9 January 2023
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32 ad copy examples that increase conversion

32 ad copy examples that increase conversion

Product advertisement is not a modern invention. Historians believe the first ad was made in ancient Egypt in 3000 BC. And ads are everywhere in today's world. But how many of them stick to us? Do you remember any advertisement from 10 or 5 years ago? 

Think about what you remember from your favorite ads. A catchline or a dialogue? Yes, the ad copy is the heart and soul of any successful advertising campaign. Since it can make or break a campaign, the text has to be captivating and impactful.

But what makes excellent ad copy make a business stand out in the ocean of millions of ads? There are a lot of theories, tips, and tricks about making the best ad, but we believe in the age-old saying, "Example is better than perception."

Let's look at some of the best ad copy examples and see what makes them tick. These will help you create stellar copies that stop the audience from scrolling. 

An outstanding ad copy can be the difference between making a sale and seeing your customer scroll past your product. To create a successful ad, you must grasp the features that make the best ones different from the rest. Those unique features can be a single thing or ideas collaborating harmoniously.

Let's discuss the features that can help you create an effective ad that attracts customers and encourages them to take action. 


CTA or Call To Action button is a one-way path that can be placed in the ad copy to control your audience's next step. 

Not only does the button provide a visual cue to click, but the fact that the user can take action immediately upon seeing the ad increases the chances of getting clicks. It can make taking action easier for viewers and more likely to result in a conversion.

In fact, CTA buttons can result in an incredible boost in click-through rates. Using a high-contrast background will draw attention to the button. Still, simple designs work, too, depending on your audience type.  

Credit: Vyper

Image Link

This above Facebook ad example includes a CTA button, "Learn More." It takes interested people directly to the landing page, where they can sign up for the webinar. The straightforward approach is likely to result in more conversions. 

Without a CTA button, interested customers wouldn't know what to do to join the webinar. And now, many people would visit the Facebook page or ask in their inbox to learn more. So, the decisive button saves it from being another social media ad you scroll past.

Credit: Share This

While this "Melyssa Griffin" is not a bad example, the absence of a CTA button may confuse readers about taking the following action.

Easy to Read

Easy-to-read copy lets readers quickly understand the ad's message, leading to more informed decisions and higher customer satisfaction.

A good copy should use straightforward language that is easy to follow. It ensures that the readers can easily digest the information and grasp the ad's main point. When they understand the message quickly, there's a high chance that they will remember it and act on the call to action.

Additionally, an easy-to-read copy provides more space for visuals, which can further increase the effectiveness of the ad by adding more context and visual cues.

The LeadQuizzes ad example drives the point home by keeping the copy short and on point. But many people will skip or skim through the long texts in the Melyssa Griffin copy.


Your ad copy should have less text and be more conversational. Nobody wants to read something that sounds robotic and sparks no emotion. 

Creating a dialogue that speaks directly to customers can make an ad more effective and successful. A conversational copy allows a more natural approach to communication, creating an intimate experience for customers and encouraging them to take action.

Additionally, a conversational style can provide more room for creativity, allowing the writer to use storytelling and imagery to capture the reader's attention better. It can be handy when trying to convey complex messages clearly and concisely.

For example, the Melyssa Griffin ad starts with a greeting, which is a conversational opening. It makes readers feel like she is speaking to them directly.


Emojis are great for making an ad engaging and effective. They emphasize sentiment, add interest, and draw attention to critical points. Additionally, emojis can help break up the text and make it more visually appealing.

Studies have shown that social posts with emojis drive more engagement and interactions. So, using emojis in an ad makes it more personal and relatable. Whether it's used to add a bit of fun or to emphasize an important point, emojis can drive people to take action. 

The Melyssa Griffin ad copy starts with a greeting emoji, which will push many people to read at least the first few sentences. However, don't put irrelevant or way too many emojis. Otherwise, people can assume your brand isn't too professional or trustworthy. 

So, make the copy-friendly yet professional enough. You can hire skilled marketing content writers to write good ad copy for your business.

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What should be the approaches to writing the best ad copy?

There are no hard and fast rules or approaches to writing good ad copy, but following some tips and tricks can surely hit the target audience's attention. 

We've discussed the best tricks to help you write the best ad copy. Let's get to know them!

Sense of urgency

Do you know anyone who doesn't like offers or deals? I bet you don't. Who does not love to get discounts or BOGO offers? 

However, what pushes people the most is the urge to grab a deal that's ending soon. The sense of missing out on the opportunity leads them to act fast.

So, if you write your ad copy in a way that creates a sense of loss if the audience doesn't take action soon, there'll be more chances of conversion and a high click-through rate. You can invoke that feeling in these ways:

  • Scarcity ad copy 

Usually, people want to take advantage of exclusive deals and items. So, if your ad copy emphasizes the scarcity of a product, many people will want to grab that particular opportunity. 

For example, you can say, "First 10 customers will get 20% off on any writing service" or "Only 50 units of hoodies left at 50% discount." 

People will be crazy to miss that chance, and there'll be more clicks.

  • Loss-aversion ad copy

Another type of urgency-style ad copy is informing your audience how they might miss out on something big if they don't choose your product. 

If your ad copy can point out their loss successfully, the audience will try to avert that loss. For example, "Last 50 pieces of One Piece puzzle set left. Hurry up!"

  • Control ad copy 

People feel more attracted to the product or services that they control in some ways. 

If the customers can customize the product, they will likely make a purchase and inform others to get your service. 

For example, "Create your writing service bundle from our available offers and get an exclusive rate." Another example could be, "Print your favorite design on our premium-quality t-shirts."

Make the audience feel awesome

Who doesn't want to feel good? One of the best marketing efforts is to make your customers believe in themselves and boost their confidence. 

Suppose you sell beauty products. In your copy, remind your customers how beautiful they are. This way, you can satisfy their ego and persuade them to click on the ad.

