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Our analysis considers 500+ ranking factors incl. keyword optimization, entity extraction, link equity, content relevance, and topical authority.


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Maximize your content's potential with the Outline Builder. Create a detailed structure with custom headings and questions, streamlining your content creation workflow.


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Strategically's platform helps you create SEO content briefs that outperform competitors. It reverse-engineers top-ranking pages, identifies effective strategies, targets low-competition, longtail keywords, and scores your article against best-performing content.


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Use the writing assistant to modify your content to align with your writing style, tone, and intent. In seconds, you can rephrase, rewrite, and expand your content.


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Optimize your content in real-time with Strategically's Content Score. Get a grade on how well you're optimizing for your target keyword.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes! Our Content Editor guidelines are designed to assist you in writing an article from scratch, as well as optimizing any pre-existing content. You may copy and paste it from external writing tools, or create it yourself in the Content Editor. The Content Editor will tell you the exact steps to make to ensure your article is correctly optimized for Google.

When you enter a keyword, Strategically AI analyzes the top articles ranking for the target keyword. It then reverse engineers the SEO guidelines you need to hit in order to have an optimized article that meets the search intent of the current top-ranking articles.

No problem. Simply enter your keyword and select Generate Article. Strategically AI will create an article that meets the SEO guidelines. You can edit and update this article as needed to ensure it meets your business goals.

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