Fintech Writer Jobs

Join Strategically, an international remote-working team, and employ your in-depth fintech knowledge to help some of the world's best companies increase leads and conversions.

Work with us if you: 

  • Want to help some of the world's best businesses shape the future of fintech by developing effective marketing campaigns, analysing metrics and producing a diverse range of content, from emails to case studies to reports.
  • Seek to develop and enhance your fintech knowledge and know-how by working on large-scale and dynamic projects.
  • Aspire to join and connect with an influential remote-working company that encourages you to become the best you can be.
  • Prefer autonomy and freedom than restricting yourself to boring office life. 
Joining Us Could Be the Best Thing for You

Headquartered in London in the United Kingdom, Strategically is a customer-focused writing agency helping people get more leads and turn them into conversions. We specialize in digital marketing, including SaaS, eCommerce, lead generation, SEO, web hosting and web development. 

Strategically was founded in 2012, and since then, we've helped industry leaders produce informative, engaging and actionable content. Our past and present clients include AB Tasty, authority website hosting review blog, Gmelius, London-based boutique SEO agency, Bubblegum Search and AdScale. We've also ghostwritten for large business websites like and

As we continuously develop new client relationships, our agency grows fast. If you think you've got what it takes to become a member of our team and consider yourself a master wordsmith, we'd love to hear from you. 

At the end of this page, you'll find a list of the jobs we're hiring for. However, before that, we'll give some of the best reasons why working for Strategically could be the best decision you'll ever make.

The Best 6 Reasons to Joined Us

1. Work remotely. We are a global agency, which means your location doesn't matter to us. We're always looking for the most exceptional talent, even if you live on the other side of the world. In fact, some of our team members actually reside that far away. On top of this, we don't expect you to communicate with clients, so you have time to spend with your loved ones and recharge. 

2. Help renowned companies reach their goals. From innovative startups to established corporations, every one of our clients is the best in their respective fields. 

3. Become as productive as never before. Every secret we've discovered about writing killer copy, we'll share it with you. Join us and become the best writer you can be. 

4. Cooperate with sharing and caring team members, who are true experts at what they do. As we constantly grow to become the greatest writing agency in the UK and abroad, we cooperate with some talented professionals. Therefore, at Strategically, being surrounded by inspiring and sophisticated people is the norm.

5. Grow professionally and personally. Let's clarify something: there are no bosses in our company—only mentors and open-minded people. We can train you to optimise your writing performance and efficiency with accurate advice and deep, constantly updated writing guides. 

6. Enter a synergetic culture. Every new team member is welcomed, without exceptions. From the moment you join us, you'll feel right at home. 

Fintech Writer

The term fintech (financial technology) refers to software and similar technologies employed by businesses that offer automated financial services, such as mobile payments and other bank products. Hence, a fintech writer is essentially a content writer who develops unique content related to financial technology, writes excellent copy for marketing campaigns to increase conversions and subscribers and uses effective SEO practices to generate organic traffic. 

Additionally, fintech writers optimise and refresh content produced by other team members to fit brand voice, analyse marketing metrics and implement changes if needed. They also create high-quality social media posts, blogs, emails and presentations. 

It is highly preferred that prospective fintech writers have proven work experience as copywriters, content creators, or in content management and solid knowledge of finance concepts, like stocks, CFDs and blockchain technology. Lastly, developing engaging articles, website content, banners and brochures is also a must for this role. 

Skills & Qualifications
  • Produce great website content based on the supplied material and briefs.
  • Write top-notch marketing copy to promote services and products, including banking products and financial technologies.
  • Craft engaging content for marketing campaigns to drive leads and increase conversions.
  • Develop diverse content, like blogs, presentations, email, social media posts and more to raise brand awareness.
  • Analyse content marketing metrics and, if needed, make changes.
  • Excellent writing and editing skills and great grammar (i.e., spelling, cohesion, word flow, etc.).
  • Proficient in workplace technology and solutions like office suites (including Google Docs), CRM software and project management tools. 
  • Commitment to quality and a sense of personal accountability.
  • Financial literacy and being able to transform hard-to-understand financial content into digestible copy.
  • Understanding SEO optimisation and content strategy.
  • Able to prioritise, multitask and manage time efficiently to meet tight deadlines.
  • Bachelor's degree or college degree in a related field, preferably in Communication, Journalism or Finance.

How to Apply 

To apply, please submit examples of your work. Also, sharing your résumé is a great idea too.

Note that we understand that fintech writer jobs (or financial writer jobs) are specialised, so we don't want to discourage you from applying. If you're not quite sure you'll be a good fit, please apply anyway. You might not make it as a fintech writer, but your skills may be great for another role.

Even if You're Not a Very Experienced Fintech Copywriter, We Still Want to Hear From You

At Strategically, we are open to anyone, so we offer an excellent opportunity for any passionate writer to apply (even graduates). Similarly, people with the right background in fintech are also encouraged to reach out. 

Whatever the case, we are always looking for intelligent, enthusiastic and ambitious people eager to produce diverse fintech content, like blogs, reports, lead magnets, social media posts, and promotional emails. On top of this, we welcome anyone ready to create actionable content for marketing campaigns to help our clients increase conversions and people who can analyse content marketing metrics and make changes as needed. 

As a final note, know that the application process is the same no matter the role you're applying for. If you are not sure if your fintech or financial knowledge is enough to land you the job, please apply anyway. We'll work together and find the position that best suits your experience and unique talents. 

A Pleasant Hiring Process

Many companies employ tedious and uninspiring hiring processes. But, not us. Every step of our process is about getting to know each other better, learning who we are, how we work and how we cooperate with clients to deliver outstanding results. Our hiring process is as follows: 

  1. You submit a written application. Tell us a bit about yourself, your unique skills and why you are the best candidate. At the same time, explain your previous work experience, achievements and how you can relate to the job position. 
  2. Time for a face-to-face interview. At this stage, we want to get to know each other and see whether we'd be a good fit. Keep in mind that we may ask you to write some fintech copy or analyse marketing metrics. We'll also probably ask you to explain how you deal with tight deadlines, cooperate with team members and develop fintech content. 
  3. You work on a small paid assignment. In order to understand if you'd be another great addition to our team, we'll assign you a paid task. This can be from writing emails, producing a landing page, or analysing specialised fintech content. We want to see how you express yourself, your thoughts and write easy-to-digest content from complex information.
  4. Introductions. At this stage, if everything has gone well, you'll be invited to join our communication platform for the appropriate introductions. In addition, we'll welcome you to our project management tool, from where you can monitor your assignments.
  5. Complete the admin. The dull, cumbersome stuff. Agreements, reference checks, etc. However, once you sign everything, you'll be officially a member of our team! 
  6. Onboarding! Considering we've been around since 2012, we take pride in being specialised in onboarding remote members. Our caring team will make sure you feel welcomed and settle in. 

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