  • Ego satisfaction ad copy 

Everyone likes to be praised or reminded about their worth and what incredible things they deserve. If you take a chance on this mindset, you can easily convert more leads by boosting their self-esteem or meeting their emotional needs. 

For example, your ad copy can be "An oven that every cooking enthusiast person deserves" or "A seminar for the curious minds out there." 

These two ad copy examples make the audience feel how awesome they are. This appreciation will drive them to sign up for a service or buy a product.

  • Luxury ad copy

Many people like finer things in life and always look for things that scream elegance and luxury. For example, "Enjoy family holidays in our exclusive glamping sites. Limited entries."

Also, some people love the luxurious aspect without its steep price tag. You can apply the same trick slightly differently to grab their attention. Write ad copy like, "Get gold-plated silverware to surprise your guests at an unbelievable price!"

  • Gain-seeking ad copy 

Make your customer feel like they are winning big by buying your products. Highlight a BOGO deal or a huge advantage they'll get from your business. 

For instance, "Buy 2 burgers and get 1 free" can attract more customers to your restaurants. Another example could be, "Order any two writing services and get 15% off."

Social proof and influencer

The social media platforms collectively had 4.26 billion users worldwide in 2021. The number will only grow to around 6 billion by 2027. And these people can be invaluable in promoting your brand or helping it grow. 

Also, most people are heavily into the social media influencer culture. They trust an influencer more than the words of big brands. 

Demonstrating the integrity and quality of your service is the key to success. It'll always gain more customers, and your business will grow fast. You can prove that with reviews or testimonials or hire an influencer to promote your products.

For example, if you sell protein powder, hire a fitness guru to promote your products. People will trust a bodybuilder with a huge fan following more than the words of a celebrity. 

Let's see some of the ways that can inflict faith in your business.

  • Social proof ad copy

Even if your ad copy is created using the best strategies, you still should provide social proof to increase credibility. You can achieve it by mentioning celebrities, experts, or old customers. 

An example of this tactic can be "Get our exclusive purse! Even top celebrities have it in their closets." If you sell supplements, an USP (U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention) certificate could be your social proof. 

  • Influencer-proof ad copy 

An excellent way to convince people is to have an affiliation with their favorite influencers or pay them to promote some specific products. 

This type of ad copy may include "The favorite snack of Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson" or "The sole supplier of cricket bats for international games."

  • Testimonials ad copy

Testimonials carry more validity than any other proof because they come from people who have already used your service. Ask any client or satisfied users to give a quote for your business to use publicly. 

Most people will be happy to provide you with that testimonial. For example, "Strategically's writing service got our organic visitors almost doubled—John Doe, CEO of X company." 

  • Reviews ad copy

Many people make their purchase decisions based on the experiences of previous customers. The ratings and reviews of consumers are crucial to making potential customers trust your service. 

An ad copy like "The highest-rated washing machine on Amazon" will make many people trust the experience of the current users. 

Emotional association

Connecting to your customers by fulfilling their emotional needs or imposing different emotions, like feeling good, bad, scared, etc., can be powerful. 

But no matter what kind of emotion you're targeting, respect your audience and ensure the methods aren't harmful. 

You will likely lose customers if they feel bad and associate a negative feeling with your brand. Also, don't exploit the same emotion in every copy. People will get bored, and ads will get fewer clicks. 

Let's see how you can stir up your customers' emotions to make them take action.

  • Positive association ad copy

Create your ad copy in a way that deals with the positive emotions of your target audience. Something universally positive can make the audience feel okay and proceed with their action concerning your service. 

An ad copy example of this tactic can be, "Get the wallpaper to create a happy home."

  • Negative association ad copy

This approach is risky because you cannot hurt your audience's feelings. Avoid using this method, but it can bring better business if done correctly. 

A copy containing a negative emotional angle can be "This car is for real racers, not for fainthearted." 

In this example, people who aren't confident with their driving ability can feel left out or insulted. However, veterans will be glad to try your product. Hence, it's like a double-edged sword.

  • Nostalgia ad copy 

Nostalgia can be a good selling instrument if you can utilize some past feel-good events. 

For example, an ad copy like "This pearl necklace will take you back to the early 90s" can make the customers trip down to their memory lane. Because of their past experiences, they will be more interested in trying out your products.

  • Unreal ad copy 

You don't always need to be formal or way too realistic with your ad copy. You can let your imagination run wild to create a unique ad to win over your competitors. 

For example, your ad copy can say, "Get the cooker that can cook any meal from the past, present, or future!". Another instance can be, "This gown can make anyone look like Princess Diana."

  • Welcome ad copy 

It's almost similar to the upbeat or feel-good ad copy strategy. Use nice words to make your customers feel at home and welcome them for choosing your business. 

Remember that positive, inviting words can win over the target audience more than any other method. You can create ad copy like "Welcome to the best SEO service in X" or "Enter the new era with our latest technology."

Psychological influence

The strategy may sound similar to the emotional association, but they are pretty different.

Psychological tricks could be challenging to pull off because an intelligent audience may not fall for them. So, don't use such campaigns as the only marketing solution. 

Let's see some examples of psychological influences. These will help you understand what you can or should do with your ad copy.

  • Decoy service ad copy 

If you feature a decoy service or product with your actual product, some people can click to get it. For example, an ad copy with "Get a basic color pen set at $5; and an exclusive color pen set at $6". 

The basic color pen set in this ad copy is the decoy product. People will see more value in the exclusive pen since it costs only one more dollar than the basic set.

  • Anchoring ad copy

Most people focus on a text's introduction and rely on that information. You can take advantage of this trait by putting "anchor" information at the beginning of the ad copy to get more attention from your target audience. 

For instance, "It's 50% more durable than Nike shoes" can attract more customers with the anchoring effect.

  • Local bias ad copy 

You can't attract everyone with the same language or vibe. People are biased toward familiar things and feel more emotionally involved with their nationality or roots. 

For example, ad copy like "Fans made in America" feels more native to U.S. residents. If it was made in China, it wouldn't attract many customers living in the USA.

