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“Recommendations are precise and to the point, always linking to the end business results. Strategically go above and beyond explaining complex concepts and strategies, that are transformative to any business and at the right price point as well.”


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“It’s been great working with Strategically. They quickly got an understanding of our industry: our solution, users, and goals. And produced great content, always on time.”

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Professional real estate content writing services


We create a deeply customised, data-driven content marketing strategy to power your sales.


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We integrate your keywords into your blog posts to ensure they are optimised for the search engines.

Find an expert real estate writer for your real estate website content

Looking for a qualified real estate writer?

High-quality content can help you generate leads that convert more easily and increase your ROI, helping you save time and money. The best real estate content has a key purpose: to attract buyer and seller leads. To achieve this, real estate copy may inform, educate, inspire, or entertain. Most importantly, it will provide exceptional value to the reader and establish your real estate business as an industry authority.

Strategically's expert real estate writing team is experienced in writing for buyer's agents and real estate professionals around the world. We're picky about who we hire, and use only the very best writers to ensure your real estate content is of the highest standard to retain leads in the real estate industry.

So far, we've helped over 250 businesses get more leads with content, including real estate businesses of all sizes. We know that the real estate industry is highly competitive, and devising an effective content marketing strategy is the best way to affordably outrank your competitors and encourage buyers and sellers to come to you.

We have a wealth of experience in writing for a variety of real estate businesses — so, whether you're a commercial or residential real estate agent, a home stager, a broker, a property manager, or anything else, we can help you attract the right people with your website and blog copy.

Why choose Strategically's real estate writing services?

Build reputation and stand out from your competitors

The most powerful way to engage clients isn't by using advertising listings alone. Landlords, tenants, vendors and buyers want to work with a real estate professional who has the knowledge and experience to provide them with the smoothest service, solving their problems and ultimately making their lives easier.

By showcasing your wealth of knowledge on your website and blog, you're demonstrating to interested parties that you're competent in your area of the real estate industry. Buyers and sellers understand the value of working with a true professional and will appreciate the reduced time and hassle make the investment worthwhile. Our expert real estate writers can produce high-quality, valuable content for your website that will help you build your reputation as an industry expert and trusted advisor.

Speak the language of your buyers

Many buyers and tenants will do their research before they start looking at listings and ads. They'll want to know about the property buying or renting process, what will be required of them, and how to get the best experience. If you can offer valuable content that provides buyers with the information they need at this early stage, you'll establish yourself as an expert straight away. You might even be the first authoritative source in the real estate industry that your potential buyer has come across.

With our article writing services at Strategically, we'll inform your audience with straightforward content that speaks their language. We'll avoid complex real estate jargon and ensure that potential buyers have a proper understanding of the subjects we're discussing. If your buyers have a smooth experience reading your guides and blog posts, they're likely to assume that they'll have a smooth experience as a buyer working with your business. Ultimately, good website and blog content can help your audience better navigate the sales process and inspire confidence and trust in your service.

Save time and hassle

You may be the best real estate business in your local area, but this doesn't make you the best copywriter. If you think a qualified writer could say it better, or you're just too busy to think about anything other than your day-to-day tasks, save the hassle of creating your own content and outsource your content marketing duties to a professional real estate copywriter.

Strategically is a managed, done-for-you content service, meaning we'll handle the entire copywriting process on your behalf. From creating a content strategy to researching topics, writing, editing, and proofreading, we'll provide a complete content marketing solution from start to finish. If you simply don't have the time to produce your own web copy, we'll do it for you.

Optimise your listings and boost ROI

Paying for listings can get expensive, fast. And if the copy itself isn't up to scratch, sharing your listings to a bigger audience isn't necessarily the solution to your problem. If you're not generating the attention you expect for your real estate listings, you'll benefit from outsourcing the task of writing them to a professional real estate writer.

Strategically's team of real estate writers knows the best way to appeal to buyers through engaging content. We'll use the right words to present your listings in the best light, helping to boost your ROI, reducing the amount of money you need to spend to get your listings seen. With catchy headlines and cohesive copy, we'll encourage potential buyers to stop scrolling and learn more about your listing.

Leverage your SEO

SEO content is essential for getting your real estate business seen by the right eyes. You want to make sure that your blog posts, web content and listings are being viewed by interested buyers and sellers who could benefit from your services. When these people search for real estate content, your website should be one of the first search results they click on. You can climb the Google ladder with high-quality, valuable content that answers your audience's questions.

We'll produce content that helps you attract buyers and sellers at all stages of their real estate journey. We can optimise your copy to give it a higher chance of appearing on Google's featured snippets, helping to boost your organic traffic. By directly answering the user's questions, we'll showcase your business as an authority in a particular subject.

