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13 November 2023
2 min read

Spelling Guide: Perfecting the Art of Spelling 'Lasagna'

Spelling Tips: Lasagna or Lasagne?

Ah, lasagna – a dish as rich in layers as its spelling is in confusion! Is it "lasagna" with an 'a' or "lasagne" with an 'e'? This beloved Italian dish often leaves us pondering over its correct spelling while we enjoy its cheesy goodness. So, let's embark on a culinary and linguistic journey to demystify the spelling of "lasagna"!

Understanding "Lasagna"

Lasagna, the mouth-watering Italian dish, is known for its layers of pasta, cheese, sauce, and various other ingredients. The confusion in spelling arises from its Italian origin and variations in regional spelling. In English, the correct spelling is lasagna.

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Common Spelling Variations

The variation "lasagne" is actually the plural form of "lasagna" in Italian, but in English, we use "lasagna" to refer to both the singular and plural. It's easy to get tangled up, just like the pasta layers in the dish!

Examples in Context

  • Correct: "For dinner, we're having homemade lasagna."
  • Incorrect: "Her favorite dish to cook is lasagne." (In English, it should be "lasagna")

Breaking Down the Spelling

Let’s slice through the confusion:

  • Lasag- as in "lasagna." Think of the first part of the dish.
  • -na which is key! It's 'na' in English, not 'ne' as in Italian.

More Examples for Clarity

Let’s reinforce your understanding with additional examples:

  • Correct: "He added spinach to the lasagna for extra flavor."
  • Incorrect: "She shared her recipe for vegetable lasagne." (should be "lasagna" in English)

Summary and Key Insights

Just like layering the perfect lasagna, getting the spelling right is all about remembering the English adaptation – ending with 'na'. Next time you write about this delightful dish, you’ll be as confident in your spelling as you are in your recipe!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the origin of 'lasagna'?

"Lasagna" comes from the Italian "lasagne," which is the plural form of "lasagna" in Italian, referring to the pasta sheets.

Can 'lasagna' be used to refer to both one serving and multiple servings?

In English, yes. We use "lasagna" to refer to both singular and plural servings.

Is there a difference in the dish itself when spelled as 'lasagne'?

No, the dish remains the same; it’s just a difference in spelling between English and Italian.

Why is there confusion about the spelling of 'lasagna'?

The confusion stems from its Italian origin and the adaptation of the word into English.

Are there other Italian words with similar spelling challenges?

Certainly! Words like "bruschetta" and "spaghetti" also have variations in spelling and pronunciation.


Mastering the spelling of "lasagna" is a delightful blend of linguistic knowledge and culinary appreciation. Just as you layer the perfect lasagna, layer your writing with the correct spelling, and savor the success!

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