  • Factoid ad copy

Facts can enhance the credibility of any ad copy. People will trust your product or service more if you provide research or statistics-based facts. 

For example, the "95% of customers said our service is the best in town" ad copy can draw more customers and clicks.

  • Alliteration ad copy 

Alliteration or rhyming ad copy can be fun and engage your audience more with your business. Such texts are easy to recall, and customers are more likely to suggest or talk about the fun ad with others. 

One example can be "Powerful paces start with a perfect pair of Puma." It sounds rhythmic and makes people curious about the product.

  • Self-depreciation ad copy 

Make sure your ad copy sounds more relaxed and exciting. Crack some jokes; your audience will love it and feel more connected with your brand. 

For example, your ad copy can say, "Cleaning sucks? But our vacuum cleaner will suck the dirt for you".

Benefits and discounts

Does your audience love offers and deals? If yes, you can write ad copy to showcase your product's benefits and offer them discounts.

  • Discount ad copy

Offering discounts on your ad copy always increases the rate of conversion. You can offer deals like "A flat 10$ off on your first purchase" or "30% off on ugly Christmas sweaters." There'll be massive traffic if you put these kinds of discounts.

  • Cost savings ad copy 

Customers are fond of discounts because we all love to save money. Let your audience know why and how choosing your brand will help them save costs. 

Make people think they're actually saving money by spending on your product. You can create an ad copy like "Buy this hand-exercise tool and save $5 daily."

  • Time-saving ad copy 

Just like customers care about their expenses, they also want to save time because time is money. So, if your product can save people's time, highlight it in the ad copy. 

An example is, "Save 30 minutes daily with our fast cooker." People who spend a lot of time in the kitchen will be eager to try out your product.

  • Zero-risk bias ad copy 

We cannot get everything without taking risks, but people don't want to think about it when buying something. So, you have to make your customer believe that they won't face any risk with your service. 

You can offer them free trials before investing. The ad copy following this tactic can be, "Full refund if you aren't satisfied" or "Try our 7-day free trial before buying."

  • Free content ad copy

All people like gifts with their purchases, no matter what those freebies are. You can offer free stuff relevant to their bought items to increase the click rate. 

The ad copy can be like, "Buy our oven and get a free cookbook (500 super-easy recipes) for free!"

Product singularity

Product singularity or uniqueness is one of the best ways to attract and retain customers. If people can't differentiate your products from hundreds of other competitors, you can't expect to grow your customer base. 

Keep an eye on what's revolutionary about your competitor's services and add something unique to your service or product to keep the customer in your lane. And point up that striking feature in your ad copy for more clicks.

  • Uniqueness ad copy

With this technique, you can bring out the uniqueness of your product compared to other similar products on the market. For example, you can write in ad copy, "The only fan with an auto shut-off timer and heat mode." 

In this example, you're showing how unique it's from the other fans. So, people will be interested to know more about this product.

  • Technology ad copy 

Different bleeding-edge technological features can enhance your product's singularity. For instance, you can write, "This oven features StayWarm Technology." 

Although only some audiences will understand the technical terms, they'll be intrigued enough to learn more or believe that your product is unique.

  • Finality ad copy

A finality ad copy offers the ultimate solution to the customer's problems. It has to convince people they don't need to look for an alternative answer to a particular situation. Solve their problem and be the hero of the day. 

An example of this ad copy type is, "Say goodbye to the hassle of comparison shopping. Our app will show you the lowest price every time."

Customers will love this since they don't need to browse different websites to find the cheapest deals. 

  • "New generation" ad copy 

Every product loses appeal after a few years. Remember the launch of the iPhone X in 2017? It was sold like crazy. But nobody would want to buy it in 2023 other than for financial reasons. 

People always prefer the latest model because the new generation has fewer problems and more benefits. 

For example, if you write an ad copy like "Get the 2x faster next-generation laptop in our outlets," many tech lovers will try that product as soon as possible.

Featuring products

A product with minimum information does not create a trust value. People are unlikely to buy it without concrete information about its features and functions. 

Even if you write a catchy copy and design the ad by hiring top professionals, conversions could still be low.  

You have to be specific about your product's most popular features. People will buy a product only when they understand its functions or usefulness.

  • Ease of use ad copy

No one likes to buy something that has complex functions. Specifically, older people prefer everything as simple as possible. So, if your ad copy shows the ease of use trait of your service, there'll be more conversion, no doubt. 

One example of this ad copy is, "Just a few finger taps and the app will show all deals of the day. No search or commands required." An app automatically showing "deals of the day" is preferable to the ones that require you to search for the deals. 

  • Feature showcase ad copy 

Featuring the most important aspects of your product can successfully differentiate how your products are better than the competitors. 

For example, you can say, "This jacket has an inner pocket to keep extra stuff!". Jackets with inner pockets can be tempting for many of us to keep essential items like phones or keys, so it'll definitely attract more customers.

  • Quality ad copy 

Everyone seeks quality service and products unless they have a budget issue. So, offer quality services with quality ad copy to ensure customer satisfaction. 

In your ad copy, you can write something like "Make your mark with our top-of-the-line color pen! Our pens provide vivid, durable colors that won't smudge or fade."

  • Automation ad copy

Many tasks requiring manual labor are a thing of the past now. A handful of machines and software services can replace humans in performing time-consuming, repeated tasks. However, they're not often cheap or easy to get. If your service offers any automation feature, it can attract more customers. 

An example of this ad copy is, "Our washing machine can safely clean and dry your clothes when you're away." Many audiences will be eager to buy after knowing this feature since it can wash and dry clothes automatically when they're sleeping or busy.

  • Durability ad copy

Durability is a top-notch feature of any product. If your product is proven to be long-lasting, people will get this over the less durable alternatives.  

For example, you can attract customers by crafting an ad copy like, "Don't settle for anything less than the best when protecting your valuables. Our safes are designed to be impenetrable and provide superior security for your most prized possessions." 

