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We've written over 20M words of content for 1000+ happy website owners and companies, including SaaS giants, VWO, ABTasty, and Baremetrics.

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“Recommendations are precise and to the point, always linking to the end business results. Strategically go above and beyond explaining complex concepts and strategies, that are transformative to any business and at the right price point as well.”


“Great experience - professional, high quality work! Great writer, autonomous, with good ideas and excellent execution.”


“It’s been great working with Strategically. They quickly got an understanding of our industry: our solution, users, and goals. And produced great content, always on time.”

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Our SaaS content writers have written for Baremetrics, ABTasty, and more


We create a deeply customised, data-driven content marketing strategy to power your sales.


Your articles are prepared by an expert writer, proofread and passed through a plagiarism checker.


We integrate your keywords into your blog posts to ensure they are optimised for the search engines.

Expert Content Writers For Your SaaS Business

Looking for a SaaS content writer?

SaaS is complex by nature, and it's important that you outsource your content to a writer who is both experienced in, and passionate about, writing in this niche. Your copy needs to be exceptional in every way - and most importantly, it should speak directly to your end user.

At our content writer company, Strategically, we deliver content for some of the biggest names in the SaaS space, including ABTasty, VWO, and Baremetrics.

We understand the importance of creating content that brings in valuable leads and ultimately boosts your sales and revenue. We hire the top 1% of SaaS writers to guarantee value and quality in every project.

We work with SaaS companies individually to determine their short- and long-term content goals, before implementing a content marketing strategy that can help achieve their desired results.

We have a wealth of experience in SaaS content creation, including AI and machine learning, mobile applications, B2B and B2C service-led tools, and more.

"Strategically is an absolute pleasure to work with! The team was able to wrap their heads around the product we work with, which is a metrics product for SaaS. The content is filled with specific product-related knowledge that really speaks to our audience and helps us talk with our customers! Definitely recommend working with them!"

Lindsey Rogerson, Baremetrics

Why choose Strategically for your SaaS content?

Educate and attract new customers

Most other industries require descriptive writing to explain what something looks like. This is because the majority of readers are familiar with how a pair of shoes or a laptop, for instance, can solve their problems.

When writing for SaaS audiences, the opposite is true. Visitors to your website might not know much about the benefits of your product, or even how it works. Our writers focus on the intangible benefits of your software (including reviews of iGaming machines), teaching readers of its uses and benefits simultaneously.

Explain complex ideas in a reader-friendly manner

Many SaaS companies find it challenging to simplify their products when explaining them to the end user. Our SaaS copywriters have the writing skills required to explain your complex ideas in a compelling, reader-friendly manner.

We understand the value of speaking directly to the end user and helping them to understand how a B2C or B2B SaaS product can solve a problem that they face in their working or personal lives.

Stand out in a competitive market

There are more than 15,000 SaaS companies in the US alone, and over 2,000 in the UK, with more than 14 billion customers worldwide. The demand for SaaS clearly exists - but standing out in such a competitive market can be challenging, especially for small businesses and start-up SaaS companies.

Our professional writing team has decades of collective experience in writing for B2C and B2B SaaS companies. We have the copywriting skills and SaaS knowledge to produce unique content that will boost your organic traffic, bring in new leads, and give customers the information they need to choose you over your competitors.

Use the right keywords to bring in new leads

It's difficult enough for most businesses to figure out the right combination of high- and low-volume keywords to use in website or blog post copy. Keyword use can be even more challenging for B2C and B2B SaaS companies, where the keywords themselves can be complex.

At Strategically, we'll simplify your keyword strategy and make sure you're using the right keywords to attract users who may know little or nothing, about your product. We are an SEO writing company. We use SEO software to analyze the keywords that your competitors use to take the first spots in Google rankings.

Use unique sales strategies to promote your service

Customers are more hesitant to buy from SaaS companies because SaaS products aren't tangible - they can't be touched, and this often reduces the customer's interest.

Our expert SaaS freelance writer team can combine sales and digital marketing techniques to bring organic traffic to your site and show visitors the true value and benefit of your offering. We'll use the right words to help your target audience imagine themselves using your service, and the benefits they will experience.

Secure long-term clients

Most SaaS products work on subscription, so it's not only important that your business can generate leads - you'll also need to encourage your customers to stick around. Creating compelling content can work within a larger marketing strategy to persuade your audience to stay loyal.

Our technical content writers can deliver actionable blog content and website copy that makes it clear to readers that your service is the best ongoing solution to their problem. We're experienced in marketing brands across the SaaS niche, and know what to say to ensure you secure - and keep hold of - long-term clients.

Reduce cost per acquisition for new leads

The average organic customer cost per acquisition in B2B is $205, or £150. Acquiring new customers inorganically is even more expensive - around $341, or £250. If you're a B2B SaaS business, you don't need telling: the cost per acquisition for new SaaS leads is sky-high.

