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Legal content that generates qualified leads

Are you looking for expert legal writers?

To produce legal content or even approach it, subject matter experts are needed. Otherwise, you’d put your legal brand’s image at risk. 

What’s more, legal blog writers must have a deep-rooted understanding of the major fields of law to deliver a relevant and accurate copy. On top of this, as a legal expert, you’d want to ensure that the content you receive is the best bar none. Hence, ensure you work with the best content creation partners to get your hands on content that boosts traffic, converts, and informs prospective clients about your services effectively and efficiently. 

In fact, if you’re a legal firm owner, you know that high visibility on the web is a must in today’s competitive world. The reason is that people (i.e., prospective clients) may have never heard of your legal services before. So, when they need legal advice, they will contact the law firm they’ve heard of - most likely your competitors. For this reason, publishing SEO optimised content is the only way to generate qualified leads. 

Moreover, consider the content as the face of your firm and confirmation of your legal expertise. That said, keep in mind that copy is a form of an ice-breaker in your relationships with prospects, too. Consequently, proper content is significant to legal professionals’ success. Besides, in recent years, new technologies and consumer habits have emerged since traditional person-to-person and face-to-face services are, or have already, moved online. You need to take advantage of this and give a foothold in this contemporary way of approaching prospects. 

If you need high-quality legal content that’s always informative and accurate, you need to consider partnering with us Strategically. We’re one of the UK’s leading content writing solutions, and we’ve written over 2M+ words of content, thousands of which comprise legal copy. In addition, we don’t just employ every talented writer. On the contrary, only 1% of writers in the legal industry are offered a job. This way, we manage to produce awesome content every time. 

Our freelance writers have the expertise to produce any form of relevant content, from blog posts to social media posts to lead magnets. This means that whatever you need, we’re here. For example, you may want to rewrite an existing article or edit the content a third-party writer delivered. That’s fine. We can do it, too. Just reach out to us, and we promise to help you out as soon as possible.

Why choose Strategically’s legal content writing services?

Legal content everyone understands

Without a doubt, legal content is complex and quite technical, filled with hard-to-understand terminology and phrases. On top of that, legal copy is mostly targeted at people who understand such content, meaning that the average prospect might not be able to grasp every sentence or paragraph. As a result, you, as a lawyer, lose clients because leads won’t convert if they don’t understand what they read. 

If one thing is sure, it’s tempting to go on and on about your services and expertise as a lawyer. Yet, prospects may not understand 100% of what you’re talking about. What you need to do, then, is find the right balance between presenting yourself as an authority within your field of law and stooping down to your average consumer’s level to ensure what you’re saying makes sense.

Fortunately, at Strategically, our legal writers can produce streamlined content that’s engaging and easy to understand. To put it differently, we can produce content your target audience wants to read and get informed about. Let us create copy that encourages prospects to store your details and not to hesitate to contact you in case of need. We’ll omit the jargon and make complicated legal concepts digestible.

Save time to practice law

Most prospects (i.e. attorneys) come to us to help them create their website content. And it makes total sense. Sure, an attorney is capable of writing informative and actionable legal pieces, but writing takes time. In fact, instead of writing, you could spend your time practising law, thus increasing profits and helping out as many clients as possible. Moreover, successful law firms publish blogs daily, something which is unrealistic for attorneys busy in courtrooms. 

So, what’s the solution? 

That’s an easy one. 

You need to focus on outsourcing your content to legal ghostwriters, such as those we employ at Strategically. By doing so, you can focus on retaining new prospects and providing high-end legal services without worrying about writing engaging blogs. On top of this, by working with an accredited agency solution like us, you ensure high-quality content. So, don’t waste time and contact us to skyrocket your content creation! 

Increase your revenue with our legal writing

Undoubtedly, the online cosmos is packed with superficial content that’s not cross-checked or has substance. In addition, the web features such generalised content that prospects end up scratching their heads since they don’t find the answer they’re looking for. Of course, this type of copy manages to alienate visitors instead of converting them. In other words, empty content that doesn’t offer helpful information wastes the prospect’s time, turning them off. 

As expected, Google considers the quality of a law firm’s content as the most critical factor in search rankings. Therefore, most renowned law firms publish only in-depth content that’s both informative and attractive to convert prospects. What’s more, Google has started penalising websites with generalised and not informative content, something which might result in a 20-30% drop in traffic. 

Fortunately, our agency can produce informative legal content addressing real issues and offering prospects substantive solutions. On top of that, through our copy, we aim to provide guidance to legal clients and, in a way, direct them to reach out to your law firm and make use of your legal services. Furthermore, we can discuss topics that attract visitors to your website, use keywords to promote SEO, comply with bar rules about attorney advertising, and demonstrate your expertise and ability to communicate clearly with prospects. 