Professional tips for writing good ad copy

We've talked about many tactics that can help create the best ad copy. Those techniques are good enough; however, knowing what the professional thinks about a good ad copy and their advice can help you re-evaluate your strategy.

Remember that these tips aren't only suited for ad copy and any other digital marketing, even in the governmental field. Let's check the recommendations:

  1. Knowing your audience's needs, motivations, and interests is key to creating the best ad copy.
  2. The writing should feel like you're talking with a friend.
  3. Make the first line of your ad as catchy and short as possible.
  4. Do lots of research before creating a copy.
  5. Keep things authentic and transparent with the customers. Nothing bad happens when you're honest.
  6. Connect with your audience on a detailed level, and communicate with them regularly to know their thoughts. This is because people change over time, and so do their opinions and preferences.
  7. Be more creative and unique when crafting ad copy. People don't usually remember cliche words and phrases. 
  8. Write as many ad copies as you can. Only some copies will be perfect, but regular practice can help you write better.
  9. Be logical but remember to make your audience laugh or feel good.
  10. Ads having more humor and surprises work better than ads with dry facts.
  11. Write less but convey more meanings. Choose the words wisely.

The best ad copy examples for better conversion

Enough with the tips, tricks, features, and approaches to the best ad copy. Now it's time to look at the top-performing ad copy examples and figure out what makes them so successful. 

Get ideas from these examples, and add your spin to them. Your business must find a unique angle to sell to the targeted audience.

Check these excellent ad copy examples and have a summary of their positive and negative aspects. We've also listed some copies with several negatives, so you understand what you should avoid when writing a good copy.

  1. Spotify

Spotify is a digital music streaming platform founded in 2008. It has the most extensive catalog of any streaming service in the world. The platform also allows users to create and share playlists, follow artists, and receive personalized recommendations based on listening habits. It has been credited with helping to launch the careers of several independent and major-label artists. 

Let's see how this top company advertises its service.

Credit: Pinterest

Positive aspects

  • The ad copy example uses funky colors to attract young customers, who are prominent users of this app.
  • A CTA button makes joining this fantastic music streaming platform a breeze.
  • The company is trying to get more premium members, so they make the Spotify Premium words bigger to grab the audience's attention.
  • There's an offer that allows the users to use their service at a cheap rate for the first three months, and they made it clear in the ad copy.
  • They also mention how many people are already using premium services to create a trust factor. The number reassures the audience about the quality of the company's service. 

What could be better?

  • The image could feature some musical elements to let new people know what this app does. People who don't know about Spotify won't understand what this ad is about.
  1. Starbucks

The Seattle-based coffee chain is the largest coffeehouse company in the world. Starbucks has become a cultural phenomenon, with a loyal customer base that has driven the company's success. The company is known for its quality coffee, innovative flavors, and a delectable lineup of sweet snacks and bakery items. 

Since the company is already too famous everywhere, it doesn't always require the best ad copy to attract customers. Nevertheless, let's see a Starbucks ad copy example to know what you should do or avoid while writing your ad.

Credit: K6 Agency

Positive aspects

  • The copy contains a CTA button to install the app for new customers.
  • The image of the ad copy example looks like you can celebrate the cold winter with their hot coffees. It's warm and inviting, just what you want in cold weather. 
  • It emphasizes the phrase "ALL PURCHASE NECESSARY" in all caps, making it clear to the customers that it's a free service. 

What could be better?

  • The ad contains a paragraph of their offers and information regarding it. However, there are no highlighted texts concerning the focusing words. There's more possibility that most people would scroll past this ad.
  1. Tom & Eddie's

Tom & Eddie's is a burger chain in the USA that specializes in classic American cuisine and offers a variety of burgers, sandwiches, and wraps. The restaurant is well known for its commitment to using fresh, high-quality ingredients and serving generous portions.

The company is less popular than other food chains, such as McDonald's. So, it needs a better ad campaign to win over customers from the competitors. 

Let's see one of its Facebook ad examples to find out how it nailed the ad and what could be improved.

Credit: Postcard Mania

Positive aspects

  • The ad copy contains a closeup photo of a yummy burger to make you crave it.
  • There's 40% off on food items, and the offer is put in bigger fonts for the readers to notice. So there's a higher chance that people will click on the links.
  • A CTA button to download the coupon is provided in the ad copy. People will be eager to click and download that coupon even if they don't use it later.
  • Since the ad copy shows a time limit to the offer, more people will try to grab the opportunity.
  • The ad is for consumers living or working near Naperville. Such personalization will make people in Naperville order more from Tom & Eddie's instead of other joints. 

What could be better?

  • The CTA button could take the leads to a menu or a landing page instead of working as only a download option.
  1. Duolingo

Duolingo is an online language-learning platform that offers courses in over 30 languages. It provides a variety of interactive activities and exercises designed to help users build their language skills. The platform is free for users, although some features require a subscription. Duolingo also offers an Android and iOS app, making it even easier to access language-learning materials on the go.

The company is widely known for its humorous yet adorable ad campaign and customer interactions. 

Let's see an ad copy example of this famous brand.

Credit: Klien Boost

Positive aspects

  • The video ad starts with an unexpected yet funny thing that makes people curious about what happens next.
  • The ad length is only a few seconds, but it successfully demonstrates how fun and easy it is to learn a language with this app. 
  • The adorable characters will catch the attention of people of any age. 
  • Since the video ad contains the brand's logo color and mascot, it helps to promote brand recognition.
  • The copy starts with the word "shave off," which serves double meanings— you can either "save time" or "shave" your mustache. It's a clever touch for an ad copy written for a language learning app. 
  • A CTA button lets the intended audience easily install the app without searching elsewhere.

What could be better?

  • Some focusing words, like "World's #1," could be in all caps to let people know how good this app is at first glance.
  1. DoorDash

DoorDash is a food delivery service. When a customer orders from a listed restaurant or store, a delivery person, known as Dasher, delivers the order to the customer's doorstep.

