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10 November 2023
2 min read

How to Spell Decision: A Simple Guide to Mastering the Word

Have you ever found yourself second-guessing the spelling of 'decision'? It's a word that pops up often, from everyday conversation to professional writing. But why does it sometimes cause a stumble in our spelling confidence? Let's dive into an easy and engaging way to remember how to spell 'decision'.

The Basics of Spelling 'Decision'

What’s the correct way to spell 'decision'? It might seem straightforward, but sometimes, our brain tricks us into doubting our spelling.

Understanding the Roots of 'Decision'

The word 'decision' comes from the Latin ‘decisio,’ meaning ‘a cutting off.’ Knowing its origin can help us appreciate its spelling.

Common Spelling Errors

Some common errors include spelling 'decision' as ‘decission’ or ‘desicion.’ These mistakes are often due to confusion over double letters or phonetic misinterpretation.

The Role of Phonetics in Spelling

Phonetics can both help and hinder our spelling. In 'decision', the pronunciation is clear, guiding us towards the correct spelling.

Memory Tricks for Spelling 'Decision'

A fun way to remember is to break it down: “Decide” plus “-ion.” Think of making a 'decision' as the act of 'decide'-ing something.

The Importance of Practice

Like learning to ride a bike, mastering spelling takes practice. Regularly writing the word 'decision' can help solidify it in your memory.

Fun Ways to Learn Spelling

Engage in word puzzles, spelling bees, or online quizzes. These activities make learning the spelling of words like 'decision' both fun and effective.

The Impact of Correct Spelling

Spelling words correctly, especially in professional settings, reflects on your attention to detail and communication skills.

Technology as a Spelling Aid

Spell checkers and writing apps are great tools, but they should complement, not replace, your understanding of spelling basics.


Remember, getting 'decision' right every time is within your reach. With a bit of knowledge, practice, and fun, you'll master its spelling in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common mistakes when spelling 'decision'?

Common mistakes include spelling it as ‘decission’ or ‘desicion,’ usually due to confusion with phonetics or double letters.

Can understanding the origin of 'decision' help in spelling it?

Yes, knowing that 'decision' comes from the Latin ‘decisio’ can provide context that aids in remembering its correct spelling.

Are there any fun ways to practice spelling 'decision'?

Engaging in spelling games, puzzles, or online quizzes can make practicing the spelling of 'decision' more enjoyable.

How important is correct spelling in professional communication?

Correct spelling, particularly in professional settings, is crucial as it reflects on your attention to detail and communication skills.

Can technology replace learning how to spell words like 'decision'?

While technology, like spell checkers, is helpful, it should not replace a fundamental understanding of spelling.

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