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High-end education content writing services

Are you looking for a dependable education writer?

Education content writing can range from content for higher education course catalogues to landing pages for university websites aimed at convincing students to enrol; from blog posts on current education issues to advice for those working in nurseries and kindergartens; from headteacher newsletters to reports to school governors — the range is endless, which is why education writers are in continuous demand.

To produce such content, writers need expertise and the ability to produce engaging and actionable pieces. Such writers are rare and hard to find in today’s sea of freelancers.

Every professional writer you choose to work with should have a solid background in graduate and postgraduate education. If you’re representing an educational institution and looking to implement a successful digital marketing strategy to expand your organisation’s enrolment rate, you need to find writers who are also SEO experts. Advanced content marketing strategies require high-end SEO techniques and in-depth, meticulous keyword optimisation. 

Fortunately, Strategically has a dedicated writing team that specialises in producing educational content. This includes creating content based on your brand’s tone, compliance standards, or values. On top of this, our educational writers can craft high-end materials for teachers or university professionals, educational blogs, and landing pages.

Our UK-based content writing agency is passionate about excellence. We are dedicated to our cause — creating exceptional content. We’ve written 8M+ words of content for more than 250 businesses so far, including some renowned educational establishments. We’ve helped produce textbook content, test banks, lesson plans, practice papers, and solution manuals. 

While you focus on educating, we can create actionable copy that will enhance your profile and reputation. Trust us to craft pieces to boost your credibility as an academic professional or streamline your education process. We can produce high-quality, informative, and well-researched educational content that not only converts but also encourages learners to learn!

Why choose Strategically for your educational content?

Exceptional Quality Content

Producing educational content for different academic stages is challenging — it has to align with the learning objectives of different curriculum frameworks. Education content writers must be aware of pedagogy to be in a position to present detailed information in an appropriate subject-specific way. 

This requires writers with the ability to relate knowledge in a jargon-free and engaging manner. Many content writers are not versed in producing educational content but our agency, Strategically, has the expertise to develop informative educational content that’s easy and enjoyable to read. Our team of writers is ready to create any kind of educational content. Try us out. Request a callback, and we’ll arrange a phone or video call so that we can 100% understand your content needs. 

The use of the right keywords brings the right leads

Implementing the right keyword and SEO strategy can make the difference between converting leads and being ignored. Keywords are essential to any business or organisation, as they allow you to connect with more prospects. And the more prospects that land on your content, the higher the conversions. 

Our SEO experts and keyword specialists know how to boost and optimise your strategy to ensure you attract the proper leads. With our help, your content can perform well against Google’s algorithm and climb up the search results. We also use Surfer SEO, a dedicated SEO optimisation tool, to analyse other education sites' keyword strategies and find ways to improve yours. 

Keep clients around

Any organisation offering a service needs to maintain a satisfied, loyal and constantly regenerating user base. The best way to attract new users is by establishing yourself as an authority within the education industry, giving people faith in your organisation's professional standing. This is where education content writing comes in — publishing informative, accurate and engaging educational content on an ongoing basis is a great way to cement that standing.

If you’re a computer engineer instructor, you could publish blogs about coding or software. If you’re a history professional, sharing casual but informative and accurate articles can convince prospective students to enrol in your department. And, if you’re a tutor, publishing copy that helps pupils improve the way they study at home could convince them to get in touch. 

To create such content, you need expert education writers, such as those we employ at our agency. All you need to do is contact us! . 

Save your precious time

Busy educationists, at whatever level and position, do not have time to waste. As a professional in education, you’re definitely a great writer, but you want to focus on educating not on writing blog posts and other content. We get that.

Our agency, Strategically, is a high-end content writing solution that handles everything, from researching a topic to writing it and editing it. At the same time, we also take care of formatting and SEO optimising. Just give us the green light, and we’ll put in the time producing education content on your behalf.

Education writing service: what’s included

As an agency, we’re responsible for every part of the content creation process, from researching to writing to editing and proofreading. On top of this, we offer handy SEO add-ons to help you boost your traffic and the ROI of your content.  

Great education writers: Our team includes writers experienced in producing educational content. They have a range of expertise between them so will be able to work on any content you might have in mind.  

Edited and proofread content: If there’s one thing we’re proud of, it’s the high quality of our written content. Only when we are sure a document is up to your and our standards, will we send it over. We never return writing that’s not been thoroughly edited and proofread.

100% authentic - As an agency, we’re firmly against any form of plagiarism. Rest assured that the content you receive from us will always be authentic and unique. 

Account managers - As a new client, you are likely to have a lot of questions that need answering. For this reason, we’ll assign you a dedicated account manager who will respond to your queries.

