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18 January 2024
2 min read

CC'd or CC'ed: Mastering Email Communication Etiquette

In the digital age, where email communication reigns supreme, understanding the nuances of email jargon is crucial. A common point of confusion arises with the abbreviation 'CC' (Carbon Copy) and its past tense usage. Is it "CC'd" or "CC'ed"? This article aims to clear the air, providing insights into the correct usage and the rationale behind it, ensuring that your email etiquette is spot on.

Deciphering CC'd and CC'ed

The abbreviation 'CC' stands for 'Carbon Copy,' a term borrowed from the days of physical paperwork, where carbon paper was used to make copies of documents. In emails, 'CC' means sending a copy of the correspondence to another person. But how do we correctly convey this action in the past tense?

The Case for 'CC'd'

"CC'd" is the most commonly accepted past tense form of 'CC.' It's concise, clear, and mirrors the construction of other abbreviated verbs.


  • I CC'd you on the email to keep you in the loop.

The Less Common 'CC'ed'

While 'CC'ed' is grammatically correct, it's less commonly used. The additional 'e' can feel cumbersome and is often omitted in everyday usage.


  • She CC'ed the entire team in her response.

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Understanding the subtleties of email language like 'CC'd' versus 'CC'ed' is key to professional and clear communication.

In Professional Emails:

  • Using 'CC'd' correctly reflects attention to detail and adherence to email etiquette.

In Informal Communication:

  • While less critical, knowing the correct form can still enhance clarity and understanding.

Summary and Key Insights

Remember, 'CC'd' is the preferred and widely accepted past tense form of 'CC.' It's concise and aligns with the general tendencies of English abbreviations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 'CC'd' accepted in formal communication?

Yes, 'CC'd' is widely accepted in both formal and informal email communication.

Can 'CC'ed' be considered incorrect?

While not incorrect, 'CC'ed' is less common and can appear awkward or overly formal.

Why is the abbreviation 'CC' used in emails?

'CC' stands for 'Carbon Copy,' a holdover from when physical documents were copied using carbon paper. In emails, it means sending a copy of the email to another person.

Should I always use 'CC'd' in emails?

It's good practice to use 'CC'd' when referring to the action of sending a carbon copy in past tense.

How important is it to use the correct form in email communication?

Using the correct form, like 'CC'd,' ensures clarity and professionalism in your communication.


In the realm of email communication, small details like the use of 'CC'd' versus 'CC'ed' can make a significant difference in how your message is perceived. Understanding and applying these nuances not only enhances your communication skills but also reflects your professionalism.

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