The company uses an algorithm to efficiently route delivery drivers to nearby orders, which helps keep delivery fees low.

Let's see one of its Facebook ad examples to assess how good that ad copy is.

Credit: Noelle Hartt

Positive aspects

  • The ad copy texts are brief and precise, offering solutions to your problems.
  • It includes a lucrative offer, giving customers delivery for $1. 
  • The photo emphasizes the brand name and color, making it easier for the customer to remember it better.
  • There's a call to action to download this app for new customers.

What could be better?

  • There could be images of delicious food or something related to this service to make customers crave good food and click more.
  • The CTA button could be aimed at both new and old customers. The call to action could be something like "Order Now."
  • There are no highlighted characteristics. The cheap delivery offer could be bold or more noticeable with an emoji. 
  1. Campsite

Campsite is a digital platform to help anyone with online advertising. It provides a simple and effective way to advertise your business on social media, search engines, and other digital channels. It includes powerful tools, such as audience targeting, marketing automation, and analytics, to ensure you reach the right people with the right message.

Let's see one of the LinkedIn ad copy examples of this company.

Credit: K6 Agency

Positive aspects

  • This ad copy has creative illustrations to communicate with the customer directly.
  • The company offers quick and practical solutions to the problems of the customers.
  • The copy does not have much text so people can read the entire ad within seconds. 
  • A CTA button to download their app is provided to increase clicks.
  • The illustration features the brand color to help spread brand recognition.

What could be better?

  • There could be highlighted texts informing the customers about the positive features of this service.
  • The copy does not make it clear what the users will get by clicking the "Download" button. 
  1. Nike

Nike is one of the world's leading sports apparel and footwear manufacturers. It sells sports footwear, apparel, equipment, and accessories. The company is famous for its "swoosh" logo, which has become an iconic image in sports and fashion.

Since this brand is already famous worldwide, they don't often need catchy ad copy to grab the audience's attention. But they also need to maintain a standard, or customers may prefer their competitors more. 

Let's see one of their ads to know how it can improve your ad copy.

Credit: Lead Pages

Positive aspects

  • The carousel ad displays different designs of shoes.
  • The texts in the ad copy are precise and straightforward.
  • The customizable trait of the product is highlighted. It makes people feel like they have control over their purchase, so more people will be interested in buying the shoes.
  • Both the colors and images are simple yet cool enough to grab the attention.

What could be better?

  • The link to customize the design directs to Nike's home page. A separate, dedicated landing page could generate more clicks. 
  1. Airbnb

Airbnb is a famous online marketplace that provides temporary homestays and related services. You can rent everything from traditional vacation rental homes to boutique hotels, bed and breakfasts, treehouses, boats, and other alternative lodgings. It has created a new form of hospitality, providing accommodation and a sense of community. 

Since this business is about the places people will stay, the advertising copy mainly contains images of those accommodations. However, the copies are super creative and spotlight the unique features of those places. 

Let's see one of the ad copy examples from this company. 

Credit: Pinterest

Positive aspects

  • There's no chunk of text to distract the audience, and the picture speaks for itself.
  • It shows ratings from the people who stayed before, so new customers can quickly decide whether they want to stay here.
  • The place's name reveals its location, and for whom it is most suited.
  • The image is high quality and focuses on the central theme: a loft perfect for artists.
  • There's a CTA button to guide interested leads to book the service immediately.

What could be better?

  • If there were some other important info like pricing or advantages of the place, it would be easier for the customers to decide on that specific home.
  1. Grammarly

Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistant and digital writing platform that helps improve writing accuracy, style, and clarity. Millions of people around the world use the app to write better emails, posts, and documents. 

Grammarly scans through writing and searches for potential errors such as spelling mistakes, misused words, and incorrect grammar usage. It also offers suggestions for improvement and has an inbuilt plagiarism checker. 

Let's see how they promote their business through ad copy.

Credit: Pinterest

Positive aspects

  • The simple image informs the audience about the platforms that support the Grammarly browser extension. 
  • The copy is short and to the point. The word "FREE" is written in capital to make it stand out and grab the reader's attention.

What could be better?

  • There's no CTA button to guide interested users to download the extension.
  1.  Chipotle

Chipotle is a fast-food restaurant chain specializing in Mexican-inspired cuisine. Its menu includes burritos, tacos, bowls, and salads, made with fresh ingredients and served with various salsas and toppings.

Let's assess one of their ad copy examples.

Credit: Reddit

Positive aspects

  • The ad contains a closeup photo of delicious food that makes you want to have a bite.
  • The CTA button is straightforward, asking people to start ordering. 
  • There are no lengthy sentences in the copy; look at the photo and proceed to order.

What could be better?

  • There could be some offer, deal, or information to make the customer click more.
  • The prices could be shown in the ad for better communication.
  • The choice of words could be more straightforward. Are they calling their burrito "The Greatest of All Time" (GOAT), or have they used goat meat?
  1. Canva

Canva is a leading graphic design platform that enables users to create stunning graphics and visuals for web, print, and social media. It provides access to a library of more than a million photos, illustrations, templates, fonts, and more. Thanks to its drag-and-drop interface, anyone can create stunning visuals without experience in graphic design.

Let's see how they're surviving the advertising world.

Credit: Wishtree Info Solutions

Positive aspects

  • This ad contains one of the finer images than other ad copy examples. The color palette is vibrant and looks fabulous. 
  • The images and elements used clearly show you the excellent image editing service you will get. 
  • Brief copy text focuses on the main points. 

What could be better?

  • It should've had a CTA button to download the app or sign up for the service. 
  • There could be some information to attract customers, like how many artists use this app or how popular it is.
  • There's no information about whether the service is free or not.
  1.  Microsoft Developers

Microsoft Developers is an open-source platform for building and using many applications. It provides access to cloud-based services and tools, such as Azure, to develop and deploy applications. You can use these tools to simplify the development process, such as debugging and testing services and integration with other services and platforms.

