Centre or Center? Deciphering English Spelling Variants

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Is it "centre" or "center"? This question often arises in writing, particularly because both spellings are correct, but their usage depends on the variant of English you are using. In this article, we'll explore the differences and help you understand when to use each spelling correctly.

What Does Centre/Center Mean?

"Centre" (British English) and "center" (American English) refer to the middle point or main area of something. For example:

  • The vase is in the centre/center of the table.
  • She is the centre/center of attention.

Understanding the meaning of this word is straightforward, but the spelling varies based on the dialect of English.

Word Formation and Etymology

The word originates from the Latin "centrum", meaning a central point. Over time, the spelling evolved differently in British and American English:

  • Centre: Adopted by British English, following the French spelling "centre".
  • Center: American English adopted this spelling, which aligns more closely with the original Latin "centrum".

Understanding the Difference

The primary difference lies in the geographical usage of the word:

  • In American English, "center" is used.
  • In British English, as well as other English-speaking countries like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, "centre" is the preferred spelling.

Summary and Reminder

To summarize, both "centre" and "center" are correct spellings of the word, but their usage depends on the variant of English:

  • Use "centre" in British, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand English.
  • Use "center" in American English.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference in meaning between "centre" and "center"?

No, the words are identical in meaning, differing only in spelling based on the variant of English.

Can both spellings be used interchangeably?

While both spellings are correct, it's best to use the spelling that corresponds with the English dialect you are writing in to maintain consistency.

How can I remember which spelling to use?

A helpful tip is to associate "centre" with other British spellings like "colour" or "favour", and "center" with American spellings like "color" or "favor".

Do spell-checkers recognize both spellings?

Yes, most spell-checkers recognize both, but they may suggest one over the other based on your language settings.

Is one spelling more correct than the other?

No, neither spelling is more correct; it purely depends on the regional preference of English.


Whether you choose "centre" or "center" depends on the version of English you are using. Remembering the regional differences is key to using these words correctly in your writing.

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