Finally, we guarantee that we’ll reflect the ethos of your law firm towards the practice of law and clients. Besides, thanks to our collective marketing and content writing experience, we’re real experts when it comes to optimising law firm websites. So, feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We’d be more than happy to hear from you! 

Effective content strategy

An effective content strategy is paramount for any legal information portal or legal website. In fact, your digital marketing strategy doesn’t need to be elaborate or excessive in the information it provides. Yet, your website should feature relevant and high-end content.

 Again, as mentioned above, relevant copy helps you rank high in Google’s search engine. This is if you’re not paying for advertising. To put it differently, such content is relative only if you’re focusing on organic traffic (i.e., a cost-effective way of gaining traction). 

Now, if your content isn’t informative, search engines will bypass it. Yet, what’s content? A few years ago, a weekly blog post might’ve been enough to maintain you in the first spots of the search engines. Today, however, frequent blog posts are what you need, as they’re an efficient and low-cost way of connecting key phrases to your legal firm for SEO. Additionally, the availability of high-quality YouTube or TicToc videos has contributed to lower viewers’ attention span, meaning you need to post content that’s dynamic and easy-to-read. Otherwise, your online presence will become obsolete. 

Our content agency, Strategically, employs the best content writers and marketers. Our partners know how to produce articles, white pages, and blogs that are both informative and actionable. And to meet Google’s SEO demands, the best SEO practices are followed, helping your firm climb the Google ladder and generate qualified leads.

Proven results

Yes, our writing has proven results. Our legal writers have ghostwrited hundreds of articles in legal journals and leading legal information portals. At the same time, they’ve also produced premium legal content for law firms. The writing experience of our team members is supplemented by pathos for legal writing and content marketing.

Our SEO team reviews every piece of content produced by our copywriters, and, of course, if you don’t like what you receive, you’re welcome to ask for revisions. Moreover, our SEO team can optimise your legal website or legal portal and beat the Google algorithm. This combination of backgrounds makes our content writing services special and unique compared to the competition. 

In other words, we know who to write content that turns prospects into paying customers. So, if you’re looking for a complete writing solution that can increase your firm’s visibility on Google’s search engine and convert prospects, you’re in the right place. All you have to do is get in touch, and we’ll assign you one of our best legal writers to cover your content needs. 

This is why your law copy fails to generate results

Even if you’re a big law firm, you might fail to generate results due to poor content decisions. In fact, large law companies or law portals make some common mistakes when creating and publishing legal content on a daily basis. Here is what to avoid: 

Spelling errors: Any article that has misspellings or grammatical errors is an immediate turn off for prospects as it doesn’t instill client confidence. On the contrary, the more bad the grammar of your blogs is, the less of an authority you’d look to consumers. Hence, ensure the content on your website is extremely polished. 

Lack of depth: Let’s clarify something: Writing streamlined content doesn’t mean simplistic. Similarly, writing in a non-technical language doesn’t mean you won’t address sophisticated legal issues. Your copy, therefore, has to have depth and provide information that a prospect cannot easily find with a Google search. You must offer informative, accurate, but understandable content. This way, you present yourself as a legal expert who knows how to communicate complex subjects in a reader-friendly manner. 

Topics no one’s interested in: If your topics aren’t of any interest to the audience, visitors will simply leave your website. Try to publish engaging and interesting topics to legal consumers to avoid wasting their time. At the same time, res judicata might be important legal subjects, but they’re overly complex to host on a legal portal. Keep that in the back of the mind.

Lack of SEO: Statutory language: Lawyers are true masters when it comes to representing people in courtrooms or writing legal issues, but they’re not experts in SEO optimisation. So, even if you publish highly curated content, you may not have any traffic if you don’t have SEO knowledge. Simple. 

Wrong content: If your content is inaccurate, prospects won’t trust you and avoid using your legal services. That’s all there is to it. Even though you can review the content of your legal writing team, working closely with a dedicated content writing solution, like Strategically, can be better, as agencies employ expert legal writers that double-and-triple-check the compelling content they deliver. 

Legal content writing service: what’s included

We research, write, edit, and proofread content as a managed legal writing solution. Here’s some more detail:

Jargon-free content - Legal content is complex by nature, so it makes sense that most people might not be able to comprehend it. Consequently, we write such content in an easy-to-understand manner. This way, everyone knows what’s going on, even people who have never had to cooperate with attorneys before. 

100% authentic - We know how important authenticity and originality is when it comes to content. In fact, as an agency, we’re strongly against any form of plagiarism. Therefore, we ensure content is not plagiarised by running through a high-end plagiarism checker.

SEO - To generate qualified leads and boost your website’s traffic, you need perfectly optimised copy. For this reason, we use Surfer SEO, a great SEO optimisation tool. 

