How Alister of beSlick streamlined his writing process with Strategically

The client

beSlick, formerly Process Bliss, is a task and process management software company founded by Alister Esam. It helps businesses to have one place for all their tasks. With beSlick, companies centralize processes, continuously improve, and get instant visibility on progress and workload.

Alister wrote a book about process — The Dirty Word. He wanted to give it momentum and needed to produce thought leadership content around it through his new site. But he didn't have time to write all the blogging content and needed someone to get it right.

After looking around, he heard of us, Strategically. And he believed we were the right fit. After working with us for four months and getting results, Alister was happy to share his experience.

The problem

The problem here was getting someone to take an opinion and write it professionally as thought-leadership content. In short, the problem was converting thoughts to high-value content.

After writing The Dirty Word, Alister created He wanted to use the site to offer his opinion pieces, sell his process-related book The Dirty Word, and point people to beSlick, his task and process management software.

The fear with such a was it had HIS NAME on it. All the content was to reflect his true thoughts and reflections. It had to all be engaging and well done.

Alister didn’t have time to do all the blogging content. He was looking for someone who could sit down with him, discuss his thoughts, and turn them into striking opinion pieces. However, the writer he had wasn’t comfortable enough to approach him and discuss his content needs.

He felt it would be nice to get his opinions out there, but he struggled to get someone who could come up with ideas and discuss them. He started looking for someone who could engage with him, go through ideas, and craft valuable content. That search led him to us here at Strategically.

The solution

For beSlick, Alister needed more backlinks and better domain authority, among other SEO needs. For, he needed a genuine reflection—someone who could draft his opinion. He felt confident Strategically could do that.

It was instant chemistry. We discussed his needs and created a monthly action plan that involved writing 4,000 words per month.

"It's really very slick in terms of how we produce content with very little effort. It's quite an efficient thing."

Yes, the owner of beSlick, who wants every team to be slick in their processes, has called Strategically slick! And here’s why…

The impact

Alister now has lots of valuable content for his website. He says we have efficient processes, meet deadlines, and are approachable. And we do all these things with immense simplicity.

Apart from writing thought-leadership opinion content, we’re now working out a plan to create more SEO-optimized content for his site.

We’ll let Alister have the last word. When asked about his overall experience. Here's what he said:

"The overall experience has been very simple. Very easy. You've been very approachable. If anything, you've been too easy and allowed me to be lazy and just drop out of it. Very streamlined. Very efficient. You meet your deadlines and seem to do everything on time as someone who's very process driven."

If you want valuable, engaging, and data-backed content created by an approachable and process-driven team, contact Strategically now, and let’s start the process.

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