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Find a seasoned human resources writer for your firm

Are you looking for an expert human resources writer?

The reality is simple: Engaging content generates leads that are easy to convert, brings investors, and attracts highly skilled employees. To achieve these, though, you need high-quality human resources content that provides value to both prospective investors and candidates. In a way, excellent human resources content increases your ROI and helps you save time and money as you focus on productivity. 

Our writing agency, Strategically, comprises a human resources expert writing team, ready to create SEO-customized content to boost your firm's traffic. As an agency, we retain the highest possible standards and produce amazing content every time. On top of this, we're very picky about who we hire, meaning only the top 1% of HR writers manage to break into our agency.

Until now, we've collaborated with 250 businesses to increase their reach, including several renowned companies. In fact, we know how challenging it is to produce human resources content, so we've developed an effective writing strategy to create highly engaging custom blogs and website content, as well as reader-friendly company policies. 

Lastly, we're highly experienced in producing content for a variety of companies active in different industries and niches, having years of writing experience on our shoulders. Besides, if that weren't true, we wouldn't offer a free unlimited revisions policy. 

Yep. You read that right. 

If, for any reason at all, you're not satisfied with our content, you're free to ask for revisions. Above everything, we want to satisfy you 100% and help your human resources department with its demanding content needs. 

Why choose Strategically's human resources writing services?

Save time and effort

Sometimes, going for a professional writing solution, such as Strategically, could make the difference between successful content and wasted time and effort. You might consider yourself qualified to write new internal human resources policies or know you can create engaging blogs and long form content. Yet, lots of times, you might be too busy to produce this valuable content on your own, so it's better to turn to a dedicated writing service.

Let us save you the hassle of creating your own fantastic content as well as outsource your content marketing needs to professional human resources writers. Strategically is a done-for-you content solution that handles your entire writing process from establishing an effective content strategy to research topics to writing, editing, and proofreading on your behalf. 

Speak the language of investors and HR professionals

Most investors and prospective employees do their due diligence before contacting or applying to a company for work. They want to know how you approach human resources, what career prospects your company can offer, and how the typical workday is. In addition, valuable content provides company outsiders with the information needed immediately and establishes your firm as the true authority it is. 

We can inform your audience (potential investors and personnel) at our agency with simplistic, streamlined content that speaks directly to the reader. On top of that, we ensure that your audience will have a smooth experience reading your posts and assume they'll have an equally smooth experience when doing business with you. 

Upgrade your SEO strategy

Search engine optimization is essential for placing your company's website among  Google's first search results. You'd want to ensure that your blogs, company policies, or hiring processes are easy-to-read and rank high in search engines to maximise your company's exposure. But, as stated above, to climb the Google ladder, you need high-quality content that answers what your audience's looking for. 

Present human resources policies in a reader-friendly manner

Writing clearly and concisely is paramount to conceiving new company policies. To put it differently, if personnel can easily understand your policies and the way they're written, the more productive they'll be, as they won't be confused. Additionally, by having reader-friendly human resources content, you ensure everyone's on the same page and updated on your firm's latest developments.

Human resources writing service: what's included?

We manage the entire writing process for our human resources clients, from research to the final proofreading. 

We're original - If one thing is certain, it's that we know you want to have the best possible employees in order to become an industry leader. For this reason, we produce human resources content that is 100% unique and tailored to your company's voice and values.  

We offer unlimited revisions - We don't charge extra for any touch-ups. If our content is not exactly up to your tastes, don't worry, as we're happy to amend it according to your requirements. 

SEO-optimized content - The only way to attract potential employees or investors is if your content ranks high in search results. To ensure this, we use Surfer SEO to optimize your copy and help you claim the top spot of the search engines. 

A dedicated account manager - From the first moment, you'll be paired with a dedicated account manager. In this way, you won't get bounced between team members. Additionally, your account manager can answer any question you might have at any time. 

