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Informative, SEO-optimised dental content from talented dental writer

Are you looking for a dependable dental writer?

As a dentist or dental care professional, how do you show potential patients that your practice is the one they should trust for their dental health? How do you market your services or dental products to the best of your ability to increase your revenue?

You need effective dental copy and content marketing. This is a cost-effective but powerful strategy to establish your authority as a health professional and connect with many patients. Winning content helps you pass the right message to your target audience, while prompting website visitors to take action and book an appointment. 

The type of content that can help you gain traction and attention could range from blog and social media posts to infographics, white papers, and health advice. Above all, the content you share on your dental website should be informative, engaging, and actionable. It should also be SEO optimised — otherwise it won't rank high in search results, and you'll lose out on potential customers. 

You need to focus on your practice as a dentist — for that reason, you're going to need the services of an expert dental content writer to create in-depth and high-quality dental content for you. Finding a reputable writing agency that employs a team of seasoned writers and has an awesome track record can be a smart choice. 

Our agency can produce and deliver informative, actionable, and plagiarism-free dental content. In the last few years, we've written over 8M words of copy on behalf of our 300+ renowned clients, turbocharging their reach and profile. Thanks to our content creation, our clients have generated more leads than ever before. 

Our article writing services include all forms of writing, including copywriting, health blogs, white papers, dental research, landing pages, mission statements, product descriptions. And everything we produce undergoes careful search engine optimisation. We're confident of succeeding no matter the scale of the project because we're dedicated to our client's success, and we do everything to achieve it.

Why choose Strategically's dental writing services?

Informative and well-researched dental copy

Dental content is not simple to produce since it contains specialised health content. Dental copy is considered technical content, requiring lots of research and expertise. Explaining dental content in a simple and streamlined way is challenging but crucial to boosting conversions and convincing patients they're choosing a reliable dental service. Experienced dental writers need to know how to promote a dentist's credentials, including certifications, licence, areas of expertise, awards, and so on. The more professionally this is done, the more confident the target audience will be in signing up for your services. 

Actionable content

Our agency can produce informative and actionable content that will encourage patients to convert and use your dental practice. Our writers can explain complicated health concepts in a jargon-free way, making each piece of content easy to understand. Explaining complex content in a language everyone understands is essential to boost conversions and brand awareness. 

Finding the right balance between showcasing your practice's professional prowess and reputation and convincing people that they'll be safe and well-treated when they sit in your dentist's chair will be our objective.

Strategically is able to produce high-quality content that invites patients to book appointments and reach out to your practice for a quote or advice. At the same time, we can craft any type of content a health professional — dentists and dental hygiene assistants included — desires.

SEO optimised content

With the right keywords and proper optimisation, you can bring more leads to your dental website. Of course, optimising content in this way requires specialist marketers. Fortunately, at Strategically, we employ experts that know how to use the right combination of high- and low-volume keywords to boost traffic. 

Our writing team produces an effective keyword strategy with the help of dedicated SEO tools that segment and target customers who have not previously heard of your practice. Further, our dental content writers know how to address and solve prospects' pain points. And we'll analyse your competitors' keywords to determine what's needed to really bring your practice to much wider attention.

Keep long-term clients invested

Bringing more patients to your practice isn't the only goal for a successful dentist. Instead, keeping prospects loyal and active is what all good dentists should be striving for.

If a patient is happy with the dental treatment you've provided them, they'll come back for more. And they might refer you to another patient. Each patient you acquire should be viewed as a long-term investment. 

At Strategically, we create content that encourages patients to stick around and book appointments. The dental content writer assigned to you can produce high-end dental copy that promotes in a positive light your dental services and expertise. This way, you can establish a great communication funnel between your dental office and patients. 

Our process

When you order content, this is what happens: 

You request content

Place your order through our easy-to-use order management system. Remember to send us in-depth content briefs, preferred titles, and keywords, so we can begin working on your content as soon as possible, without having to get back to you for further questions.

We write your copy and edit it

After receiving your order, we'll start researching your topic to find the information required to create your dental content. Once we find what we need, we begin producing your copy. Then we proofread your content and pass it through a plagiarism checker to ensure originality. 

