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Mental health writing services from responsible mental health writers

Are you looking for a mental health content writer?

Mental health content requires a writer with substantial experience and knowledge on the subject, but they also need to be able to show compassion, empathy, and understanding towards people who suffer from mental illness. 

A successful mental health writer will be able to produce mental health blog content that features success stories of recovery and presents resources for mental health support. 

Working alongside a professional and acclaimed agency, you will be investing your money in experts. We can guarantee that our mental health copy will be engaging, highly readable and very carefully edited. And if you're ever unhappy with the content we provide, we offer free, unlimited revisions. 

Producing high-quality content is not enough to guarantee the success of your health website or maximise the reach of your health organisation. To do this, you need highly optimised SEO content too, which is the surefire way to boost your website's traffic. 

At our content writing services, Strategically, we've helped over 250 companies skyrocket their business and written over 8M+ words. 

Writing sensitive healthcare topics in a caring and empathetic way is challenging. We know that — we produce copy about other healthcare-related subjects, such as vaccines, hospices, senior living, and palliative care. Our dedicated account managers and seasoned copywriters are ready to understand your requirements and exceed your expectations. 

Why choose Strategically's mental health writing services? 

Empathetic and caring content

Great mental health content should be more than simply informative and accurate. It needs to offer comfort, provide hope, and build a connection with the target audience.

Mental health copy should offer relevant resources to help readers overcome barriers to treatment. People with a mental illness, such as depression, often express difficulty finding a mental health professional with behavioural health knowledge. So, apart from informing about a particular mental illness, good mental health copy will assist readers in locating relevant health services.

Well-crafted mental health content can also include:

  • Q&A posts
  • Pieces highlighting promising research
  • Day-in-the-life updates that showcase the patient/caregiver/provider relationship

Our agency, Strategically, covers all these forms of content and more.


Boosting your SEO is vital if you are to increase your website's traffic and expand your reach and readership. Climbing Google's search results is the key to reaching a greater audience.

Our mental health writers know how to generate premium content to boost your website's or organisation's traffic. They do this by utilising Surfer SEO, one of the world's best SEO tools. Our writing team follows the tool's suggestions to conduct manual keyword research in order to produce copy that satisfies Google's algorithm. 

Furthermore, we generate high authority backlinks and write high-value content that inspires and offers support to readers, especially when it comes to mental health content. If anyone's an expert in optimising content, it's us! 

A reliable partner 

Websites that attain a loyal audience are those with a capable and reliable team. It can be challenging to expand your current unit and add new team members. We can help you streamline this process and become an extension of your writing team.

Let us take the burden off your shoulders and produce considerate and caring mental health content whenever your team doesn't have the time or aptitude for it. We can even pair you with a dedicated mental health writer.

Expert writers

To produce accurate, error-free, and fluent content, we employ expert writers and proofreaders. Our mental health writers are experts in health writing, specialising in mental health illnesses, pharmaceuticals, and support. They are seasoned in creating behavioural health news stories, creating landing pages for health organisations, and analysing mental health studies. 

Producing mental health content: how we work

Here's our content creation process divided into six steps.

Step 1: You submit your order

Submit your order through our friendly and easy-to-use order management system. Try to give us a detailed brief, but don't worry if you don't have one, as we can create one together, side-by-side. 

Step 2: We prepare an in-depth outline

We use your brief or notes from our discussion to create an outline of content for our writing team. We do this to ensure that our writers have everything they need to create fantastic content. 

Step 3: You approve the outline

You review our outline and, if you find it meets the brief, give us the green light to get started!

If you've had a rethink, you can always make new suggestions and we'll update the outline.

Step 4: We write and edit your content

Your assigned writer will begin writing your content. Once written, it will be passed over to our editorial and proofreading team, to ensure it is ready for publication.

The time needed to create and edit your copy depends on its length and requirements, such as SEO. Generally, we deliver content within 7 days of ordering. 

Step 5: You review our copy 

We deliver your copy within the agreed schedule.

We want you to be 100% satisfied so, at this stage, you can request revisions.

Step 6: We work on your feedback 

Unlike competitors, we offer an unlimited review policy. Asking for revisions is easy. You can add notes to the document itself, so the writer can see. Once we've updated your copy, we'll return it.


What does a mental health writer do?

A mental health writer produces content for websites, health organisations, online magazines, and print magazines. Mental health writers write about a full range of mental illness, behavioural health and psychological trauma topics. They are always careful to avoid derogatory language, like lunatic, deranged, psycho, and crazy to avoid reinforcing stereotypes about mental illnesses. 

Our mental health writers put people first and always treat every illness with respect and understanding.

What does mental health writing consist of?

Mental health writing aims to help explain in a simple, jargon-free way complicated mental health conditions, including different types of depression. According to research, expressive writing enhances self-awareness and decreases depression symptoms, anxiety thoughts, and stress. 

Mental health writing can range from blog posts, white papers, and how-tos to analyses of clinical research and mental health news reporting. Mental health content for health organisations or healthcare websites is also a part of mental health writing, as is copy for someone's private practice webpage.

How do I find a great mental health writer?

One way of finding a capable writer is by searching online and looking for writers with 5-star reviews from at least ten different clients. If you go for a writing solution, such as an agency, look for one with a great reputation, like Strategically. 

Be careful! Not every freelance mental health writer is capable or even eligible to touch such sensitive subjects. You should do due diligence and ask for a relevant portfolio before agreeing to work with someone. If you do choose a freelance writer, try to work together on a few articles first before making any long-term commitment.

Working with agencies is the safer choice.

How much does mental health copy cost?

This depends on many factors, such as the writer's work, the amount of time required to conduct proper research on the subject (the writer has to read and understand scientific journals and studies), the level of SEO-optimisation, and the total number of words.

Freelancers charge an hourly rate or a fixed price. In both scenarios, it's not clear what you might be paying for the project - if you require revisions, the freelancer might ask for an extra payment. If you decide to work with a freelancer mental health writer, ask them if they offer free revisions and, if not, how much they charge for them. 

With an agency, what you pay upfront will be the final price. With Strategically there are no hidden costs, as we charge set rates according to the number of words you need and the level of SEO optimisation. You always know exactly what you are going to pay before we even get started working on your copy. 

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