Bachelor of Science or Bachelors of Science: Clarifying the Confusion

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Updated December 5, 2023
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When it comes to academic degrees, every word and letter counts. A common point of confusion arises with the degree commonly known as 'Bachelor of Science'. Is it 'Bachelor' or 'Bachelors'? Understanding the correct terminology is not just a matter of grammar; it reflects your attention to detail and respect for academic precision.

The Singular Sensibility: Bachelor of Science

The correct term is 'Bachelor of Science', abbreviated as B.Sc. or BS. This term is singular, referring to the recipient of the degree, not the degree itself.

Understanding the Grammar

In 'Bachelor of Science', 'Bachelor' refers to the individual who has completed the undergraduate requirements. The preposition 'of' then links to the field of study, 'Science'. It's akin to saying 'Master of Arts' or 'Doctor of Philosophy'. The singular form is used because it denotes a single person who has earned the degree.

Usage in Academic and Professional Settings

In resumes, CVs, and academic discussions, using the correct term 'Bachelor of Science' is crucial. It demonstrates your understanding of the degree and shows professionalism. For example, "I earned my Bachelor of Science in Biology from XYZ University."

The Plural Pitfall: Why Not Bachelors of Science?

'Bachelors of Science' is a common mistake. It incorrectly pluralizes the term, suggesting multiple individuals or a collective degree.

The Misconception of Plurality

The confusion often arises because people think the term refers to the degree itself, which they perceive as encompassing various fields of science. However, the degree title is always singular because it refers to each individual recipient.

The Impact of Incorrect Usage

Using 'Bachelors of Science' can inadvertently signal a lack of attention to detail. In academic and professional circles, where precision is key, such a mistake, though minor, can be noticeable.


Remember, when it comes to academic degrees, specifics matter. 'Bachelor of Science' is the correct term, reflecting the singular achievement of an individual in the field of science. Whether you're updating your resume, preparing for a job interview, or writing an academic application, using the correct term demonstrates your attention to detail and respect for academic traditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 'Bachelor of Sciences' correct?

No, the correct term is 'Bachelor of Science', even when referring to a degree that covers multiple scientific disciplines.

Can I abbreviate 'Bachelor of Science'?

Yes, 'Bachelor of Science' is commonly abbreviated as B.Sc. or BS.

Does the same rule apply to other degrees?

Yes, similar rules apply to other degrees. For example, it's 'Bachelor of Arts', not 'Bachelors of Arts'.

How important is it to use the correct term on my resume?

Using the correct term on your resume is crucial as it reflects your attention to detail and accuracy.

Is the term 'Bachelor' gender-specific?

No, the term 'Bachelor' in 'Bachelor of Science' is not gender-specific. It is a traditional term used for all graduates, regardless of gender.

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