Microsoft is one of the tech giants, but its ads still need to stand out because of the fierce competition in this industry.  

Let's see one of their ad copy examples for assessment.

Credit: K6 Agency

Positive aspects

  • The brief copy is successful in explaining to the readers what this service is all about.
  • There are highlighted offers to try this service for free, which can attract new users.
  • This digital advertising example contains two different CTA buttons for the interested audience, which will increase the click rate.

What could be better?

  • All the texts used in the copy, image, and heading tell the same thing. There could be more information on how this service differs from their competitor's or how many people use it. 
  1.  Sinch

Sinch helps businesses reach customers through its cloud-based platform with voice, messaging, and video services. Customers can access various features like two-way SMS, real-time video, and voice calling. The company helps businesses communicate effectively with their customers wherever they are in the world.

Let's see one of their ad copy examples to assess how their advertisement game goes.

Credit: K6 Agency

Positive aspects

  • The first line of the ad is conversational and teases to a surprise. Adding an emoji makes the tone friendlier and more inviting. 
  • The texts clearly tell what the customer can do with the company's service.
  • The image of a happy customer has a feel-good psychological effect.

What could be better?

  • There’s no CTA button for quick conversion
  • The key features could be highlighted to grab the reader’s attention
  1.  Shopify

Shopify is a Canada-based multinational e-commerce company. It allows businesses and individuals to create online stores and sell products or services. Users can access secure payment processing options, marketing tools, and analytics to monitor their store's performance. 

The platform has its logistics and fulfillment network, allowing merchants to streamline their shipping operations. It works how the giant Amazon works; they're both competitors. 

Since Shopify needs to stand out from the crowd to compete with the big businesses, its ad copy must stand out too. 

Let's see one of their ad copy examples to see if they are good enough.

Credit: K6 Agency

Positive aspects

  • The image displays various businesses to influence people to sell their products via this company.
  • There's a CTA button with a heading saying you can start the service for free. It will encourage many new users to click the "Learn More" button.
  • There are no irrelevant texts to distract the customers or waste their time.

What could be better?

  • The ad could be designed as a carousel to let the sellers discover some more opportunities. 
  • The ad copy could include specific information or other catchy words to let the sellers know how they can benefit from selling using this service.
  1.  Porsche

Who doesn't know the Porsche brand? It's one of the most successful luxury car manufacturers in the world. Since its founding, Porsche has become synonymous with luxury, performance, and style.

Let's see how this Instagram ad copy matches the standard ad copy examples.

Credit: Reddit

Positive aspects

  • The gorgeous car image will surely catch the eye of motorheads. It's likely to stop users mid-scrolling and say, "Wow! I wish I had it". People will be interested to know more or see more pictures and there'll be more clicks even if they don't buy.
  • The ad copy uses your emotions to make you nostalgic enough to crave this car.
  • There are no irrelevant texts to distract the customers.

What could be better?

  • There's no CTA button to take the intended audience to the landing page.
  • There could be short information about this car's best features that other cars don't have.
  1.  MoveGB

MoveGB is a fitness platform that offers seamless access to multiple gyms, studios, and classes. They offer an all-in-one membership that allows users to access several venues within the same payment structure. This helps them avoid purchasing individual memberships to each facility and get better value for money.

Let's see one of their ad copy examples to learn from their mistakes.

Credit: Uhuru Network

Positive aspects

  • The price is low, and that's why they're highlighted in the copy, image, and heading.
  • There's a CTA button for interested users to sign up quickly.
  • The ad copy aims at offering a solution to some specific problems.

What could be better?

  • The ad copy could be shorter. 
  • The generic image does not make it clear what the service is about. 
  1. Life Fitness Gym

Life Fitness Gym offers gym services catering to all fitness levels, including group classes, personal training, and nutritional counseling. Members can also enjoy a variety of exercise machines, free weights, and cardio equipment. It provides a safe and comfortable environment so users can participate in high-quality physical activity and reach their fitness goals.

Let's see one of their ad copy examples to find out how they're attracting customers from social media platforms and how it differs from the MoveGB advertisement.

Credit: Wish Pond

Positive aspects

  • The image is highly related to the business service. Anyone who scrolls on the news feed can tell at first glance that this ad is related to exercising or fitness.
  • A CTA button is provided for anyone interested in signing up.
  • The ad copy mentions the critical aspects of this gym service and facilities.
  • The saving offer is highlighted in bright green, making it hard to miss.

What could be better?

  • The ad has done almost everything right, so it doesn't need any modification. 
  1.  The New York Times

Who doesn't know what The New York Times is? The newspaper is known for its in-depth coverage of international, national, and local news. It also publishes opinion pieces, culture reviews, and lifestyle articles. 

The young generation these days aren't much interested in reading a newspaper like before. Does The NYT care about its younger audience? Let's look at this video ad.

Credit: Idea Lights Indonesia

Positive aspects

  • The ad copy starts with a question, hinting at unraveling something surprising or exciting. Most people will be curious about the story and click the play button to watch the ad. 
  • The fruit characters used in the ad will appeal to readers of all ages. 
  • It's a targeted ad with a free-access offer, followed by a hefty discount, so it has a high chance of conversions. Many people will subscribe, thinking they can cancel the free subscription within one month. 
  • The CTA button will guide interested readers to subscribe easily.

What could be better?

  • The ad copy could mention that it's a free offer instead of using the words "special rate."
  1. 17hats

17hats is an online business management platform that provides small businesses with a variety of tools to help them streamline and organize their operations. They allow entrepreneurs to track their client communications, invoices, contracts, and more in one place. Users can utilize automated functions, like scheduling and follow-up emails, to save time and effort.

This company has yet to become famous, so let's check one of its ad copy examples to know where they're making mistakes and how it can improve.

