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From fact-checking and citations to brand tone and product personalization, create your custom agentic workflow to ensure you meet your content goals and brand guidelines.

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Whether you want an editing, fact-checking, or brand guidelines agent, you can fully customize the workflow to achieve your optimal content workflow, saving you time and money.

Editing agent

I'm an AI editing agent trained to improve written content before it's published. Like human editors, I save you time and money.

Humanizing agent

I'm trained on millions of words of written content, so I ensure your article reads like it was written by a top human writer.

Optimizing agent

I keep Google's robots happy and optimize your AI-generated content for SEO, making changes to ensure effectiveness.

Fact-checking agent

I verify the accuracy of your content by reviewing your information and conducting research, preventing misleading content.

Brand guideline agent

I ensure your content follows your brand guidelines by checking your company's information stored in our memory.

EEAT agent

My EEAT scorecard ensures the expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness of your content, crucial since Google's last update.

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Qunicy Smith

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Eliminate hours of work

How our process works

From seed keywords or URLs to ready-to-rank articles, Strategically, AI researches, plans, creates, edits, and optimizes.

Find keywords

Use Keyword Discovery to find thousands of related search terms based on a seed keyword or competitor URL.

Create topics

Using advanced Python algorithms, we cluster your keywords into hundreds of topics, pillars, and posts.

Generate SEO article

Analyze the SERPs for your target keyword, and using 500+ ranking factors, reverse-engineer an SEO article.

Edit & personalize

Use our AI agentic workflow to edit the article and personalize the content to your brand and products.

Frequently Asked Question

Usually, when you engage with AI, it follows a set pattern. You input a prompt, and the AI generates a response based on that input. Whenever you desire a new output, you must offer another prompt. The initiation of this process always stems from a human.

In contrast, AI agents operate differently. They are engineered to think and act autonomously. You provide a goal—whether it's fact-checking an article or referencing your products or services.

They generate a task list and commence their duties, utilizing feedback from their surroundings and internal deliberations. It's as if these AI agents can prompt themselves, continuously evolving and adapting to achieve their objective in the most optimal manner.

With our platform, you have the freedom to tailor your agentic workflow for each article you write. You can choose to use the AI writer on its own, which is great for those on a tight budget, or you can add one or more agents to the workflow for a more personalized and comprehensive approach.

These agents can help with tasks such as research, editing, and fact-checking, giving you the peace of mind that your content is accurate and high-quality. Ultimately, the choice is yours, and we're here to support you no matter what option you choose.

Our AI writer is designed to create high-quality content that is optimized for search engines by analyzing the SERPs. We are proud of the quality of content that we produce, and we have received positive feedback from our clients.

However, it's important to note that AI-generated content may require a final polish before it's ready for publication to make sure it meets EEAT, tie it to your brand, and so on. This is where our agents come in. Our agents are experts in editing and proofreading and can provide the final polish that your article needs. By using AI agents, you can minimize the additional steps required by a human, which saves you time and money.

By using agents, you can minimize the additional steps required by a human, saving you time and money. Our agents ensure that your content is factual, edited, and meets your brand goals.

The Keyword Discovery tool displays search volume and keyword difficulty, and in the Keyword Clustering module, you can view the search intent of topics. These data points allow you to quickly and easily identify important keywords and topics to write.

The Keyword Discovery and Keyword Clustering tools are for everyone looking to build topical authority and research keywords for higher ranking.

Your website should have a single, broad theme—like the foundation of a home—supported by pillar pages, which are supported by their own pages. To cover your theme effectively, you need topic clusters that fill content gaps and build topical authority.

Strategically's Keyword Clustering feature creates clusters with just a few clicks. Your well-structured content will comprehensively cover a topic, which Google will reward and keep your audience glued to your site.

There's no other tool quite like Strategically AI on the market. Strategically provides a comprehensive content plan for months, and you create high-quality form articles that are ready to rank!

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