We deliver your content on time

After writing, editing, and proofreading your content, we deliver your documents within the agreed timeframe. More often than not, we produce and deliver content sooner than expected. 


We adjust our content according to your feedback to make sure it meets your needs. We have an unlimited revision policy, so you can always ask us for edits (more on that later). 

Dental content writing service: what's included?

Unlimited revisions - This is worth emphasising — we love feedback! So, to satisfy our customers 100%, we've implemented an unlimited revisions policy. Thanks to it, you can ask us to edit your copy as many times as you like until it meets your needs and requirements. 

Compelling Writers - We only partner with the best writers to produce accurate, on-the-spot content.  

Edited content - Before we return your content, we edit it and proofread it to ensure it is word perfect. The content goes through an advanced plagiarism checker to verify authenticity and uniqueness. 

Dedicated account manager - We assign you a dedicated account manager who will guide you throughout the process and answer any of your questions. 

SEO optimised - To increase visitors to your dental website, you need to publish Google-friendly content by using proper keywords and backlinks, a process that requires an SEO expert. Here at Strategically, we know just how to crack Google's algorithm. Trust us, because we guarantee to help your content rank in the first pages of search results. 

Customised brand tone - Your content must match your brand's image and tone to accurately represent your own personal values as a dentist and health professional. For this reason, we tailor your copy depending on how you want to come across to your visitors.


What does a dental content writer do? 

Generally, dental writers are responsible for crafting blog posts, web copy, landing pages, brochures, and advertising copy. To do this successfully, they have to understand the procedures, treatments, and techniques a dental practice offers and how they benefit the end-user (i.e., patient). The best dental writers can produce content without much supervision, requiring little input from managers, editors, or the dentists themselves. 

What is dental content?

Dental content involves copy related to all aspects of a dental practice. Topics might include nutrition, fluoride, brushing, restorative teeth treatments, veneers, dentures, effects of using tobacco, braces, teeth whitening, and so on.

By cooperating with an expert dental content writer, you will get high-end research papers or dental blogs that will further establish yourself as an authority within the dental industry. 

How do you write dental content?

Not everyone can write dental website content. A dental writer should be highly knowledgeable about dental practices and the latest dental techniques. They should be in a position to develop content about cosmetic dentistry, impacted teeth, dentures, implants, and TMD appliances.

What distinguishes a good dental writer from a great one is that expert dental writers are able to keep everything simple and easy to understand. High-end writers avoid technical jargon and patronising readers. In addition, they know how to optimise their copy in order to boost traffic and generate more leads. 

For example, when creating a landing page for a dentist's website, incorporating customer testimonials can be a smart move, as it helps to convince visitors to use the offered dental services.

Producing exceptional dental content doesn't have to be like pulling teeth. On the contrary, such content needs to be engaging, informative, and actionable enough to drive patients to your practice. 

How much do dental content writing services cost?

The cost will depend on the type of content you request. For instance, the price for a white paper would be more than what you'd pay for a 500-word blog article. If you decide to work with an independent, freelance writer, you'll pay them either a set price per project or an hourly rate. As such, determining how much money you'd need to pay for your content creation is tough. Plus, you can never be 100% sure about the quality of the delivered content. 

Or you can choose to work with an experienced writing agency, like Strategically. With us, you always know what you are going to pay. What we charge you upfront is based on word count and will be the final price you pay for your content, with no hidden fees or surprises. In addition, we also have that unlimited revisions policy, so you can request as many revisions of your content as you need. This way, we ensure that the content we deliver you always meets your needs and expectations. 

Why is outsourcing my content to you a good idea?

You could always write dental content yourself — we know that. On an occasional basis, you'd be more than capable of producing exceptional content. But what about keyword optimisation? And how often would you be able to add quality content to your webspace? Sometimes, going for an expert writer is the better option, as it will leave you to focus on your practice.

For this reason, you might want to leave content creation to our seasoned writing team instead. Reach out to us for a quote. We'd be glad to help. 

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