Credit: DSIM

Positive aspects

  • The copy starts with a question and focuses on a specific problem. 
  • Using an emoji creates a friendly vibe. It also works as a visual break point between two paragraphs. 
  • There's a CTA button, so if people want to know more about this service, they can do it with one click.

What could be better?

  • The offered services could be written with bullet points or some specific keywords could be bold.
  • The image appears to be a generic one and does not have any hint of brand recognition.
  1. Asana

Asana is a project management tool and workflow application that enables teams to plan, organize, and track their work. It's an incredibly versatile tool for managing projects and teams more effortlessly and efficiently. Users can create tasks, assign them to people, set deadlines, track progress, and collaborate on projects.

Let's see one of their ad copy examples to assess how they're doing with digital marketing strategies.

Credit: Instapage

Positive aspects

  • The illustration and the texts give new readers an idea about this service.
  • Not only is the image relevant to the service, but it also features the brand colors. People familiar with Asana can easily relate the ad to the brand. 
  • There's not much text; everything is as simple as possible. On top of that, the copy is empowering, pumping up the readers to think that they can achieve anything with this service. As a result, there's more chance of a conversion.
  • The image text is a social proof that has a high probability of converting new leads. 
  • The CTA button makes it easy to go to their intended web page.

What could be better?

  • This Asana ad copy is almost perfect. It ticks all the boxes to be successful in converting leads. 
  1.  Dropbox

Dropbox is cloud storage that many top companies trust with their confidential data. It allows users to store, share, and collaborate on documents, photos, and other files. It also offers synchronization, so users can save files on multiple devices and have them stay in sync across those devices. 

The company advertises on many different social media platforms. Let's see one of its Facebook ad copy examples.

Credit: Adspiration

Positive aspects

  • The text on the image is precise and on point. The use of numerical data will build trust with new customers.
  • The ad copy is short and simple and starts with a free offer. So, the audience clearly knows what they will get from this. 
  • A CTA button allows people to activate the free trial with just one click.

What could be better?

  • By looking at this ad, people who don't know much about Dropbox may not understand that it's a storage service. 
  • The image seems to be targeting existing customers. It could include more exciting and fun elements to attract new users.
  1. 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball pool is a single or multiplayer game service by Miniclip game developers. Players can compete in tournaments and leagues or play privately against their friends. 

The game is fun and engaging, and most ads look cool enough to grab the reader's attention.

Credit: Phone Arena

Positive aspects

  • The ad copy image illustrates how the game and its graphics look like. 
  • It's an interactive ad that lets the audience play the demo for a minute. It's a genius move since most people will at least try it whether they download it. 
  • The statement "BEST POOL GAME EVER!" in large and bold fonts demonstrates the company's confidence in its product. A conviction like this also convinces potential users to believe in the company.

What could be better?

  • The ad copy could illustrate one or two points about how it's better than other loads of similar games. 
  1. Uber

Uber is an American multinational ride-hailing company that operates worldwide. It allows users to request rides through a smartphone app. The platform has registered drivers who get a fee for every successful ride. In addition to ride-hailing, the company has expanded its services to include food delivery, freight transportation, and electric bike and scooter rental services.

Let's see one of the ad copy examples of this service to hire drivers.

Credit: Bungalower

Positive aspects

  • This ad copy aims to hire drivers, and the image is highly relevant to the context.
  • A CTA button lets interested people sign up for their posts in just one click.
  • Uber has created new economic opportunities for drivers. And the first line of the ad copy highlights that fact. It gives interested drivers an idea about their estimated earnings.

What could be better?

  • There could be some highlighted text, so people don't just scroll past it mistakenly. For example, the earning rate could be in a colorful box in the image, so the readers notice that information quickly.
  1. Copy Hackers

Copy Hackers provides step-by-step tutorials and courses to teach businesses the art of writing for conversions and customer retention. It also offers copywriting services to companies that don't have in-house writers. 

With the help of its services, companies of all sizes can create effective campaigns and optimize their web copy for conversions.

Let's see how this business solves the mystery of Facebook ads through this ad copy.

Credit: Lead Pages

Positive aspects

  • It's a carousel ad containing brief information on every page. The texts are on point and educative, providing value to the target audience. 
  • There are CTA buttons on every page, which increases the conversion rate. Interested people can easily visit the landing page without swiping back to the first page of the carousel. 
  • Each page has different images. Some show business-related pictures, and others have illustrations or various art forms to engage the audience in every way possible.
  • The copy offers a solution to a problem.

What could be better?

  • The CTA button could show different texts like "Start Now" or "Register" instead of only "Learn More."
  1. MVMT

MVMT is a lifestyle brand that sells watches, sunglasses, and accessories for men and women. The watches are designed with expert craftsmanship and are offered in various styles, colors, and sizes. The products are highly popular because of their affordable prices and stylish designs.

Let's see one of the Facebook ad examples of this brand.

Credit: Viral Sweep

Positive aspects

  • The carousel ad displays several products in one go, giving options to suit different tastes. 
  • Images of the products are of high quality, so people can realize how luxurious they are.
  • It's a social proof-style copy aimed at gaining people's trust. It also mentions the price of the products, helping potential leads make quick decisions. 
  • Each page has a buy button, so the call to action is clear and straightforward. 

What could be better?

  • An offer, discount, or urgency tactic could instantly push customers to click and buy the products. This ad has less chance for instant conversion because customers know they can purchase these items later.
  1. Soona

Soona specializes in product photography and video shoots. It offers high-resolution photos and videos that can be used for marketing and sales promotion. Customers need to send product samples to get back product photography or unboxing video.

Thousands of e-commerce businesses and content creators use the platform for virtual photoshoots. 

So, let's see one of their ad copy examples to know if they're rocking the advertising world.

Credit: Klien Boost

Positive aspects

  • The ad looks fun and contains an emoji that goes well with the highlighted words.
  • The illustrated image features the brand's logo color, helping to spread brand recognition.
  • The copy is short and to the point. It has a touch of personalization that makes people feel more connected to the brand. 
  • The CTA button on the ad copy pops on a white background, making it highly visible. 

