Spelling Mastery: Easily Learn How to Spell 'Embarrassed'

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Spelling Tips: Embarrassed or Embarassed?

Spelling can sometimes make us feel just like the word we're trying to spell. Take "embarrassed" for example - a word that often leaves many feeling exactly that when they misspell it. Is it "embarrassed" with double 'r' and double 's', or "embarassed" with a single 'r'? Let's untangle this commonly misspelled word and boost your spelling confidence!

Understanding "Embarrassed"

"Embarrassed" refers to feeling awkward, self-conscious, or ashamed. The trickiest part of spelling "embarrassed" correctly is remembering the double 'r' and double 's'. It’s spelled with two of each, making the correct spelling embarrassed.

Common Spelling Errors

Many people get tripped up by the number of 'r's and 's's in "embarrassed," often using just one 'r' or one 's'. But remember, it needs both to be complete.

Examples in Context

  • Correct: "She felt embarrassed after tripping on stage."
  • Incorrect: "He was embarassed when he forgot the lyrics." (should be "embarrassed")

Breaking Down the Spelling

Understanding the components of the word can help:

  • Embarr- Think of 'barrier' – it also has double 'r'.
  • -assed Like 'passed', it has a double 's'.

More Examples for Clarity

Let’s reinforce your understanding with additional examples:

  • Correct: "I was embarrassed by my loud laugh."
  • Incorrect: "Their dog looked embarassed wearing the costume." (should be "embarrassed")

Summary and Key Insights

Just like overcoming a moment of embarrassment, conquering the spelling of "embarrassed" is all about remembering the double 'r' and 's'. With this in mind, you'll never feel red-faced about spelling this word again!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 'embarrassed' often misspelled?

Yes, "embarrassed" is commonly misspelled due to confusion over the number of 'r's and 's's.

Can 'embarrassed' be used in different contexts?

Absolutely! It can describe a range of situations from social gaffes to personal discomfort.

Why does 'embarrassed' have double 'r's and 's's?

English often doubles consonants after a short vowel, as in 'embarrassed', to maintain the vowel sound.

Are there other words with similar spelling challenges?

Yes, words like "necessary" (with double 's') and "recommend" (with double 'm') pose similar challenges.

How can I easily remember the spelling of 'embarrassed'?

Think of feeling doubly awkward - hence the double 'r' and 's' in "embarrassed."


Spelling "embarrassed" correctly is a surefire way to avoid the very feeling the word describes. Remember the rule of doubles, and you'll always be on solid spelling ground. No more blushing over misspelled words!

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