FREE revisions: We offer unlimited revisions. Yes, you read that right! We value feedback. In fact, we welcome it! If our content doesn’t quite match up with what you were expecting, we'll revise it till we get it right.

SEO optimisation: To succeed in today’s competitive market, proper SEO optimisation is a must. We use the Surfer SEO tool to optimise content and help it climb in Google’s search listings. You can order an SEO add-on when you make your order.

Our content creation procedure:

In six simple but effective steps, we create your educational content. Here they are:

Step 1: You send us your brief, titles, and keywords

When you place your order through our user-friendly order-management system, you will write a short brief. This is an important step. If your brief isn’t sufficiently clear, we might produce the wrong content. So, ensure what you send us describes exactly what you have in mind.

Along with your brief, you can forward any preferred titles, subheadings, and keywords that you would like included in your copy. Again, be as clear and detailed as possible.

Step 2: We work on a detailed outline

Once your brief reaches us, we will work with our expert writing team to outline your ordered content. This won’t take much time, so expect our response to be fast. After creating an outline, we will return it to you for your approval.

Step 3: You approve it or send it back

After you receive our outline, you will look it over and see if it matches your expectations. If it doesn’t, you’re free to return it, and request a revised outline. We may ask for a short call to understand 100% the type of content you need. 

Step 4: We produce your education content

Once the outline has been agreed, you leave everything to our writing team. We will produce the highest quality content that speaks directly to your target audience and addresses the critical pain points. After we finish writing your copy, we edit it and proofread it and, if you’ve ordered an SEO add-on pack, ensure it is SEO optimised.

Step 5: We deliver the draft

After everything’s finished at our end, we forward the final draft to you for review.

Step 6: Implementing feedback

At Strategically, we appreciate and welcome feedback. We really want to improve our services and satisfy our clients 100%. Hence, we encourage you to leave feedback in order for us to keep tailoring your content as much as you’d like. Unlike competitors, we offer an unlimited revisions policy. This means you can ask us to revise the delivered content for FREE. 

If our copy doesn't quite match your requirements, provide us with your feedback by commenting directly on the document. After we address your comments, we will reach out to you with the updated content.


What’s education content?

Education content includes writing in:

  • University prospectuses and course catalogues
  • School brochures
  • Reports to Governors
  • Newsletters
  • Course material
  • Blog posts
  • Essays and articles on current themes
  • Website pages

Aim to work only with seasoned academic writers or renowned writing agencies that know how to produce high-end educational content that will bolster your professional profile.

What does an education writer do?

An education writer is someone who writes textbooks, guides, articles, blogs, educational web copy, and curriculum development for both students and teachers. Such a writer can also produce brochures or relevant documentation on behalf of educational institutions, like universities and cover topics about the latest education news.

Such writers must possess a great deal of skill and knowledge since they might be asked to adapt complicated material for a specific age group. For example, an expert education writer should be able to break down the significant events of World Word II differently for school students and history majors. Being able to write in an informative manner but also at the correct comprehension level while keeping the topic engaging and interesting is the greatest challenge.  

Another task of education writers is to prepare material for teachers. While most teachers prefer to create their own curriculum-based programmes of study, sometimes they simply don’t have the time to create lesson plans, research materials, and create summaries for every subject assigned. This is where education writers come in, as they can provide a variety of study materials for every subject, plus historical information, resource listings, extra bibliographies, visual aids, presentations, etc.

Educational content is not easy. It requires determination and expertise. Strategically is an agency that has both.

How can I produce educational content?

As mentioned above, educational content comes in many different forms, from academic materials to lesson plans and so on. If you’re not a seasoned academic writer or education journalist, you'll a hard time crafting such content. 

Fortunately, the project managers and expert writers at Strategically can help you produce exceptional and engaging educational content as well as devise a brilliant content strategy. Our team have the writing skills, knowledge, and expertise to write guides and how-to's on nearly anything. 

How much does a freelance education writer charge?

Independent freelance education writers charge either per hour or set a specific fee for each project. For you, as an individual, a business or educational institution, it presents a difficulty. How much of your budget are you going to need to dedicate to your content or education materials? 

Strategically makes it easy to determine how much you’re going to need to invest for your content, as we offer an upfront per-word fee for your pieces. At the same time, there aren’t any surprise costs thrown in after the work has been completed because we offer a generous unlimited revisions policy. This means that if you’re not 100% happy with your content, you can let us know by leaving comments directly on the document or by messaging us, so we can work on it until it meets your expectations. You won't be guaranteed free revisions with freelance writers or a generic writing agency. If you want complete peace of mind, choosing Strategically seems the most sensible choice.

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