User-friendly content - Of course, improving your search engine rankings might not be enough to boost traffic or present your company's news in a positive light. If your human resources content is not easy-to-read or streamlined, employees may not bother reading it, meaning you'll have wasted precious time and resources to produce it in the first place.

Editing and proofreading services - As you would expect, before delving your content, we ensure that it's in line with your brief and meets your high expectations. 

Our human resources content writing process

There are six easy steps to ordering your human resources content:

Step 1: Send us your brief/outline and preferred titles/keywords

To give us a solid idea of what content you're looking for, create a detailed brief for your copy, your desired outline and let us know of any titles or keywords. Again, be as thorough as you like.

Step 2: We forward the brief to our writers

At this stage, we forward the brief to our human resources writers to start working on it. We might create an extra outline, which we'll send back to you for approval. 

Step 3: You approve of the final outline

This is an important step as we give you the chance to look at our suggestions to let us know your thoughts before we begin working on your content.

Step 4: We create your content

We'll produce content that speaks directly to your target audience, plus your employees. And we'll do editing and proofreading, too. Further, we'll also run your content against a plagiarism checker to ensure authenticity. 

Step 5: We'll send the draft back to you for approval

After creating your content, we'll forward you a copy to review it in your own time.

Step 6: Let us have any feedback if you need revisions

As always, we're happy to implement revisions. So, send us your edits and comments by email or comment directly on the document. In return, we'll update your content to match your needs 100%. 


What does an HR writer do?

A human resources writer is responsible for writing and producing content related to recruitment or human resources policies. In fact, what most companies do is create actionable HR content to attract capable new hires with great, competitive resumes. At the same time, the same assets are leveraged to keep employees happy and productive during their tenure at the company. 

What's more, from the moment most employees start working 40 hours a week, educating them on what the experience is like or about the company's latest news and developments seem crucial to the workflow.

How much does a human resources writer charge?

This depends on the relationship the writer proposes, meaning that freelancer human resources writers charge per hour, while others charge a per-project fee (i.e., fixed price). Therefore, budgeting for your human resources content marketing can be tough unless you plan ahead of time. Working with a random freelancer is... just random. You may end up with a diamond, but the majority are people with limited writing experience, especially when it comes to writing niches, like human resources.

What you want to do is collaborate with an accredited and renowned writing agency like Strategically. Let one of the UK's best handle your human resources writing needs. Besides, we charge an upfront cost per word for our content, meaning we won't surprise you with unexpected fees or hidden costs.

How can I get human resources content?

As mentioned above, searching online is a way to find qualified human resources content writers. Sure, it's not easy to spot the best of them, but it's a possibility. That said, if you're not up to managing a freelance writing team, choose a managed service like Strategically. We can help you oversee every stage of the research, writing, proofreading, and plagiarism-checking, so you can put less personal involvement into high-quality content while ensuring that great, measurable results are delivered. 

Finally, the Human Resources industry is demanding, so having just one freelance writer might not be enough. Again, you'll need a team of expert writers or, at least, professional freelance writers to create content for your HR programs or online marketing endeavours.

Why invest in human resources content?

Investing in human resources content is paramount to your company's successful running. 

Publishing smart blog posts offer real value to your company website's visitors, and better the chance of expert professionals approaching your firm and applying for work. In addition, human resources content comprises company news and updates in policies, something which all of your employees should be aware of. 

At the same time, with the correct human resources content, you might even attract investors to your business, as they can see how organised and passionate you are about your work. 

How to tell what I'm looking for?

In reality, you know the human resources department of your company better than anyone. Even though we've many professional human resources writers, they don't know how your unique business functions. Plus, every human resources department differs from company to company.

For this reason, we give you the opportunity to produce a full brief for our expert writers. Yet, if you'd prefer a more hands-on approach from Strategically, you're free to trust us to use our own initiative to produce the content we think matches your brand's voice, values and ambitions. In this way, you'll never miss out on new, enthusiastic employees who are just waiting for the "green light" to apply to your business.

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