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Use Strategically's keyword discovery tool to uncover a vast number of keyword opportunities without investing weeks into research. Immediately push these keywords into our keyword clustering tool within the Strategically platform.

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Find long-tail keywords

Stop paying for expensive keyword research tools

Enter one or multiple competitor URLs to start the keyword extraction process. Our crawlers will extract all your competitors' keywords in minutes and rank them in terms of monthly search volume.

Find more keywords

Extract thousands of keywords

Use Keyword Discovery to find numerous long-tail search phrases missed by conventional keyword research techniques. Keyword extraction, an enterprise approach, collects a more extensive and varied set of long-tail search terms. With more keyword data, clustering algorithms can effectively group terms into article clusters, boosting the number of terms targeted on one page and simplifying the ranking process.

Upload a CSV

Already have keyword data?

Many large businesses already have extensive keyword research documents. These keywords can be uploaded directly into our platform and combined with keywords extracted from your competitors' URLs. Once all keywords are combined in the database, they can be passed through Strategically's SERP-based keyword clustering tools to generate a plan for your website content.

Extensive keyword research

Access more keyword data

Get access to our database of keywords directly inside the Strategically platform. Simply enter the keyword you wish to explore, and the platform will suggest related terms. With Strategically, you can cancel your expensive SEO research subscriptions and have a single tool for analysis, clustering, and AI writing all in one place.

Keyword discovery for content strategies

Everything you need, all in one place

From seed keywords or URLs to ready-to-rank articles, Strategically, AI researches, plans, creates, edits, and optimizes.

Plan your content

Use Strategically's data-driven approach to content strategy to establish expertise and prove topical authority.

Keyword clustering

Using advanced Python algorithms, cluster your keywords into hundreds of topics, pillars, and posts.

Generate SEO articles

Analyze the SERPs for your target keyword, and using 500+ ranking factors, reverse-engineer an SEO article.

Edit & personalize

Use our AI agentic workflow to edit the article and personalize the content to your brand and products.

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Frequently asked questions

To use Keyword Discovery, you need either a seed keyword or competitor URL. Simply enter it into the Keyword Discovery tool, and it will find thousands of related search terms that could be valuable for your business.

Using Keyword Clustering, you can start with a long list of keywords, and our AI will analyze them and convert them into logical groupings of content, including pillars and posts. You can then select which ones to transfer over to the content brief and writing assistant.

Strategically AI is designed to assist with keyword research, topic ideation, and content creation. This likely means you can eliminate some of your other SEO tools to streamline your processes and reduce costs.

The Keyword Discovery tool displays search volume and keyword difficulty, and in the Keyword Clustering module, you can view the search intent of topics. These data points allow you to quickly and easily identify important keywords and topics to write.

The Keyword Discovery and Keyword Clustering tools are for everyone looking to save time building topical authority and researching keywords for higher ranking. Your website should have a single, broad theme—like the foundation of a home—supported by pillar pages, which are supported by their own pages. To cover your theme effectively, you need topic clusters that fill content gaps and build topical authority.

Strategically's Keyword Clustering feature creates clusters with just a few clicks. Your well-structured content will comprehensively cover a topic, which Google will reward and keep your audience glued to your site.

There's no other tool quite like Strategically AI on the market. Strategically provides a comprehensive content plan for months, and you create high-quality form articles which are ready-to-rank!

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