awesome copy for various projects while working closely with design teams to brainstorm and create concepts or develop messaging. Besides conducting thorough research, copywriters might have to interview clients to understand their needs, products/services, brand and marketing aspirations. 

Skills & Qualifications
  • Creating engaging, quality, and actionable content that moves customers on blogs, brochures, websites, emails, catalogues, advertisements and more.
  • Developing great content and brainstorming concepts that attract, hook and anchor customers and drive leads.
  • Analyse content marketing metrics and, if needed, make changes.
  • Commitment to quality and a sense of personal accountability.
  • Proofread content to ensure it is free of grammatical, spelling, punctuation, syntax and formatting errors.
  • Ensure that produced content adhered to the client brief and given guidelines.
  • Assure that the content mirrors the creative principles and brand values set by clients.
  • Understand SEO optimisation and content strategy.
  • Can prioritise, multitask and manage time efficiently to meet tight deadlines.
  • Bachelor's degree or college degree in a related field, preferably in Marketing, Communication or Journalism.

How to Apply 

Applying is easy. All you have to do is submit your written application. At the same time, please don't forget to share your résumé and your rockstar portfolio of marketing copy.

We Want to Hear From Everyone, Including Unseasoned Copywriters

We understand that many talented copywriters just don't have that much experience. That's OK. Strategically is open to everyone, including writers who might never have had a previous opportunity to shine. 

In any case, please know that we're always on the lookout for natural wordsmiths and enthusiastic, ambitious people ready to produce diverse content and move the audience. In addition, we welcome anyone who can produce actionable and engaging copy or run marketing campaigns. 

Finally, our hiring process is simple. We're not going to make things difficult. On the contrary, we'll ensure we’ll get to know each other and find common ground. So, even if you're unsure whether you'd be the rockstar copywriter we're looking for, apply anyway. Besides, you might be a great fit for a different position.   

A Fun, Interactive Hiring Process

The best way to understand our prospective team members is through a fun and interactive hiring process. And this we aim to do. Each step of our approach is about getting to communicate with you and know you better. In fact, as we learn more about you, you also learn more about us, how we work, and how we meet the expectations of our prestigious clients. 

  1. You apply! Yes, it's that simple. Just submit your written application and inform us about yourself, your copywriting mastery and why we should choose you instead of other candidates. Mention briefly your previous work experience, aspirations, considerations and how you manage to work on multiple projects simultaneously. 
  2. We meet for an online interview. If you pass the first stage, you'll be invited to participate in a video call interview. Explain what copywriting means to you, how you approach it, how you hook the audience and how you overcome writer's block. Occasionally, we may ask candidates to write a paragraph or two to see how they develop their thoughts. 
  3. We’ll hire you temporarily. At this stage, we offer you the opportunity to work on a small paid assignment as if you were part of our team. This can be writing copy for emails, websites, brochures, social media posts or producing lead magnets.
  4. We introduce you to our team. If you reach this stage, it means you're almost in! You'll be invited to join our communication platform for the appropriate introductions. Additionally, we'll welcome you to our project management tool, from where you can view your tasks.
  5. That boring admin. You have to sign everything - agreements, reference checks, etc. Once you do it, though, you'll be officially part of Strategically. 
  6. Welcome aboard! Considering we've been around since 2012, we're really experienced in welcoming new team members. Rest also assured that our caring team will help you settle in pronto.
Open Positions

We're Hiring for the Following Writer Jobs

At the moment, we have many jobs available. We're looking for writers who are specialised in:

Job seekers looking to set up job alerts should be informed that, regrettably, we don't currently have a job alert system in place. So, talented people who can craft fantastic stories are encouraged to check our website to view new jobs regularly. On that note, please be aware that we offer a competitive salary per annum, above the average industry salary. 

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