Our SaaS copywriter team can do more than just boost your ranking on the search engines. We'll provide meaningful content that will educate your customers and build trust with your brand. We focus on how we can produce the most engaging content for your target audiences, producing our own set of editorial guidelines for tone, style, and structure, all with the goal of lowering customer acquisition costs.

Our services

Our fintech writing team can assist with the following forms of content:

Our process

If you're outsourcing your SaaS copy to an expert, it makes sense that you don't expect to put in the hard work yourself. That's why, when you work with us, we'll do all the legwork - from analyzing your competitors in the SaaS industry to researching related keywords and devising an SEO content strategy to boost your online presence.

Whatever your SaaS marketing goals, we've made the ordering process as simple as possible. Here's what will happen when you work with our B2C or B2B content writers:

1. Submit your content request

If you've got an idea of what you're looking for, let us know. Provide the titles for your content, plus a brief and required word length.

2. Leave us to write your content

Your dedicated freelance writer will prepare your content. It will then be edited and passed through a plagiarism checker.

3. We'll deliver your content on time

When the articles are completed, we'll format them to install on your own website or blog, and then email you with the end result. If you want to hop on a call to review the article together, we're happy to help!

What’s included

  • Edited and proofread - We send all content through a multi-stage editing process after it has been written by the writer.
  • SEO optimized - We create content on Surfer SEO (on your request) to perfectly optimize your content and increase your search engine ranking.
  • Unlimited revisions - Feedback and edits help us create spot-on content in your eyes. If something isn't quite right, we'll fix it.
  • Expert writers - Whether you need long-form content or carefully considered SEO optimized content, we'll pair you with an expert freelance writer.
  • Tailored brand tone - To ensure effective communication with your audience, we'll tailor your content to suit your brand's tone.


What is SAAS content writing?

SaaS content writing is the process of informing, entertaining or editing customers, readers and visitors in the SaaS niche.

What is SaaS copywriting?

SaaS copywriting typically has a defined marketing goal, such as to sell a SaaS product or service (such as sales copy).

Copywriting and content writing are terms that are commonly used interchangeably, because generally, most businesses are looking for a copywriter and a content writer. At Strategically, our writers are versed in both copywriting and content writing, so you can get the best of both worlds.

How can SaaS copywriting help my business?

Excellent content is just as important as your other digital marketing facets. If your current copy isn't achieving your intended results, you should consider outsourcing your copywriting duties to an expert SaaS content writer.

High-quality SaaS copywriting can drive and engage web traffic by turning barely-aware readers into prospects. Quality content can also increase user conversion rates, increase click-through rates, gain more email-list sign-ups, and ultimately, increase sales and revenue.

What type of content is required for SaaS?

Generally, a combination of long-form content (such as explainer blog posts) and short, snappy sales copy (for product or landing pages) works best for B2C and B2B SaaS companies.

Whatever content you need, the end goal of your SaaS copy should always be to help customers understand your product, educate your customers on how your product works, and demonstrate how it can solve their problems.

Our SaaS copywriting team can create unique content according to your desired content marketing outcomes.

Should I work with a freelance SaaS writer or an agency?

Both have their benefits, but working with an agency that specialises in SaaS content is the better option. An agency can pair you with a freelance writer who is best suited to your project, in terms of the writer's past experience, tone of voice, and writing style. When you work with a single freelance writer, you'll have to put your own work to find writers who best fit your brand.

Why is content marketing so important for SaaS?

At Strategically, our freelance writing pros don't just write content. We also focus on content marketing, which is what really drives sales in the SaaS market.

It's not enough to write the odd blog post with your main competitive keyword in the title. In the competitive world of SaaS startups, you need a content strategist who can provide the copy you need in all the moving parts that make for a successful content marketing strategy.

To rank for high-conversion, high-intent keywords, you need content marketing that builds trust and authority, and drives qualified, targeted traffic to your site. Whether you're looking for web copy for a sales funnel or you want to produce a blog post campaign to sell a specific product, we can help you achieve your SaaS marketing goals.

Why should I choose Strategically for my SaaS content?

The key difference between Strategically and a generic content agency is that our writers specialize in B2C and B2B SaaS copy. Even if a generic agency can pair you with a business-focused writer who knows various industries, it doesn't mean they have the right experience required for writing blogs and marketing brands in the SaaS space.

There's a noticeable difference in the quality of content produced by most writers with no SaaS experience and a freelance writer who has been writing solely in the SaaS niche for the past five years. We've rewritten enough content produced by generic agencies to know this first-hand.

Is Strategically the right choice for everyone?

If you want amazing content that drives qualified leads, Strategically is the right choice for you.

If you want quick, overnight results, or cheap content, Strategically isn't the best fit for your intentions.

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