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Join a remote-working, global team and use your high-end financial literacy to improve the world's best websites.

Strategically is for you if you: 

  • Yearn to help some of the world's best business entities develop and influence their future by transforming complex financial information into digestible content. 
  • Aspire to apply and further grow your financial knowledge and know-how to highly rewarding projects.
  • Want to join a dynamic remote-working team that challenges and encourages you to work as best as you can.
  • Seek autonomy, freedom, independence and the work-life balance you deserve without ever having to return to an office.
Joining Strategically Could Be Your Smartest Move

Headquartered in London in the United Kingdom, Strategically is a customer-focused writing agency helping people get more leads and turn them into conversions. We specialise in digital marketing, including SaaS, eCommerce, lead generation, SEO, web hosting and web development. 

Strategically was founded in 2012, and since then, we've helped industry leaders produce informative, engaging and actionable content. Our past and present clients include AB Tasty, authority website hosting review blog, Gmelius, London-based boutique SEO agency, Bubblegum Search and AdScale. We've also ghostwritten for large business websites like and

As we continuously develop new client relationships, our agency grows fast. If you think you've got what it takes to become a member of our team and consider yourself a master wordsmith, we'd love to hear from you. 

Near the end of this page, you'll find a list of the roles we're actively hiring for. Before anything else, however, we'll analyse why working for Strategically could be the best decision you'll ever make.

The Best Reasons Our Team Members Joined Us

1. Work remotely from anywhere in the world. As a global agency, we're always on the lookout for the very best of people, so location is irrelevant to us. Although we won't expect you to visit clients, so you have more time to spend with your loved ones, you might need to occasionally communicate with some on the phone or via a video call. 

2. Help prestigious clients. From innovative startups to industry-leading companies, our clients are exceptional at what they do. 

3. Become the best you can be. We'll share every secret we've discovered about writing great and effective copy. Join us to evolve into a writing ninja. Just be careful with those shurikens! 

4. Collaborate with awesome colleagues, experts in their respective fields. We're continuously growing to become the best agency in the UK and beyond. Our clients are some of the world's most innovative and forward-thinking business owners. So, being surrounded by exciting and sophisticated company is guaranteed. 

5. Develop professionally and personally. There are no bosses in our agency—only mentors and helpful people. With our in-depth writing guides and advice, we'll train you to optimise your performance and hone your writing skills. 

6. Join a highly collaborative culture. Every newcomer is welcomed as an equal team member. No exceptions. From the moment you step in, you'll feel as welcome as if you had been part of our caring team for years. 

Work Remotely From the Comfort of Your Home

There's no denying it. Remote working is the future. Since our beginning in 2012, we've focused on remote work culture, enabling both employees and clients to connect and collaborate seamlessly. 

In fact, by working remotely, you can change your life and drastically improve your work-life balance. For this reason, we encourage our team members to entertain the freedom that remote work offers. 

We're happy they can spend quality time with loved ones, don't waste energy commuting or miss out on important family events, have the time to stay fit and healthy and follow their passions outside of work. In this way, they contribute to a fun and productive work environment.  

You'll Be Collaborating With Amazing People

The Strategically team includes passionate wordsmiths, meticulous editors and open-minded supervisors. We're all in this together, and while we're at it, we strive to work as best as we can. Besides, we owe our growth and reputation to the commitment of creating irresistible and actionable content, perfect for converting prospects into customers. 

If you believe you'd be a worthy asset to our team, reach out to discuss your potential onboarding. 

You’ll Be Part of a Fast-Growing, Open-Minded and Fun Writing Agency

Today, most writers are employed by one of the two following company types: startups or writing corporations. 

Choosing the culture of a startup is exciting, as a startup business is always looking to grow and develop. While open-mindedness might be a high priority, as well as pace, employees are always at some kind of risk. Similarly, large enterprises may offer security, but there's little room for innovation and the movement is slow and dull.

Strategically, however, is the best of both worlds. We have an entrepreneurial, fast-paced and inherently fun culture, and we're always open to everyone for anything. There are no shut doors here or boring, cumbersome practices, only openness and appreciation for our team members and partners. 

Considering our growth and size, we guarantee that your salary will always arrive on time. In fact, depending on your experience, you can aim really high with your salary estimate. Besides, we acknowledge how hard-working our team members are, and we want to be the employer they look up to. 

We Welcome Everyone. With Us, You're Free to Be Yourself, and We Like It.

Diversity and equal opportunity are two of the elements that define Strategically (and the ones we're most proud of). We welcome everyone, regardless of their language, age, racial identity, beliefs, passions, accessibility requirements, social needs and neurodiversity. Besides, without diversity and empathy, we would not be able to understand our clients' companies and projects' unique needs. Consequently, if anything, we seek variety.

Work for Us to Learn Valuable Life Skills

Working is not only about producing high-quality, top-notch work. On the contrary, learning a diverse range of invaluable life skills is equally important. Strategically comprises a team of get-togethers, ready to share and teach others the ways of life and how to be highly productive in a contemporary remote-working environment. Work with us to learn to:

  • Have fun while producing high-end content
  • Optimise your work-life balance
  • Be successful and write killer copy
  • Harness the secret of happiness and fulfilment
  • Process optimisation
  • Work to tight deadlines
  • Think out of the box to deliver the best possible results every time
  • Maintain healthy work relationships through distance 
I Want to Apply, but I May not Be Qualified

Let's clarify something: When we joined Strategically, most of us didn't come from formidable backgrounds or were seasoned writers. On the contrary, some of our highest-performing members were incredible people unfortunate enough to work in mediocre, uninspiring surroundings. In other words, we're on the lookout for talent.

