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Join a global, remote-working writing agency and write compelling news stories for some of the world's most motivating publications

Strategically is for you if you: 

  • Aspire to challenge yourself every single day to find the best angle and produce moving but also informative stories.  
  • Want an awesome work-life balance, where you can spend more time with loved ones and less commuting to monotonous office premises. 
  • Desire to use your writing skills to help innovative startups or established corporations achieve challenging goals. 
  • Strive to sharpen your writing skills as you address intelligent audiences, developing both professionally and personally.
Joining Strategically Is the Surest Way to Skyrocket Your Career

Headquartered in London, in the United Kingdom, Strategically is a customer-focused writing agency helping people get more leads and turn them into conversions. We specialise in digital marketing, including SaaS, eCommerce, lead generation, SEO, web hosting and web development. 

Strategically was founded in 2012, and since then, we've helped industry leaders produce informative, engaging and actionable content. Our past and present clients include AB Tasty, authority website hosting review blog, Gmelius, London-based boutique SEO agency, Bubblegum Search and AdScale. We've also ghostwritten for large business websites like and

As we continuously develop new client relationships, our agency grows fast. If you think you've got what it takes to become a member of our writing and marketing team and consider yourself a master wordsmith, we'd love to hear from you. 

At the bottom of this page, you can find a list of the other jobs we're hiring for. Before anything else, though, here are four great reasons why joining Strategically is something you should seriously consider.

Four Awesome Reasons to Join Our Global Team

1. Spend precious time with loved ones. We're an international, remote-working agency, so we don't expect our team members to come by the office and clock in (you could be based in Central London or anywhere else). If you join us, you'll be working remotely, meaning you get more time to spend with loved ones and less time commuting. In this way, not only can you recharge your energy, but you also end up being more productive than ever before. 

2. Working alongside master writers. We don't cut corners. On the contrary, we've invested heavily in assembling a team of expert writers, including journalists who question everything they read, watch and listen. Therefore, once you join us, you'll be immediately greeted by sophisticated writers, who, in turn, will share with you writing secrets to help you create the most engaging, actionable and informative copy. 

3. Help prestigious clients. From forward-thinking startups to big firms, our clients are the best in their fields, innovating and changing the future. In fact, if you join us, you're in luck since not many writing professionals can include in their résumé that they have produced content for some of the world's best websites and businesses.

4. Supportive colleagues and a highly collaborative culture. There are no grumpy bosses in our agency. Instead, each one of our team members is a mentor. On top of this, we're incredibly supportive and open-minded (zero discrimination against gender identity, national origin, sexual orientation, disability status, veteran status, etc.), so be sure that if needed, your colleagues will be there to help you out. Remember: we're all equals. Period. 

Staff Writers

Staff writers are journalists or news reporters who write regular articles about current happenings. Contrary to standalone reporters, they're in-house staff, meaning they don't have to go outside to gather information from external sources. They’re typically assigned a set area to cover every week or month. 

Staff writers are responsible for researching topics, trends, interviewing individuals via the phone or video call, producing engaging, informative and moving content, and editing their own or fellow writers' work. At the same time, they meet tight deadlines and work under pressure. On top of this, successful staff writers follow the client brief to the point and always keep ahead of current events. Finally, just like other journalists, they're characterised by a strong work ethic. 

Skills & Qualifications
  • Strong writing skills. A staff writer should write effortlessly, quickly and efficiently, treating writing as an art form. 
  • High-end research skills and being able to recognise fake news.  
  • Team-focused attitude and willingness to work hard to win as a team. 
  • Great grammar (i.e., spelling, cohesion, word flow, etc.). Detailed-oriented.
  • Responsible for ensuring consistency (i.e., fonts, style, spacing, images, and voice).
  • Punctuality, professionalism and excellent time management skills (you'll work on multiple projects).
  • Expert in workplace technology and solutions like office suites, CRM software and project management tools.
  • Bachelor's degree or University degree in Journalism or Communications. 

How to Apply 

To join our writing team, we need a rockstar portfolio of articles. We're open to talented people with a passion for writing, a keen eye for information accuracy and people who can produce a compelling and engaging story. In addition, even if you don't have years of experience in journalism, we still want to hear from you. On that note, don't forget to forward your CV, too! So, just submit your application, and that's it.

I Haven't Worked as a Staff Writer Before. Can I Still Apply?

If you tend to spot accurate information among a flood of fake news and create great stories out of it while, at the same time, possess excellent grammar and can meet tight deadlines, we'd be more than happy to review your application. We don't expect you to be a seasoned staff writer or journalist. On the contrary, we just want to see you have the right skills and attitude for the job. 

Again, if you're not convinced why you should apply, let's reiterate. We want to hear from you and review your application, especially if you have a knack for creating awesome copy, are meticulous and treat writing as an art form. In the unfortunate case that we're not a great match, we still might be able to find you another writing position within our agency. Apply to see what happens! 

Let's Meet to Become a Team

Hiring processes can be really exhausting, and employees dread them. We know that well. For this reason, we have shaped our hiring process in such a way that each stage is an exciting opportunity to get to know each other. We seriously don't want to drag you along without offering any feedback on your application. Quite the contrary, we're in this together. Keep that in mind. Our hiring process is as follows:

  1. You submit your application. It couldn't be any simpler. You only have to apply to be considered for our staff writer position. Explain your previous work experience, how they relate to journalism and why you think you'd be the right candidate for this job. Please also mention your achievements, aspirations and ambitions, plus how you see yourself growing within this role. 
  2. Prepare for your online interview. After passing the screening process with flying colours, we'll invite you for a video call. During this face-to-face interview, we'll pretty much meet and get to know each other better and communicate. Now's your time to shine. Demonstrate your love for writing, interviewing and interacting with new people, staying up to date and following the news. Clearly explain what distinguishes journalism writing from other forms of writing. 
  3. We'll hire you temporarily. At this stage, you're given a mini paid assignment to test your writing skills, ability to follow the client brief, meet deadlines and work under pressure. It won't be something very hard. What we want to see is how you work. At the same time, you also can see how we work. It's a kind of win-win situation. So, if you don't like the way we approach work and writing, you can thank us for our time and vice versa! 
  4. Introduce yourself to the soon-to-be colleagues. Once we verify your ability to write fantastic stories, we'll invite you to join our communication platform, where you'll introduce yourself to your future colleagues. After that, you'll be invited to create an account on our project management solution, from where you'll view your tasks. 
  5. That cumbersome admin. You need to sign the relevant agreements, reference checks, etc. We know it's a tedious process, but necessary, nonetheless. The good thing is once you've finished the admin, you'll officially be a new member of our team. 
  6. Congratulations! You're one of us. You did it! You're now ready to set off on your writing journey. As a remote-working agency, we're extremely experienced in welcoming new, remote-based team members. So, don't worry; we'll make your transition as smooth as butter. Plus, our caring team will be there to help you settle in. 
Open Positions

We're Hiring for the Following Roles

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As a final note, we don't have any job alert system in place. So, currently, there isn't a way to receive job alerts. That might change in the future, though. In the meantime, make sure you visit our website frequently for any updates and new opportunities. Plus, we offer a higher salary than competitors!

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