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Retrieval augmented generation

One-click, instant SEO article

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SERP analysis

Analyze top-ranking content

Strategically analyzes the top-ranking articles for your target keyword before converting each article into a data frame and scoring the SERP competitor's content. Removing low-quality, high-domain rating content from the analysis provides a finalized list of the highest-quality content currently ranking in SERP.

SEO Editor

Generate the content brief

Every article demands its own strategy. Based on the analysis Strategically algorithms review all the ranking factors and reverse engineer a content outline that reflects the content Google values.

Increase accuracy

Increase accuracy with RAG

Retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) enhances generative AI models by using external facts and preventing AI hallucinations when writing, ensuring content is accurate and reliable. Strategically AI gathers content from the SERP and your brand memory stores to ensure high-quality output from the AI.

AI writer

Create reader-friendly content

Each stage of the article is generated to meet the SEO specifications, aligning each heading with the correct number of paragraphs and keywords to achieve top-ranking positions. Great SEO goes deeper than just keywords, our outlines provide the blueprint to create next-level content designed to delight your readers and keep the search engines happy, too.

Meet the AI agents

But what about editing and fact checking?

Unlike, most AI tools that require hours of post-generation editing, formatting, and fact-checking, Strategically's AI agents get to work polishing and perfecting your article.

Editing agent

I'm an AI editing agent trained to improve written content before it's published. Like human editors, I save you time and money.

Humanizing agent

I'm trained on millions of words of written content, so I ensure your article reads like it was written by a top human writer.

Optimization agent

I keep Google's robots happy and optimize your AI-generated content for SEO, making changes to ensure effectiveness.

Fact checking agent

I verify the accuracy of your content by reviewing your information and conducting research, preventing misleading content.

Brand guideline agent

I ensure your content follows your brand guidelines by checking your company's information stored in our memory.

EEAT Agent

My EEAT scorecard ensures the expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness of your content, crucial since Google's last update

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Frequently asked questions

The articles are generated based on an in-depth analysis of the top pieces of content currently ranking for your target keyword. That means that the length of the article is based on the average of the top-ranking content.

Strategically AI will generate an article that is a similar length to the current top performing pieces of content to give it the very best chance of ranking.

As well as offering SEO tools, we also offered managed content creation and SEO services. In fact, before launching our SEO platform, we were a pure content creation agency. We've written more than 10 million words of content for hundreds of customers. We've written on every topic imaginable, from yoga to DevOps.

Strategically AI currently supports English. We don’t have a timeline for additional languages but we don’t rule out expanding in the future. Feel free to reach out to us as if you have a specific request.

When you create your content, you will be able to select which location you to analyze. This is particularly helpful if you are writing location-specific content, such a tax laws or local travel information.

We currently offer support for UK and US English spelling. Select your preference when you create an article. We don’t have a timeline for additional languages but we don’t rule out expanding in the future. Feel free to reach out to us as if you have a specific request.

Google rewards high-quality content regardless of how it is produced. According to Google, automation has long been used to create useful content, and AI can assist in generating exciting new forms of useful content.

As long as your content is of high quality, tailored to your audience, and not primarily made to manipulate search rankings, you can use AI or automation without violating Google's guidelines.

You can check Google's spam policies for more details on what to avoid. It is worth noting that any AI-generated content won't be penalized solely based on being AI-detectable.

Other tools on the market may offer either AI writing or SEO optimization. At best, they function as a GPT layer, providing their users with customization options that are essentially several GPT prompts combined into a single UI.

Strategically AI, on the other hand, is a seamless blend of multiple generative AI models powered by our proprietary algorithm. This algorithm is a mixture of NLP, machine learning, and a real-time analysis of over 500 web signals and SERPs, created and developed by SEO and marketing experts, for SEO and marketing experts.

With Strategically A, you can plan, research, generate, and optimize entire articles based on your chosen keywords and SERPs, to ensure that the article satisfies the user's search intent. You have the option to customize the article outline with writing points, and it suggests the best-performing tone of voice. You can add custom knowledge to make sure each article is unique, coherent with your brand, and ready to boost your EEAT score. If you like, you can also activate the additional agents before generating the article.

Once your article is generated, you can speed up the refining and proofreading process with our AI writing assistant, who is always ready to help. Simply mark a portion of the text you want to change and tell the assistant what to do.

In summary, Strategically, AI offers an end-to-end process from topic ideation to ready-to-publish articles, covering any topic better than its competitors, and quickly generates articles that rank at scale, all with minimum effort on your part.

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