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21 November 2023
3 min read

Spelling Mastery: Navigating the World of 'Accessories'

Navigating the English language can sometimes feel like trying to find your way through a maze, especially when it comes to spelling. One word that often trips people up is "accessories." Is it "accessories" or "accessorys"? This article is your compass through the labyrinth of spelling this commonly miswritten word. Let's dive in and explore the correct spelling and usage of "accessories," complete with examples to guide you along the way.

Understanding the Correct Spelling of 'Accessories'

"Accessories" is a word that pops up frequently, whether you're talking about fashion, technology, or automobiles. The correct spelling is always "accessories," regardless of the context. It's a plural noun, referring to additional items that complement or enhance the main item or outfit.

But why do people get confused? Often, it's because of the way English handles plurals. Normally, words ending in 'y' change to 'ies' in their plural form (like 'party' to 'parties'). However, "accessory" is an exception to this rule. When pluralized, it retains the 'y' and adds an 'es', becoming "accessories."

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Examples in Everyday Context

To help you better understand, let's look at some examples:

  • In Fashion: "She paired her dress with several sparkling accessories, including a necklace and bracelets."
  • In Technology: "The latest smartphones come with a range of accessories like cases and earbuds."
  • In Automobiles: "Car accessories, such as custom seat covers and floor mats, can add a personal touch to your vehicle."

The Singular Form: 'Accessory'

It's also important to understand the singular form of the word. "Accessory" refers to a single item that complements the main one. For example:

  • "The diamond necklace was the perfect accessory for her evening gown."

Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

A common mistake is spelling "accessories" as "accessorys." Remember, the rule of changing 'y' to 'ies' doesn't apply here. Think of it this way: the 'y' in "accessory" is like a loyal friend—it stays with you even when things multiply into "accessories."


Mastering the spelling of "accessories" enhances your writing and ensures clear communication, whether you're a fashion blogger, a tech enthusiast, or just someone who loves expressing themselves through their style. Remember, it's all about keeping that 'y' and adding 'es' to move from singular to plural.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you remember the spelling of 'accessories'?

Remember that the 'y' in "accessory" sticks around when it becomes plural. Just add 'es' to go from one to many!

Can 'accessories' ever be spelled with 'ys'?

No, "accessories" should never be spelled with 'ys'. It's always spelled with 'ies' at the end.

Is there a trick to knowing when to use 'accessory' vs. 'accessories'?

Think of "accessory" for one item and "accessories" for multiple items. If you can count more than one, go with "accessories."

Are there other words like 'accessory' that don't follow the usual pluralization rule?

Yes, English has several exceptions. For example, 'cherry' becomes 'cherries,' but 'monkey' becomes 'monkeys.'

Is it common for people to misspell 'accessories'?

Yes, it's a common mistake because of the general rule of changing 'y' to 'ies' in plurals. But with practice, you'll get it right every time!

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