What could be better?

  • The two CTA buttons feature the exact text and take you to the same landing page. They could offer two different actions for increasing the conversion possibility.
  1. New Breed

New Breed is a technology-driven company that helps businesses grow. It uses an inbound strategy and data-driven approach for its clients to get the most out of marketing and sales campaigns.

Let's see a LinkedIn ad copy for New Breed and assess its positive and negative traits.

Credit: K6 Agency

Positive aspects

  • The ad is targeted at professional people, and the word choices, particularly "comprehensive" and "actionable," are perfect for the target audience.
  • The button call to action "Download" makes it easy for people to take the intended action.
  • The image also includes their branding color, which can help people remember them. Plus, it'll help build brand recognition.

What could be better?

  • The primary focus of the ad copy is educating SAAS business owners, and the ad is successful in doing that. So, it does not need any significant modifications. 
  1. Auditdata

Auditdata provides comprehensive IT solutions to hearing care professionals, including software, hardware, support services, and hosting solutions. They offer a full suite of products and services to assist clinics, including point-of-sale, patient management, and reporting tools.

Let's see another example of a LinkedIn ad for this brand.

Credit: K6 Agency

Positive aspects

  • The ad copy presents a problem their target customers face and then provides a solution.  
  • The color palette matches the brand kit.

What could be better?

  • The copy says to download the guide, but there is no CTA button, making most people scroll past it.
  • There's no highlighted or bold text to catch the potential customer's attention.
  • The company provides services related to hearing care clinics. But it takes a lot of work to connect the business to the ad at first glance. 
  1. EA Sports FIFA

If your audiences are gamers, there's no way that they haven't heard about FIFA video games. The games are so popular that over 50% of online gamers have already played them. Anyone who loves soccer knows about this game, even if they don't play. 

Ads from this company are always dynamic. Let's see one of their video ads to learn more about how it works.

Credit: EA SPORTS FIFA / Facebook

Positive aspects

  • Since gaming ads are supposed to be entertaining, this FIFA ad is also entertaining enough to make people stop scrolling and watch.
  • The ad is dynamic and lets the audience explore how good and realistic the game feels. 
  • The ad copy lets people know how many national teams there are and what's new in the game's current version.
  • The ad copy contains emojis, something the gaming community will appreciate. 

What could be better?

  • Although there's a link to try out the game, there's no CTA button. A CTA button attracts more customers because it gives people better direction about what to do next. 
  1. AdEspresso

AdEspresso is a web-based advertising service used to optimize, analyze, and track ads on various platforms. The service simplifies the creation of ads by guiding customers through the creation process. It also provides multiple powerful tools to monitor campaigns, including automated optimization based on predefined goals.

Now let's see one of their ad examples and assess if they can increase conversion.

Credit: insil

Positive aspects

  • The ad copy is short and simple, driving the points home with just a few words. It creates a feel-good vibe by comparing setting up ads with brewing the morning coffee. 
  • The company is offering a free 14-day trial. The related text is highlighted, so there's a big chance that the audience will click to take advantage of this exciting offer.
  • Two CTA buttons let the interested customer start the free trial in one click. Since there are two buttons, more people will click and increase conversion.
  • The ad copy uses a highly relevant image, showing graphs of ads improving the conversion. Also, the way it highlights that it's the "Number #1 Facebook Ads Tool," people will be curious to test whether the claim is valid.

What could be better?

  • There could be some highlighted steps of how this tool works, its features, or how it's different from other advertising tools on the market. It'd build more trust with the potential new leads.
  1.  AirAsia

AirAsia is a low-cost Malaysian airline. It operates scheduled international and domestic flights to more than 165 destinations.

Let's see one of their Facebook ad copy examples to increase our advertisement knowledge.

Credit: DSIM

Positive aspects

  • The informative ad copy conveys its messages without crafting long paragraphs. In just two lines, it informs the audience about booking a trip and the time limit of the offered deal. 
  • The copy mentions a time limit, pushing the customer to take action immediately.
  • Since the image features the same color as the brand logo, people who already know this airline service will recognize it immediately. Also, new customers will remember it easily. Keeping the color palette consistent across brand materials improves brand recognition.
  • The ad contains a free offer that can be tempting to many people who couldn't afford to travel for a long time. And, of course, it'll increase the conversion rate.

What could be better?

  • There needs to be a CTA button for the audience to visit the booking page immediately.
  1. Kit & Kin

Kit & Kin is a babycare brand specializing in natural, organic, and vegan baby products that are paraben-free and made with sustainably-sourced ingredients. Their mission is to provide healthy and natural alternatives to conventional baby products. The product range includes baby wipes, nappy cream, shampoo, and body wash.

Though the items are for babies, the customers are adult people. Let's see how their ads can convince parents to buy their baby products.

Credit: Charlie Lawrence

Positive aspects

  • The discount offer at the beginning of the ad copy convinces readers to check the rest to see what's more in there. 
  • Since it's a carousel ad, there are few images of different products. Also, these photos are taken from different angles, so people can have a good look before deciding to buy. 
  • The ad copy has CTA buttons for every image that lets the customers start shopping immediately.
  • The photos contain funny texts that make parents giggle and like the brand more. 

What could be better?

  • The information could be written in bullet points so people can skim through the key points. 
  • The unique or critical information could be highlighted or bold to catch the reader's attention at first glance. For example, the "25% off" or the "12 hours" could be highlighted.

Final Words

Congratulations! You've successfully analyzed how to create the best ad copy. No need to sweat about it anymore. 

Ad copy is an integral part of any successful marketing campaign. To effectively reach your target audience and increase conversions, it's essential to craft well-crafted and engaging ad copy. By analyzing the best ad copy examples, you can ensure that your ads are effective and get your desired results. Use these examples as inspiration to create your unique ad copy and watch your conversions soar.

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