Encourage your audience to trust you

Dishonest real estate agents, or agents who lack proper training or experience, can damage the reputation of all professionals in the industry. It can be hard to gain the trust of clients who have had a bad experience in the past, especially as real estate involves exchanging large amounts of money. Proving that you're a reliable real estate agent with smart content creation will help your potential buyers and sellers feel more comfortable working with you.

With professional, high-quality content that speaks honestly and factually to the reader, you can demonstrate to your real estate clients that they can trust your business. Our real estate copywriters can produce valuable content across multiple channels to show your audience that you're professional and fair.

Real estate content service: what's included

We manage the entire writing process for our real estate clients, from early research to the final proofread

  • We know our stuff - Our real estate writers have years of experience in writing quality content in the real estate industry.
  • We're original - We know you want to be an industry leader, not a copycat. That's why we'll produce web content and blog articles that are 100% unique. We'll boost your online presence by creating content that stands out for all the right reasons.
  • We optimise your content for search engines - Attracting interested clients is our goal, and we'll use Surfer SEO to perfectly optimise your copy and help you claim a top spot on the search engines.
  • We offer unlimited revisions - We don't charge extra for tweaks and touch-ups. If it isn't quite right, tell us exactly what you're looking for. We're happy to amend our content according to your requirements.
  • You'll receive a dedicated account manager - We understand if you'd rather not get bounced between members of our team. We'll pair you with a dedicated account manager who can answer your questions and deliver your completed real estate content.
  • We produce user-friendly content - It's not enough to improve your search engine rankings. Your clients need to be able to understand the complex real estate topics you're discussing. Our professional writers will work on a content strategy that appeals to both Google and your audience.
  • We'll edit and proofread all your content - We will ensure that your content is in line with your brief and meets our high standards before it is returned to you.

Our real estate content writing process

There are six simple steps to ordering your real estate content:

Step 1: Let us know your preferred titles & send a brief

To give us a good idea of what you're looking for, produce a brief for your copy and let us know your preferred headings. You can be as thorough as you like on the brief.

Step 2: We'll provide an outline

We'll use your brief to inform our real estate writers what you're looking for.

Step 3: You give us the go-ahead

We'll give you a chance to take a look at the outline and let us know your thoughts before we begin creating content.

Step 4: We create content for your website.

We'll produce fresh content that speaks directly to your target audience. We'll do the editing and proofreading, too.

Step 5: We'll send the draft back to you

After our content creation, we'll send your copy back to you and let you review the draft in your own time.

Step 6: Let us know if you need revisions

We're happy to help with revisions. Send us your edits by email or comment directly into the document. We'll return your real estate content once we've made the edits.

Our services

Our real estate content writer team can assist with the following forms of content:

  • Real estate blog posts
  • Long-form content
  • FAQs
  • SEO content
  • Guides, overviews and tip sheets
  • Trends, predictions and news content
  • Press releases
  • White label content
  • Real estate agent profiles


What does a real estate writer write about?

Our writers can write about anything that you're most keen to showcase within your business. We can help buyers navigate the buying process, and help sellers navigate the selling process. There are plenty of topics to cover in-depth to showcase your authority to potential clients. If you can answer all the questions your potential clients are likely to ask on Google, you'll have years worth of content to get through.

How much does a freelance writer charge?

It depends on the relationship the writer proposes. Some freelance real estate writers charge a per-project fee. Others will charge per hour, which can also be difficult to predict in advance. Either way, it can make it difficult to budget for your real estate content marketing ahead of time. At Strategically, we charge an upfront cost per word for our content — and we won't surprise you with unexpected fees when we deliver your real estate content.

How can I get real estate content?

Searching online is the best way to find a freelance real estate writer for your content. If you'd prefer not to manage a freelancer, choose a managed service like Strategically. We'll oversee every stage of the research, writing and editing process, and ensure the right results are delivered.

What is a realtor blog?

Any real estate website can have its own realtor blog. A realtor blog is as it sounds: a blog dedicated to real estate content. Most realtor blogs provide industry insights and tips for buyers and sellers. Online audiences are more likely to use the services of a real estate business with proven expertise, and it's easy to establish your authority with a blog.

How do I write a real estate blog?

If you've never written a real estate blog, start simple. Begin by writing up to 10 blog posts on what you believe to be the most important topics in your niche. You'll find that each of these topics touches on several subtopics that you can write about in future posts. If you don't have the time to dedicate to blogging, Strategically can establish your blog presence and produce regular posts on your behalf.

Who can benefit from real estate content creation?

No matter who you are, if you work in real estate, you'll benefit from accessing the services of a real estate content writer. Our content is best suited to commercial and residential real estate agents and brokers, appraisers, developers, contractors, buyer's and seller's agents, home stagers, interior designers, land brokers, etc.

How can I tell you what I'm looking for?

You know your real estate business better than anyone, which is why we give you the opportunity to produce a full brief for our writers. Alternatively, if you'd rather we take a more hands-on approach, you can trust us to use our own initiative to produce exceptional content for your business.

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