If you are unsure whether you're a good match for our team, apply anyway. Don't think twice. We're experienced in what we do, so we can recognise a diamond in the rough at a glance. When applying, remember to share your portfolio! 

Financial Writer

Financial writers are responsible for generating financial content, such as financial documents, articles, news items, comprehensive learning guides and textbooks about finances.  It goes without saying, but it is a must for this role to be knowledgeable about current finance trends, stock markets, investments, dividends and relevant economic nomenclature. Producing cutting-edge financial content is also a requirement for your consideration, so having great writing skills is vital.

As a final note, if you are dependable and constantly produce great financial content for both the US market and the European one, you might be promoted to finance manager, or more accurately, to the manager of other finance writers.

Skills & Qualifications
  • Deep knowledge of financial terminology and comprehensive understanding of economics, including financial modeling, financial markets and accounting principles. 
  • Able to analyse and generate statistical reports.
  • Can conceptualise, research and write actionable content.
  • Ability to transform complex financial concepts into approachable, digestible content.
  • Able to adopt different brand voices and writing styles. 
  • Experience in SEO and familiarity with digital marketing concepts. 
  • Exceptional organisational, project management and problem-solving skills. 
  • Able to work independently and work with multiple projects running at the same time while meeting deadlines. 
  • Great grammar (i.e., spelling, cohesion, word flow, etc.). 
  • Proficient in workplace technology and solutions such as office suites (e.g., Microsoft Office), CRM software and project management tools. 
  • Commitment to quality and a sense of personal accountability.
  • Bachelor's degree or college degree in a related field, or have worked for a financial services firm.  

How to Apply 

Please submit examples of your work to be considered for this position. Oh, and sharing your résumé is a good idea, too. 

Again, Even if You're Not a Seasoned Finance Writer, We'd Still Be Delighted to Read Your Application

We offer a great opportunity for a successful financial writer or people with the right financial knowledge but limited writing experience, at least when it comes to being published. 

In every case, we're constantly on the lookout for smart, dedicated, ambitious and committed people ready to become fantastic finance writers and great at developing a series of different content, like financial reports, case studies, landing pages, lead magnets, financial analysis, financial news, financial services, social media posts, etc. 

No matter the role you're applying for, the application process stays the same. In fact, you might not be sure if, despite your financial literacy, you can work as a financial writer. That's fine. Apply now, and we'll work together to explore the position that best suits your experience, skills and strengths. 

An Enjoyable Hiring Process

Some companies have in place a rigorous and uninspiring hiring process. Fortunately, not us. At Strategically, each step of our hiring process offers plenty of opportunities for prospective team members to experience who we are, how we work and how we collaborate with our clients to deliver the best possible results. So, when the time for onboarding arrives, you'll know exactly what to expect without having to make a leap of faith. Our hiring process is as follows:

  1. You submit your written application. Explain your previous work experience, achievements and how you can relate to the job position. As you tell us about yourself and your skills, also remember to mention your ambitions and goals. On that note, submitting a video or a voice message to help us get to know you better would be a nice gesture, as well. 
  2. You get to meet us in an online interview. At this stage, you'll receive an email to schedule an interview. We just want to get to know each other and understand whether we would be a good fit. We might ask you to quickly write us a paragraph or two of a complex financial passage to determine your financial literacy. At the same time, we might ask you to explain how you deal with multiple projects and deadlines and how you approach a brief. 
  3. You get to work on a paid assignment. There's only one way to confidently understand if you'd be a good fit for our team: doing some work together. We'll assign you a paid trial article to see how you approach work, express yourself, and write engaging, actionable and easy-to-digest content. If you find the process enjoyable, then possibly you'll enjoy working at Strategically. 
  4. Time for the introductions. You'll join our communication platform for the appropriate introductions, plus get invited to create an account and join our project management tool, from where you'll view your tasks.
  5. Complete the admin. You'll sign the relevant agreements, reference checks, etc. In short, at this stage, we try to get the admin over with to welcome you to the team officially. 
  6. Welcome aboard! Strategically has been a remote working company since 2012, so if anyone's an expert in onboarding, it's us. Our sharing team will do everything they can to make you feel at home and settle in. At the same time, you'll get access to learning resources and writing guidelines, so you're prepared to satisfy our clients 101%. 
Job Positions

We’re Hiring for the Following Roles

At the moment, we have many job ads available. We’re looking for writers who are specialised in:

Bear in mind that if you're a freelancer, we understand that you might have your own clients or projects—separate jobs. But, we don't mind. On the contrary, this means you're already aware of how to deal with multiple ongoing projects and tight deadlines. However, please mention this when applying. 

Finally, if you're employed by one of our clients or a company considering using our writing expertise, unfortunately, we can't consider you for our writer jobs. 

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