Professional writers - Our legal writing team crafts engaging and informative content. Over the last years, we’ve written thousands of legal pieces for some of the most renowned legal firms and legal information portals. On top of that, when we post legal writing jobs. we only hire the writers with the greatest legal blog writing skills to ensure the content we deliver is always perfect.

Edited and proofread content - If our content doesn’t pass through a number of editing and proofreading stages, we don’t deliver it. We always ensure that what you receive meets your high standards. And if not, we offer FREE revisions. 

Unlimited revisions - Web copy can definitely be subjective. So, if you’re not entirely happy with our content, you can offer us valuable feedback. This can help us to sharpen it to match your target audience, brand voice, or ethos as a legal firm. And, the best thing is that we don’t charge for revisions. They’re free. So, be sure to... take advantage of this service! 

Legal content writing service: what’s included?

Ordering your content couldn’t be any easier, as the whole process takes just six steps: 

Step 1: Send your titles, brief, and keywords

As you order the type of content and define the number of words, don’t forget to also forward your brief and chosen keywords. Additionally, informing us about your preferred titles is a good idea, too. 

Step 2: We work on a detailed outline

We use your information to create an in-depth outline for our writers to follow. For this reason, remember that it’s imperative to be as detailed as possible in your brief. 

Step 3: You give us the green light

Before we begin writing your content, you get to see the outline and approve it. If it doesn’t meet your expectations, you can request us to change it. 

Step 4: We write and edit the content

This is our moment to shine. Once we give us the go-ahead, we write, edit, and proofread your ordered content. Of course, before we even begin writing, we research your topic again to ensure we’re on the right track. 

On that note, bear in mind that our writers are not lawyers! But they will do everything in their power to explain relevant regulations. Our writers are experts writers and researchers in any industry, including law.

Step 5: We return the final draft

You receive your content on time and schedule, as agreed. The copy is usually a shared online document on which you add your comments and feedback for our writers to see. 

Step 6: Implementing feedback

If required, you’re free to make direct edits on the completed draft as stated above. Once you’ve made your edits, we return the copy back to you, and it’s ready to be published. 


What does a legal writer do?

A legal writer produces legal documents or draft agreements as a rule of thumb. That said, a legal content writer, like the writers we employ at Strategically, crafts high-end legal blog posts, articles, white pages, and so on. In other words, legal content writers do not produce legal documents, as this requires legal authority (i.e., we’re not lawyers).

Our legal writers can produce a vast range of content, such as blogs, lead magnets, and white pages, in various fields of law. In fact, these are the fields of law we cover as an agency:

  • Administrative law
  • Business law
  • Criminal law
  • Civil rights law
  • Corporate law
  • Entertainment law
  • Family law
  • Health law
  • Environmental law
  • Real estate
  • Tax law
  • Employment law
  • Intellectual property law

What’s more, we can also create compelling content like eBooks, brochures for your legal services, legal analysis, or press releases, or create blogs for your sales funnels. So, if you need such content, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a quote. 

How much does a legal writer charge?

This depends on the legal writer you choose to work with. Mostly, freelance legal writers charge either per hour or per project. That said, keep in mind that the number of words, the inclusion of SEO optimisation, and the amount of legal research needed also add to the final price. Regrettably, these considerations make it challenging to determine how much you’re going to invest in your content. You don’t know how much time a freelance writer needs to write a legal blog, for example, or how they’d charge to take care of your monthly content needs. 

At Strategically, we make it easy for you to budget your content needs because we offer an upfront per-word fee. There are no hidden costs, and we don’t charge for revisions. This means that with us, you’ve nothing to fear, as you know what you’d need to pay from the first moment. On the contrary, with freelancers or generic agencies, you cannot be sure whether the price you’re given is final. Or that they won’t charge extra for revisions. 

What should I look for in a legal content writer?

Above all, legal writers need to be knowledgeable and able to create digestible, easy-to-read content. They need to have a deep understanding of the legal industry, such as regional and national laws, and court proceedings. Additionally, legal writers should possess research abilities, excellent communication skills, and have an attention to detail. 

Simply put, a legal writer is required to conduct research related to their writing. They must know how to find information from reputable sources and then engagingly relay this information using proper citations. Likewise, having top-notch communication skills is also a must, as legal writers need to stay in touch with clients when working on their content. In addition, having active listening skills is essential, too, as they need to understand 100% of clients’ writing needs. 

Finally, being meticulous and having attention to detail is paramount, as well. The legal industry is complex, so legal writers must pay attention to details. This involves ensuring they cite the correct law codes, explain the procedures accurately, or write complicated concepts simply. Moreover, expert legal writers should also take care to use appropriate grammar, formatting, and spacing. Or, at least, to work with an editor and proofreader. 

If you choose a content writing solution, such as Strategically, you ensure that the legal writers you cooperate with meet the above criteria. So, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. We’ll do everything within our power to help you with your legal content needs. 

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